Supporting the Community


As one of the world’s leading enterprises in the gaming and entertainment industry, GEG continues to demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business by integrating environmental, social and governance (“ESG”) factors into our strategic decisions and operational processes. Throughout the year, GEG participated in and supported numerous initiatives and activities that promote sustainable development and social welfare. We strongly believe that continued commitment to high ESG standards is best for our stakeholders, our business, as well as the environment and local communities.



With the persistence of the pandemic in 2021, GEG continued to stand with the community in the fight against COVID-19. We proactively supported the pandemic control and prevention measures of the Hong Kong and Macau SAR Governments to help contain and prevent the spread of the virus. Our special taskforce closely monitored pandemic conditions and kept contact with the Group’s different stakeholders to ensure timely implementation of preventive measures.

To encourage our team members and their families to get vaccinated, in 2021, GEG collaborated with the Health Bureau of the Macau Special Administrative Region (“SAR”) Government (“SSM”) on hosting several COVID-19 Vaccine Information Seminars for our team members. A vaccination point was also established at Galaxy Macau™ twice during the year to facilitate team members in getting vaccinated. Additionally, a Special Vaccine Leave of up to two days was offered to our team members so that they could obtain sufficient rest after receiving the vaccine. Our efforts were well received by our team members, and as of year-end of 2021, 94% of our team members were vaccinated.

Within the community, GEG responded to the call for support from the Social Welfare Bureau of the Macau SAR Government by mobilizing close to 200 GEG volunteers to assist with Macau’s second and third mass nucleic acid test (“NAT”) drives.

GEG volunteers worked with various governmental departments and social service organizations to provide around-the-clock assistance for residents and people in need at the caring and general stations at the Olympic Sports Center. Designated areas inside StarWorld Hotel and Broadway Macau™ were also used as free NAT stations during the first mass testing, and as self-paid NAT stations during the second mass testing. Broadway Hotel became designated as Macau’s first self-health management hotel for persons with yellow Macau health codes.



Engaging our stakeholders creates opportunities to build strong relationships and to maintain our world-class services. Through multiple engagement channels, we capture stakeholders’ feedback, expectation and concerns for our strategic decision-making. In 2021, we engaged with a broad spectrum of internal and external stakeholders, including our team members, industry associations, governmental organizations, charitable organizations, suppliers and business partners as shown in the table below.


Stakeholder Groups

Engagement Objective

Engagement Method

Team Members

We consider our employees our greatest asset. To attract and retain talent, we actively engage with our employees to understand their needs and create a healthy, supportive, rewarding, diverse and inclusive workplace.

  • Focus groups
  • Employee feedback forms
  • “GEG Buzz” mobile application
  • Employee Assistance Program
  • Training & development
  • Staff Social Club activities
  • Reward and recognition programs
  • “Asian Heart Starts with Me” internal communications


Taking pride in our success in meeting the needs of our customers and creating “World Class, Asian Heart” products and services for guests, GEG continually engages with our customers to understand their evolving needs and preferences.

  • Guest and tele-services
  • Loyalty programs
  • Guest feedback forms
  • Mystery shopping
  • Social media


We communicate with our investors and shareholders to better understand their financial and non-financial expectations, as well as to share the Group’s financial performance and results with them.

  • Financial announcements
  • HKEx filings
  • Investor calls & briefings
  • Annual general meetings

Governmental Organizations

We engage with different governmental organizations regularly to better understand their policies, priorities and expectations, and to explore ways to offer our support.

  • Meetings
  • Briefings
  • Public events
  • Regulatory filings

Suppliers & Business Partners

We frequently engage with our suppliers and business partners to ensure the integrity of our business operations and procurement procedures, as well as to further explore opportunities to reduce our environmental impact and to provide support to Macau’s development of local SMEs.

  • SME Partnership Program
  • SME seminars and workshops
  • Business matching sessions

Industry Associations

To maintain the healthy and sustainable growth of Macau’s gaming and tourism industry, we regularly engage with different industry associations to explore opportunities to support Macau’s economic diversification and promote the city as a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure”.

  • Meetings
  • Industry briefings
  • Events

Charitable Organizations

Committed to the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the community”, we maintain good relationships with various charitable organizations to identify how we can further contribute to the betterment of the community through our volunteering and philanthropic efforts.

  • Meetings
  • Briefings
  • Media communication channels
  • Public and private events
  • Volunteering activities


To effectively engage with our stakeholders in our ESG journey, in 2021 we conducted a stakeholder engagement exercise by sending surveys to obtain valuable insight on what our stakeholders prioritized as their key focus. We took the following steps to conduct the stakeholder engagement and materiality assessment:





We identified the most important and emerging sustainability topics through peer benchmarking, industry research and engagement with our stakeholders.

We prioritized the list of identified topics according to our stakeholders’ feedback.

We discussed and validated the prioritization of topics with our senior management, and sought endorsement on the list of material topics from the Board.

Topics that were material were integrated into our sustainability strategy and report to ensure the alignment with stakeholders’ expectations and sustainability trends.

As set out in the “Material Topics” table below, the stakeholder engagement exercise enabled us to identify a total of 12 materiality topics which were ranked in the matrix according to their ranking of importance by our internal and external stakeholders.

