Responsible Gaming

Our Pledge

At GEG, we are committed to providing a comfortable, entertaining and safe environment for our customers. Exerting every effort to minimize all gambling-related damages to them, their friends and families, and the community, GEG continues to implement an array of responsible gaming programs to prevent gambling addiction and support individuals to make appropriate gambling decisions.


GEG’s responsible gaming efforts revolves around enhancing customer protection, promoting stakeholders’ awareness and education, as well as providing team members and their family members with access to a professional network of support, counselling and treatment.

GEG believes that it takes time and collaboration between the different parties to create and sustain a responsible gaming culture.  Thus, since GEG had established the industry’s first responsible gaming team in 2008, GEG has been working effortlessly with the Social Welfare Bureau of the Macau SAR Government (IAS), the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of the Macau SAR Government (DICJ), the Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming of the University of Macau (ISCG), the local gaming operators and other non-governmental organizations to fulfill our responsible gaming pledge.

Prioritizing Employee Education with Care

Being one of the largest employers in Macau, GEG believes that responsible gaming practices start from our team members, and over the years, we have organized a number of activities to impart responsible gaming knowledge to our team members and their families, including:

  • A long-standing “Employee Assistance Program” that is supported by Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office (SKH) and provides face-to-face, hotline, on-site and online counseling services for team members and their family members;
  • “Responsible Gaming Committee Training Program” co-organized with ISCG and SKH;
  • Dedicated responsible gaming training session for all team members during the orientation and biennial mandatory online refresher training for all frontline casino team members;
  • Annual Responsible Gaming Awareness Week featuring educational roadshows at the back-of-house areas of Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and City Clubs;
  • Seasonal awareness campaigns to remind team members to gamble rationally and in moderation during festive occasions such as Chinese New Year and FIFA World Cup;
  • Regular visits to problem gambling prevention and treatment centers in Macau and Hong Kong to exchange views and information; and
  • Leveraging on multiple communication channels such as back-of-house advertisement, email, staff kiosk, staff TV, employee app, etc., to keep team members abreast of latest responsible gaming information.

Enhancing Awareness Along the Customer Journey

GEG is committed to maintaining a properly regulated environment for our customers to enjoy legalized gambling as a recreational activity while minimizing their gambling-related damages. To uphold our principle of responsible gaming at every major customer experience touch point, GEG’s measures include:

  • Erecting signage with entry restrictions and other related regulations at all GEG casino entrances;
  • Prohibiting persons under the age of 21 from entering all GEG casinos;
  • Providing responsible gaming pamphlets at all GEG casinos;
  • Placing stickers on all slot machines to promote responsible gaming and hotline information;
  • Displaying 24-hour Gambling Counseling Hotline on the screensavers of all ATMs at all GEG properties;
  • Including responsible gaming messages in all gaming-related promotional pamphlets;
  • Providing casino exclusion application forms on all GEG casino floors;
  • Installing a Responsible Gambling Kiosk or Station at every GEG casino; and
  • Playing a responsible gaming promotional video in all smoking rooms within GEG casinos.

Symptoms of Gambling Disorder

  • Hiding gambling behaviors from other people;
  • Risking relationships and other commitments due to gambling;
  • Spending more time and money on gambling than one can afford;
  • Borrowing money to gamble; and
  • Trying to win back losses.

Ways to Play Responsibly:

  • Set a limit and stick to a budget;
  • Set a time that you can afford;
  • Do not carry credit or ATM cards into the casinos;
  • Do not drink alcoholic beverages and gamble at the same time; and
  • Do not borrow money to gamble.

Legal Gambling Age

The Macau SAR Government prohibits individuals under the age of 21 from gambling in or entering any Macau gaming facilities. As a socially responsible corporate citizen, GEG strictly adheres to this regulation on age limit by placing clear entry restriction signage and implementing age verification at all GEG casino entrances.

Responsible Gambling Kiosk and Station

A Responsible Gambling Kiosk or Station is available at every GEG casino. Co-owned by IAS, DICJ and ISCG, this facility is engineered to, through digital and gamified interactions, provide customers with essential information about responsible gaming and gambling addiction prevention such as definition of gambling, house advantages, myths of gambling, rules of games, assessment of gambling addition, and contact information of problem gambling treatment centers, etc. It also connects customers to a 24-hour hotline service, and an electronic application for self-exclusion for both residents and tourists.


Anyone can apply for the confidential Self-Exclusion and Third-Party Exclusion to prohibit themselves from entering the casinos. Self-Exclusion is a confidential service and individuals in need can apply by themselves if they have identified any gambling problems. Third-Party Exclusion allows family members (which include spouses, ascendants, descendants and second-degree relatives) to apply for an entry ban at the DICJ to prohibit another family member from entering any casinos in Macau. Please contact our Security Officer or the Casino Cage for assistance or DICJ directly for more details.


    • Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau of the Macau SAR Government
    Hotline: +853 2856 9262
    Address: Avenida da Praia Grande, 762-804 Edf. China Plaza, 12th Floor A, Macau
  • Counseling Services
  • 24 Hours Hotline & Online Gambling Counselling Services
Hotline: +853 2823 0101 (24-hour service)
WeChat Online Counseling ID: skh24hli
  • Problem Gambling Prevention and Treatment Division – The Resilience Centre
Hotline: +853 2832 3998
Address: Rua Francisco H. Fernandes, No.11, Edf. Walorly, 2 andar – AK1, Macau
  • Caritas Macau Family Services
Hotline: +853 2893 0362
Address: Largo de Santo Agostinho, No. 1- A,Macau
  • Caritas Macau – Life Hope Hotline
Hotline: +853 2852 5222 (24-hour service)
  • Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Centre
Hotline: +853 2822 3372
Address: Av. Marginal do Lam Mau, No. 415, Leisure Garden R/C e 1 andar AR/C, Macau/C
  • Rehabilitation Centre for Problem Gamblers of Macau
Macau Hotline: +853 6688 1354 (24-hour service)
Address: Rua Nova Da Areia Preta, Ed. Nam Va San Chun, Block 1, R/C A, Macau