Supporting Local SMEs


GEG Local SME Partnership Objective 

As one of Macau’s leading corporations, GEG contributes immensely to the development of the local economy. Committed to our business philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, GEG supports and nurtures the development of Local SMEs. Expanding the scope of our cooperation, GEG partners with the Macau SAR Government and other key stakeholders in development programs to support the growth and development of Local SME’s.


Supplier Management 

GEG Procurement continually aims to deliver “Best in Class” procurement service to the Group. It operates with integrity, provides innovative and efficient high-value service to its internal customers, and quality products and services for the guests. GEG Procurement consistently adheres to internal policies associated with processing transactions and conducting engagements with suppliers for the procurement of goods and services. The department helps external vendor partners understand more about GEG’s Procurement procedures and policies, and offers team members with business guidelines on the handling of Small and Medium, and Local Enterprises. 


Partnership with Local SMEs 

Representing over 90% of the city’s total business establishments, SMEs are a key driver to Macau’s economic diversification. The Macau SAR Government has also encouraged the industry to develop more non-gaming elements in order to diversify Macau’s economy.  GEG considers local SMEs as its key partners and prioritizes them in business cooperation.  As the first gaming operator to launch a SME partnering program, GEG has taken a proactive approach in assisting local traditional F&B brands in their modernization and corporatization, hoping to inspire the industry about the importance of brand heritage in its Broadway Food Street, which is one of the many successful projects GEG has introduced to foster the development of local SMEs. Additionally, GEG actively provides tailor-made training courses and activities for local SMEs to further develop and grow their business with GEG.

As the first gaming operator to adopt the “Large Businesses Leading Small Businesses” business model to assist in the development of SMEs, GEG has invited local SMEs in the sectors of retail and F&B to open outlets in the Broadway Food Street at Broadway Macau™, providing them with professional advisory services and technical support and helping them establish and promote their own brands. At present, nearly 60% of the SMEs with whom GEG collaborates are renowned and traditional brands in Macau. The initiative has brought win-win outcomes for both parties’ synergic development and received positive feedback in the society.


Information for Vendors

1. Category List

Please refer to the list of product and service categories GEG procures. If your company can provide any of the items listed, kindly contact GEG Procurement.

Click on this link: GEG Procurement Category List


2. Vendor Registration and Qualification

To apply as a vendor for GEG, kindly download the Vendor Qualification & Registration Package below and follow the GEG VQR Instructions & Submission Checklist.

Click on this link: GEG Vendor Qualification and Registration Package


3. Quotation Template 

You may use our template to provide us with your quotation to submit to GEG Procurement.

Click on this link: Quotation Template

Click on this link: Quotation Sample


Procurement Process

  1. Review GEG Procurement Category List, and identify the product/service you are providing
  2. Communicate with GEG Procurement on the respective item’s full requirements
  3. If you are a new vendor, fill out the vendor registration form and submit to GEG Procurement. Await notification of vendor registration approval.
  4. Submit your quotation to GEG Procurement
  5. Await response from GEG Procurement



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