Supporting the Community


As one of the leaders in the gaming and entertainment industry, GEG is committed to continuing our achievements in operating sustainably and creating social value for the communities where we operate. We support social programs and initiatives led by the Macau Special Administrative Region (“SAR”) Government and take extra steps to advance community welfare through our Corporate Social Responsibility (“CSR”) actions for the long-term success of Macau. Staying true to our Mission to be the world’s leading gaming company to provide exceptional experiences to our guests, instil pride in our employees, and to delight our stakeholders, we hold deep respect for every resident, visitor, customer, employee, shareholder, investor, supplier, non-governmental organization and our wider community.


Working Together to Fight COVID-19

Since the onset of COVID-19, GEG has proactively supported the Macau SAR Government and the surrounding regions in preventing the spread of the virus. Advocating care for the community, GEG established a special taskforce that kept in close contact with the Group’s different stakeholders and implemented timely measures to help contain and prevent the spread of the virus.

GEG worked relentlessly with all sectors to extend help through our donation of cash, face masks, cleaning supplies and hygiene products to communities in need and the launch of different relief and support packages for local SMEs, NGOs and schools.

Some of GEG’s COVID-19 prevention and relief efforts included:



Driven by our core values and “World Class, Asian Heart” philosophy, GEG maintains active and ongoing engagement with our stakeholders through multiple channels. We value our stakeholders’ input and incorporate their feedback when identifying expectations and priorities, evaluating risks and opportunities, and directing our strategic decision-making. In addition, GEG engages with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including our team members, industry associations, governmental organizations, charitable organizations, suppliers and business partners as shown in the table below.


Stakeholder Groups

Engagement Objective

Engagement Method

Team Members

We consider employees as our greatest asset. To attract and retain talents, we engage employees to understand their needs and create a healthy, supportive, rewarding, diverse and inclusive workplace environment.

  • Focus groups
  • Employee feedback forms
  • “GEG Buzz” mobile application
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Training & development
  • Staff Social Club activities
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • “Asian Heart Starts with Me” internal communications


Taking pride in our success to anticipate customer needs and create “World Class, Asian Heart” products and services for guests, GEG continually engages our customers to understand their evolving needs and preferences.

  • Guest and tele-services
  • Loyalty programs
  • Guest feedback forms
  • Mystery shopping
  • Social media


We engage with investors and shareholders to better understand their financial and non-financial expectations, as well as to share the Group’s financial performance and results with them.

  • Financial announcements
  • HKEx filings
  • Investor calls & briefings
  • Annual general meetings

Government Organizations

We value our relationship with the Macau SAR Government and engage with different government organizations on a regular basis to better understand their policies, priorities and expectations, and to explore ways to offer our support.

  • Meetings
  • Briefings
  • Public events
  • Regulatory filings

Suppliers and Business Partners

We frequently engage with our suppliers and business partners to ensure the integrity of our business operations and procurement procedures, explore opportunities to further reduce our environmental impact, and provide support to Macau’s development of local SMEs.

  • SME Partnership Program
  • SME seminars and workshops
  • Business matching sessions

Industry Association

To maintain the healthy and sustainable growth of Macau’s gaming and tourism industry, we regularly engage with different industry associations to explore opportunities to support Macau’s economic

diversification and promote the city as a “World Centre for Tourism and Leisure”.
  • Meetings
  • Industry briefings
  • Events

Charitable Organizations

Committed to its philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the community”, we maintain good relationships with various charitable organizations to identify how we can further

contribute to the betterment of the community via our volunteering and philanthropic efforts.
  • Meetings
  • Briefings
  • Media communication channels
  • Public and private events
  • Volunteering activities


To effectively engage stakeholders in our ESG journey, we conducted a stakeholder engagement exercise that involved employees, business partners (including suppliers, contractors and service providers), industry associations, non-governmental organizations, media and charitable organizations. We identified anti-corruption and internal controls on money laundering, customer privacy and customer health and safety as the most significant ESG aspects of GEG’s business.



As an accountable and proactive member of the Macau community, GEG is fully committed to creating value for our community by fully supporting the Macau SAR Government on its policies and directions on responsible gaming, youth and talent nurturing, sports and cultural development, environmental protection, national education and advancing Macau to become a “World Centre for Tourism and Leisure”.


Responsible Gaming

At GEG, our responsible gaming efforts revolve around enhancing customer protection, promoting stakeholders’ awareness and education, as well as providing team members and their family with access to a professional network of support, counselling and treatment. We are committed to providing a comfortable and safe environment for our customers while striving to minimize all gambling-related damages to them, their friends and families, and the community.

GEG is committed to creating a comfortable and enjoyable experience for our customers. Through implementing different responsible gaming promotions and measures, GEG hopes to help our customers make appropriate and informed decisions. Strictly complying with the local responsible gaming laws and instructions, GEG:

Believing that responsible gaming practices begins with our team members, since the launch of our first responsible gaming promotion in 2009, GEG has, to date, organized over 60 responsible gaming promotion activities, trainings, workshops, and visits, etc., that has accumulated over 70,000 team member participation counts. In addition, GEG also disseminates responsible gaming promotional messages to team members during festive seasons and major sports events, such as before the Chinese New Year and World Cup to reinforce the message of “Play Responsibly”. Meanwhile, we also champion long-term partnerships with different stakeholders and align our responsible gaming program with the Macau SAR Government’s annual themes and promotions.

In 2020, as the pandemic came gradually under control in Macau, GEG increased our responsible gaming promotion. Emphasizing on “family”, GEG launched a series of family relationship building and parent-child bonding activities, organized professional training for our responsible gaming committee members, as well as a series of workshops and roadshows for our team members. Some of the activities organized this year include:

To maintain team members’ physical and mental health, GEG also provides professional and confidential support services to them, such as face-to-face, hotline, on-site, and online counselling services for team members and their family members when necessary.

In 2020, GEG enhanced the lifestyle element of our responsible gaming programs and went beyond educating our team members by also providing support for families and young people in our community. In addition to educating participants on the importance of maintaining healthy outlooks, GEG also encouraged them to resist impulses to gamble by donating to the Bosco Youth “FREEland” Network Service and organizing the Parent-child Day Out in Adventures 2020.

In the future, GEG will continue to collaborate with the Macau SAR Government on implementing responsible gaming policies and measures, as well as continue to work together with related professional organizations and institutions to promote responsible gaming through a multipronged approach. Responsible gaming is vital to Macau’s healthy development and will remain a key priority in GEG’s social responsibility efforts.

For more details, please visit our Responsible Gaming webpage.


Community Contribution

Upholding our corporate philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community,” GEG established the GEG Volunteer Team in 2011. Participants come from diverse GEG departments and properties, and to date, the GEG Volunteer Team has organized close to 300 activities and accumulated over 14,000 volunteering hours.

To actualize our community contribution mission, GEG focuses on five strategic pillars through which, we believe we can make a difference and create positive impacts for the Macau community, including:

  • Contributing to Macau’s development as a “World Centre for Tourism and Leisure” through a diverse portfolio of non-gaming leisure offerings, arts and sports tourism;

  • Fostering sustainable development in the community by supporting youth development, community care, education, and environmental protection;

  • Supporting the diversification of Macau’s economy by providing opportunities for SMEs and young entrepreneurs, and offering adequate support for their development;

  • Cultivating our team members and supporting the upward and horizontal mobility of local team members; and

  • Complying consistently with the law and encouraging responsible gaming.


Charitable Activities

GEG adopts a diversified approach to community giving. Apart from financial and gift offerings, we also contribute our knowledge, expertise, and leverage our properties and resources to extend support to local charities, NGOs and community groups. Over the years, we have made it possible for a number of our community stakeholders to organize different workshops, concerts, exhibitions, carnivals, fashion shows, competitions, dramas and events for free at our venues. This year, GEG supported a number of our community stakeholders in organizing 10 large-scale events at Broadway Macau™. In the future, we will continue to support Macau’s social services sector and play our role in building a more inclusive society.


Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation

In operating a sustainable and successful business, GEG is mindful of our impact on the community in which we operate. Strongly believing in helping to develop and grow the community, we engage in philanthropic initiatives and uphold our corporate social responsibility for the betterment of our next generation.

With this commitment in mind, in 2015, we established the Foundation with the goal of investing in and giving back to the community. Operating independently from GEG, the Foundation has its own Board of Trustees, and focuses on philanthropic activities that nurture young people’s positive life values, education and employment. Ultimately, the Foundation hopes to help the next generation achieve higher standards of living and build a more inclusive community where young people become responsible citizens.

Collaborating with different academic institutions and NGOs according to their expertise, the Foundation joins the community in its development and growth by initiating multi-year projects that support the Macau SAR Government’s policies and directions. In 2020, the Foundation’s initiatives included:


GEG Parenting Education Scheme
In June, with the pandemic causing school closures and the need for parents to spend more time with their children at home, the Foundation and the Young Men’s Christian Association of Macau co-organized the second parenting education scheme for rostered and non-rostered GEG team members so that they can improve their parenting skills.

GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme
Following 2019 launch of the GEG Arts & Cultural Initiative during which the “Grace Kelly – from Hollywood to Monaco: Artists Tributes” exhibition was brought to Galaxy Macau™ as part of the Art Macao 2019 highlight event, the Foundation took a further step this year to promote Macau’s performing arts sector by launching the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme, with the intention to popularize Chinese music, especially to young people in Macau. Joining the Macao Chinese Orchestra as “Special Art Patron” for its 2020–2021 season, three select performances will be performed at the Broadway Theatre at Broadway Macau. The “Enchanting Tunes from the Screen” concert had taken place in November 2020, with the “Xian Drum Music” and the “Family Music Theatre” that will be performed in 2021.

GEG Intangible Cultural Heritage Scheme
Collaborating with Hulu Culture Promotion Association, the Foundation launched the GEG Intangible Cultural Heritage Scheme, which aims at preserving and promoting Macau’s rich cultural heritage to support the city’s promotion of heritage tourism. In June 2020, the Foundation held a Cheongsam Workshop at Mandarin’s House to share the complex and meticulous tailoring involved in making this traditional Chinese attire with the general public.

GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme
With Chinese being the primary medium of teaching and communication in Macau, the Foundation launched the GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme in 2016 as a three-year pilot project, aimed at supporting children, parents and schools on Chinese language development. With the success of the pilot program, the second phase was launched in 2020 and will be joined by the University of Saint Joseph’s Bishop Domingos Lam Centre for Research in Education under a collaboration agreement, with the objective of enabling the Scheme to firmly take root in Macau through continuing research, teacher training, and implementation across the city’s kindergarten system. Because of the pandemic, the Scheme’s Facebook page began taking on a more active role to help teachers and parents with continued Chinese literacy education at home, while teachers training and parents seminars continued to be conducted, albeit through online sessions, in compliance with social distancing measures.

GEG Coronavirus Relief Fund
In an effort to provide immediate relief and support to Macau and Mainland China during the pandemic, in February 2020, the Foundation established the GEG Coronavirus Relief Fund to help different beneficiaries tackle the highly contagious virus, details of which can be found in the “Working Together to Fight COVID-19” section.

Other Initiatives

Other multi-year projects under the Foundation include the GEG Sign Bilingualism Co-Enrolment Pilot Scheme, GEG Japan-Macau Mentorship Scheme, GEG Community Nursing Scheme, GEG Venture Philanthropy Fund and the GEG Young Entrepreneurs Business Advisory Scheme, details of which can be found on the Foundation’s website or through its Facebook page .


Education and Culture

GEG proactively supports the Macau SAR Government’s programs and policies on youth and talent development, and works with different educational, arts and cultural associations and institutes on promoting cultural development. Through different initiatives such as funding training programs, offering internships, hosting site visits and providing career coaching and exchange tours, GEG works on helping young people build a strong educational foundation for their future careers.

Seeing that the pandemic has reduced employment opportunities for Macau’s fresh graduates, the Labour Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government (“DSAL”) introduced a “paid career experience” internship scheme this year. Offering our full support to DSAL’s initiative, GEG launched the U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program (“U-LEAD”) between August and November of 2020 for Macau fresh graduates to receive a paid, three-month internship at GEG and obtain valuable working experiences in various areas such as hospitality, gaming, facilities management, design and development, and corporate fields. Through an integrated approach of on-the-job training, in-class training, workshops, and a tailored “SiFu-Support” scheme where experienced team members and department heads were selected to coach and guide fresh graduates, GEG supported fresh graduates to obtain practical work experiences and skills within a short timeframe. During the program, GEG also identified and successfully recruited a number of fresh graduate talents to join our GEG Family.

In addition to U-LEAD, the GEG Internship Program has been in place since 2008. For 12 consecutive years, we have provided professional and diversified internship opportunities for local undergraduates and special needs students. Moving forward, GEG will continue to support Macau’s talent development and nurture future leaders for the sustainable development of Macau’s integrated resort industry.

Since 2011, GEG has been working alongside the Macau Management Association (“MMA”) in organizing the GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”). This year, the YAP focused on “career development” and developed young people’s critical thinking and leadership skills through various activities such as workshops and experience sharing by guest speakers from different industries, schools and institutions. In October 2020, GEG celebrated our 10th year of collaboration with MMA by launching the 10th YAP and acknowledging the outstanding achievements of the previous years’ youths.

Recognizing the importance of education as well as understanding China’s developments, GEG is Macau’s first integrated resort operator to launch and title sponsor a youth national education activity. Over the years, GEG has organized many national development themed seminars, visits and exchanges for Macau’s youth and GEG team members to take part in. For the 12th consecutive year, GEG title sponsored the GEG Macau Cup – Youth National Education Competition. As always, winning students are sponsored on a Mainland China study tour to deepen their knowledge about the infrastructure, development and opportunities within the region. The latest edition of the competition attracted record-high attendance of over 12,000 students from 24 Macau secondary schools and universities. Since the event was introduced in 2008, a total of more than 90,000 students have taken part.

Furthermore, GEG also contributed to the promotion of STEM education in Macau by presenting the RoboMaster 2020 Macau Youth Robotics Competition that was co-hosted by the Smart City Alliance Association of Macau and DJI Education, and organized by WellWin Technology Limited at the Broadway Theatre at Broadway Macau. Meanwhile, to stimulate young peoples’ interest in science, technology and innovation, GEG also continued to title-sponsor the GEG Presents: Popular Science Activities in Schools on Chinese Drones, and arranged a number of visits and drone demonstrations at the local schools during the year.


Sports Development

As a major contributor to Macau’s development of sports tourism, GEG works closely with the Macau SAR Government on hosting some of the city’s major international sports events and promoting Macau’s sports culture. In 2020, GEG contributed to Macau’s sports development by:




One of GEG’s crucial values is that of diversity, which we see as a major driver in harnessing creativity, innovation and delivery of outstanding services. The makeup of our workforce continues to range in ethnicities, socio-economic backgrounds, perspectives and experiences. Our diversity strategy strives to ensure that diversity in age, gender, qualifications and experiences are properly accounted for during the recruitment process and that we continue to maintain an almost equal distribution of female and male staff.

GEG does not tolerate any form of discrimination and harassment in the workplace, and has diversity trainings and other initiatives in place to prevent such behaviour.


Working Environment

GEG meets and collaborates with DSAL regularly to ensure open communication and a good working environment. Consistent with our commitment to help our team members attain work-life balance and to provide for them a safe and comfortable workplace environment, GEG fosters teamwork and companionship by empowering the GEG Staff Social Club and the Team Member Services to organize different social events, festive games, and networking activities for our team members and their friends and family to enjoy. This year, although the pandemic and the related social distancing measures have compelled GEG to reduce the frequency and scale of our team member engagement activities, we successfully hosted the “GEG Squash Fun Day”, “GEG Mooncake Workshop”, the “Literature & Arts and Parent-Child Learning Programs”, “GEG Smart Father & Smart Mother Workshop”, and various sport competitions for our team members and their friends and family to take part in.

To create an engaging and inclusive working environment, the following initiatives were implemented:


Labour Standards

GEG ensures full adherence to regulations set by the DSAL and the Labour Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. The Group strives to go beyond meeting the minimum requirements to provide a protective working environment through GEG’s enhanced or new policies, including upgraded hygiene measures. Child and forced labour are strictly prohibited and we continue to maintain systems for monitoring, preventing and reporting such practices. For our staff’s reference, copies of GEG’s Team Member Handbook and the Group’s policies are kept on site, while Human Resources professionals are present at each property and office to assist team members with any clarifications.


Team Member Health and Safety

With our team members’ health and safety front of mind, GEG is committed to fostering an accident-free workplace and established a Corporate Workplace Health & Safety Team to oversee workplace health and safety measures across all GEG properties, ensure compliance with applicable health and safety legal requirements, and implement health and safety management standards and best practices across all our properties.

In 2020, GEG established the Corporate Workplace Health & Safety Steering Committee while its properties issued their respective “WHS Commitment Statements” in accordance with the Corporate WHS Policy and ISO 45001 requirements.

In addition, GEG also maintains close working relationship with DSAL to ensure a consistently safe working environment. We provide team members with suitable personal protective equipment and work to ensure health and safety initiatives are effective. We are proud to lead the industry in Macau with our achievement of the OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety (“OHS”) Management Certification for both Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau.

In 2020, GEG continued to cooperate with DSAL on expanding the Hotel and Catering Occupational Safety Card Training Program. As well, we formalized our commitment to create a safer working environment by signing a Safety Charter with the main contractor of our new development site in Cotai, organizing a series of OHS activities such as stretching workshops and OHS training technique courses for members at the new development site, and organizing a “Best Safety Award 2020” Presentation Ceremony to recognize the outstanding OHS performance of the site’s supervisors, contractors and subcontractors.

We continue to promote a safe working environment for our people, and our health and safety KPIs for each business unit is tracked each month based on the number of work injuries. In 2020, our work injuries reduced by 65% when compared with 2019. As operations were restricted by the pandemic in 2020, we note that having less workers reduced our risks for work related injuries. 

During 2020, no legal non-compliance records or work-related fatalities were noted.


Talent Management

GEG believes that the Group succeeds when every team member is supported to reach their full potential. The Group provides training and development opportunities that support team members to achieve both vertical and lateral career advancements. Our talent development focuses on diversifying local team members’ skills and knowledge to support a diversified business, as well as the Macau economy and community.

Organization Development and Training initiatives engage and support the promotion and delivery of the Group’s Mission, Vision and core values. Our team members’ success in delivering services that stand out from the rest provides the very foundation of our achievements across all our properties.

During the year, most of GEG’s staff received the relevant training according to their job duty. To heighten team members’ awareness on health, wellness, safety and virus prevention measures, a total of 40,500 training hours were spent on the delivery of Health and Wellness training while 73,510 training hours were spent on helping more than 9,000 team members obtain the DSAL Hotel and Catering Occupational Safety Card.

Our Organizational Development and Training initiatives include:

Since the pandemic reduced the number of visitors to our properties, GEG made use of the opportunity to better equip our team members for future career growth. This year, while adhering to the necessary pandemic prevention measures, GEG increased the frequency and scale of our training, as well as adopted various online training platforms, including “GEGLearn”, LinkedIn Learning, and Udemy to carry out training to our team members. During the year, 1,285,559 hours of training were delivered and close to 5,820 in-class and online training courses and events were provided for team members to join.


Employment and labour practices performance table for GEG for the year ended 31 December 2020:

  2020 2019

Total workforce by gender, employment type, age group and by geographical region

By Geographical Region

Hong Kong 56 57
Macau 17,438 21,190
Mainland China - -
Overseas Office 29 20

By Employment Type

Regular (Full time) 16,793 20,213
Regular (Part Time) 163 211
Contractual (Full time/Part time) 567 843

By Gender

Female 9,209 10,663
Male 8,314 10,604

By Age Group

Under 30 2,423 4,237
30 – 50 10,329 12,475
Over 50 4,771 4,555
Total 17,523 21,267

Employment turnover rate by gender, age group and geographical region1

By Geographical Region

Hong Kong 10.7% 12.3%
Macau 4.7% 12.1%
Mainland China - -
Overseas Office 10.3% 6.9%

By Gender

Female 4.3% 11.9%
Male 5.3% 12.5%

By Age Group

Under 30 11.2% 23.1%
30 – 50 4.0% 10.7%
Over 50 3.2% 6.1%
Total 4.8% 12.2%

Percentage of employees trained by gender and employee category

By Gender

Female 99.4% 99.0%
Male 98.5% 98.5%

By Employee Category

Top Management Level 91.2% 91.9%
Middle Management Level 97.8% 96.1%
Junior Management Level 98.9% 99.0%
General Staff 99.4% 99.2%
Total 98.9% 98.7%

Average Training hours completed per employee by gender and employee category

By Gender

Female 84.0 54.6
Male 61.6 56.0

By Employee Category

Top Management Level 21.2 29.4
Middle Management Level 25.4 42.7
Junior Management Level 58.8 52.3
General Staff 93.6 59.5
Total Average Training Hours 73.4 55.3
Total Training Hours 1,285,559 1,175,712

Safety Indicators

Work related fatalities 0 0
Lost Days due to work injuries 4,421 10,232
Lost Day rate due to work injuries rate2 0.09% 0.17%

1 Involuntary turnover is excluded in 2020.

2 Lost days rate was calculated as total number of lost days/total days worked.



Creating an exemplary experience for our customers is an imperative responsibility for GEG. In addition to internal policies, rules and regulations regarding customer engagement that all our team members and independent third-party partners enforce, we strive to leverage additional platforms to collect customer feedback to continuously upgrade the customer experience.

We have adopted the initiatives below to execute our mission to provide the best experience for our guests:


Customer Health & Safety

GEG treats customer health and safety as a key priority and has effective policies targeting this in our operations. We have fully adhered to relevant laws and regulations in the reporting year and all our team members and independent third-party partners working on behalf of the Group are employed to abide by these standards.

Health and safety management systems are in place to monitor any relevant risks and respond to potential incidents. In addition, awareness trainings are provided to equip team members for such incidents when they occur.

We continue to pay special attention to the amended smoking law – Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control (Regime de prevenção e controlo do tabagismo), which aims to decrease negative health effects of smoking by discouraging smoking behaviour. All our smoking rooms are well equipped and comply with the smoking room requirement (i.e. Dispatch No. 84/2017). Preventive maintenance is also routinely enforced to ensure compliance with such requirements.


Customer Privacy

GEG adheres to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong SAR and the Personal Data Protection Law of Macau SAR. Employee and customer personal data are only accessible by authorized personnel on a need-to know and need-to use basis. To prevent leakage and misuse of confidential information, we employ stringent measures such as the use of confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are of key value to the Group as they are crucial business assets that will support our continued growth. GEG adheres to the relevant laws and regulations regarding intellectual property as we respect the intellectual property rights of our stakeholders. The Group continues to leverage its trademarks, brand name, trade secrets and other intellectual property rights to amplify its brand recognition and development. We have employed formal trademark registration, contractual provisions and confidentiality procedures to protect and strengthen our intellectual property rights to the highest extent.



GEG Procurement delivers the “Best in Class” services to the Group and operates with integrity by serving internal customers with innovation and efficiency, as well as providing guests with high quality products and services. By continuously adhering to our internal policies, GEG Procurement maintains a high standard in processing transactions and engaging suppliers. To enhance the engagement and business prospect of local SMEs, the department provides vendors and team members with Vendor Information Kits that consists of useful information on our procurement policies and procedures.

The Group has set in place annual supplier performance appraisals for suppliers based on responsible business units, procurement evaluations and system data. The appraisal system consolidates all information and generates numerical ratings in a comprehensive scorecard. GEG Procurement is in compliance with all related requirements and applicable laws regarding the prevention of bribery. Any corruption offences will be reported to the Commission Against Corruption of Macao. Conflicts of interests with any suppliers will be declared as well.

GEG takes pride in being a leader in adopting the “Large-Businesses-Leading-Small-Businesses” business model, and we embrace the ongoing growth of local enterprises and SMEs. We continuously strive to maintain and grow our business relationship with local enterprises and SMEs as we see local enterprises and SMEs as important drivers of Macau’s economy.

This year, to help revive the business of local SMEs, GEG:

In addition, GEG Procurement ensures suppliers from Macau are provided opportunities for bid participation where appropriate. Currently, local enterprises and SMEs account for close to 60% of GEG’s suppliers.



Corporate governance is of high importance to the Group. Our Code of Business Conduct, amongst other internal documents, embodies GEG’s values, philosophies and procedures to ensure that we operate as an ethical and compliant business.

In respect of whistleblowing, we actively encourage all employees to report any suspected violation of anti-corruption and anti-money laundering standards to the Human Resources & Administration Department or other relevant Department according to standard operating procedures.

The details of the principal work performed by the Corporate Governance Committee is contained in the Corporate Governance Report section of our 2020 annual report .


Risk Management and Internal Controls

GEG recognizes that the various financial and non-financial risks we face must be continuously addressed and mitigated to ensure continued business growth. To achieve the goal of being a leading gaming and entertainment company, GEG initiates a company-wide culture that is risk aware and adopts a comprehensive framework for effective risk management and internal controls.

We have established a Risk Management Committee to identify, analyze, prioritize and address risks, as well as monitor, review, and communicate risk management results. To facilitate a sense of risk ownership throughout the Group, the Risk Management Committee has also established risk management teams for each major business unit.

For further details on Risk Management, please see the Corporate Governance Report section of our 2020 annual report .


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

GEG has clearly communicated its Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption Policy to all affiliates and subsidiaries to support its commitment to ensuring the highest standards of ethical and responsible business practices. We adopt zero tolerance for any form of bribery, corruption and fraud, and ensure that our global business practices fully comply with applicable laws and regulations, including anti-corruption legislations.

Our Board pays high attention to Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption and ensures all team members work in an ethical manner. We make certain that all GEG Employees and Associated Persons, including agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, intermediaries, advisors, vendors and any other person or entity acting on GEG’s behalf, understands and fully complies with applicable laws and the Group’s policy against corruption. The Internal Audit Department is responsible for monitoring compliance with this Policy, which provides guidelines for handling situations with dedicated approval personnel, criteria, internal declaration of interest and any other related matters when involving potential corruption. Such guidelines include but are not limited to:


Anti-Money Laundering & Combating the Financing of Terrorism

GEG’s Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (“CFT”) Policy intends to maintain high ethical standards in gaming-related transactions under the Group. All our team members and independent third parties who work on the Group’s behalf follow the strictly implemented anti-money laundering standards. GEG prohibits all team members from offering or accepting any kind of bribes, facilitating payments and kickbacks. We conduct due diligence reviews on business partners’ pre-engagement and continuously monitor any bribery and corruption activities to maintain zero tolerance across the entire Group and its stakeholders.

GEG has established a Compliance Committee and designated a Compliance Officer to supervise the Group’s AML and CFT compliance to ensure objectives are reached. Furthermore, we provide ongoing training and education to our team members and introduced the Know Your Customer and Enhanced Due Diligence controls to help team members’ identify and assess risky transactions or behaviours. GEG representatives generally attend 2 to 3 seminars each year and meet with regulators at least once every quarter to stay up to date with industry trends. Meanwhile, we constantly assess our Junket Promoters and maintain close relationships with regulatory authorities. In addition, GEG’s internal auditors conduct independent, periodic reviews of the Group’s AML and CFT initiatives with respect to Macau SAR laws and regulations. Our AML and CFT policy, as well as associated guidelines and procedures, are regularly reviewed by internal auditors to ensure effectiveness.



The Group attaches great importance to regulatory compliance. With established policies and accountability mechanisms, the Group endeavours to ensure regulatory compliance in all aspects of our business and operations. Management is committed to keeping up to date with the latest regulatory developments and providing trainings for relevant team members. In addition to preventative measures, the Group also dedicates extensive effort to ensure there are effective monitoring and detection measures to fully comply with relevant laws. The Group is not aware of any material non-compliance with relevant local laws and regulations relating to areas such as environmental protection, employment and labour practices, and operating practices during the reporting period.








Socially Responsible Operator (Asia/Australia)

13th International Gaming Awards

Clever Duck Media Ltd.


Business Hero Award

2020 Industry Community Awards

Clever Duck Media Ltd.


Employer Recognition for the Hiring “Senior Talents”

2020 Outstanding Elderly Employees Award and Employer Recognition Scheme for the Hiring of “Senior Talents”

Social Welfare Bureau of Macau SAR Government & Labour Affairs Bureau of Macau SAR Government


Family-Friendly Employer Award

The 3rd 2018-2020 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

The Women’s General Association of Macau


Breastfeeding-Friendly Workplace Award

The 3rd 2018-2020 Family-Friendly Employers Award Scheme

The Women’s General Association of Macau


2020 Macau Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Award

28th International Volunteer Recognition Ceremony

Association of Volunteers Social Services Macao

GEG Healthy and Fun Carnival

Original Convention and Exhibition Award

Macao Convention and Exhibition Commendation Awards 2020

Macao Convention & Exhibition Association

Galaxy Macau

Energy Saving Concept Award (Hotel Group)

Macao Energy Saving Activity 2020

Companhia de Electricidade
de Macau – CEM, S.A. &
Office for the Development of Energy Sector of Macau SAR Government

Galaxy Macau

Hotel Group B – Excellence Award

Macao Energy Saving Activity 2020

Companhia de Electricidade
de Macau – CEM, S.A. &
Office for the Development of Energy Sector of Macau SAR Government

Galaxy Macau Hotel Partner – Banyan Tree Macau

Gold Award

2019 Macao Green Hotel Award

Environmental Protection Bureau of Macau SAR Government

Galaxy Macau Hotel Partner – JW Marriott Hotel Macau

Gold Award

2019 Macao Green Hotel Award

Environmental Protection Bureau of Macau SAR Government

Galaxy Macau Hotel Partner – The Ritz-Carlton Macau

Gold Award

2019 Macao Green Hotel Award

Environmental Protection Bureau of Macau SAR Government

Broadway Macau

Hotel Group B – Excellence Award

Macao Energy Saving Activity 2020

Companhia de Electricidade
de Macau – CEM, S.A. &
Office for the Development of Energy Sector of Macau SAR Government