The following materiality matrix shows the most prioritized issues:

Based on the materiality matrix, business ethics & integrity, compliance with regulation, and customer experience & satisfaction were ranked the top three material topics, which are in line with the Group’s development. Below were the top 12 material topics identified in the materiality assessment:

Material Topics (1 being the most important)


Business ethics & integrity


Compliance with regulation


Customer experience & satisfaction


Health & safety


Economic performance


Privacy & cybersecurity


Responsible gaming


Waste management & recycling


Employee wellbeing


Green procurement


Community engagement & investment


Training & development



As a responsible enterprise, GEG continues to create positive impact on society by supporting the Macau SAR Government’s policies and directions on responsible gaming, youth and talent nurturing, sports and cultural development, environmental protection, national education, and advancing Macau to become a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure”.


Responsible Gaming

At GEG, our responsible gaming promotion program aims at protecting our customers, educating and raising awareness among our stakeholders, and providing our team members and their family members with access to a professional network of support, counseling, and treatment. We are committed to minimizing all gambling-related damages to our customers, their friends and families, and the community.

With customer experience being a top priority for GEG, we are committed to creating a pleasant experience for our customers while upholding our belief in responsible gaming. Through implementing various promotional campaigns and measures, we aid our customers to make informed and appropriate decisions while rigorously complying with the responsible gaming law and instructions of the local regulatory authority by:

Being one of the largest employers in Macau, GEG believes that responsible gaming practices start from our team members. Since launching our first responsible gaming promotion program in 2009, GEG has organized nearly 80 responsible gaming trainings, workshops, visits and other promotional activities to impart responsible gaming knowledge to our team members and their families. So far, these activities have accumulated close to 130,000 team member participation counts. Meanwhile, during major celebrations, festivities and international sports events such as Chinese New Year and the World Cup, GEG disseminates promotional messages to remind team members of the importance to “Play Responsibly”. As well, GEG also pays attention to the need to cultivate an inclusive and harmonious society by launching responsible gaming promotions that incorporate concepts of ‘the family’, ‘healthy relationship building’, and ‘parent-child bonding’.

Moreover, GEG also champions long-term partnerships and collaborations with different stakeholders and aligns our responsible gaming efforts to the theme that is selected annually by the Macau SAR Government. We also organize professional training for our responsible gaming committee members annually and require our team members to complete an online refresher training every two years while various workshops and roadshows are organized throughout the year to reinforce awareness among team members. Some of the activities organized in 2021 included:

Paying attention to the physical and mental wellbeing of our team members and the need to create a positive working environment, GEG provides professional and confidential support services to our team members and their family members, including face-to-face, hotline, onsite and online counseling.

Beyond our team members, we also make an effort to support families and young people in the community on creating a healthy life attitude to resist impulses to gamble by launching the below series of Responsible Gaming Community Promotion Programs in 2021:

In the future, GEG will continue to work closely with the Macau SAR Government on carrying out its responsible gaming policies and directions, as well as collaborate with the related local professional organizations and institutions on promoting responsible gaming via a diversified approach. Responsible gaming is critical to Macau’s healthy development and will remain a key priority of GEG’s social responsibility efforts.

For more details, please visit our Responsible Gaming webpage.


Community Contribution

Renewing our philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community”, in 2021, GEG continued to realize our commitment to make a difference in the community by establishing a new “Community at Heart, Empathy in Action” motto for the GEG Volunteer Team and launching the “Empathy in Action Training Program” that included a series of workshops and trainings that allowed our volunteers to experience the day-to-day obstacles faced by people with different special needs, helped them better appreciate differences and embrace diversity, as well as introduced them to new skills and tools to better serve different members of our community.

Created in 2011 as a platform for our team members to stay active in the community, build friendships, strengthen team spirits and convey positive life values onto their children, the GEG Volunteer Team allows our team members and their family to engage in different types of community contribution activities aimed at building a more inclusive and harmonious society. Consisting of team members from different GEG departments and properties, over the years, the GEG Volunteer Team has organized or supported more than 400 community activities, and accumulated over 200,000 community engagement hours. Activities in 2021 included:


Charitable Activities

GEG approaches community giving in a variety of ways. Our acts of philanthropy extend well beyond our sharing of gifts and financial resources and includes our transfer of skills and knowledge, as well as our invitation on the use of our properties and facilities by local charities, non-governmental organizations and community groups. In 2021, GEG supported a number of our community stakeholders in holding more than 15 different community activities such as concerts, art shows, carnivals, fashion shows, singing competitions, musicals, themed exhibitions and talent shows at Broadway Macau.

Earlier this year, GEG supported the flooding rescue and relief efforts in Henan Province’s Zhengzhou by donating MOP10 million through the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation (the “GEG Foundation”) under the coordination of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government (“CLO Office”) in the Macau SAR. In addition, GEG also continued to donate to a number of Macau’s social services organizations, including but not limited to:

Moving forward, GEG will continue to support the social services industry in Macau and promote the development of a more inclusive and harmonious society.


Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation

In operating a sustainable and successful business, GEG is mindful of our impact on the community in which we operate. Strongly believing in helping to develop and grow the community, we engage in philanthropic initiative and upholds our corporate social responsibilities for the betterment of our next generation.

With this commitment in mind, in 2015, we established the GEG Foundation with the goal of investing in and giving back to the community. Operating independently from GEG, the GEG Foundation has its own Board of Trustees, and focuses on philanthropic activities that nurture young people’s positive life values, education and employment. Ultimately, the GEG Foundation hopes to help the next generation achieve higher standards of living and build a more inclusive community where young people become responsible citizens.

Collaborating with different academia and NGOs according to their expertise, the GEG Foundation joins the community in its development and growth by initiating multi-year projects that support the Macau SAR Government’s policies and directions. In 2021, the GEG Foundation’s initiatives included:


GEG Arts & Culture Initiative
Following on the GEG Foundation’s presentation of its first arts & cultural exhibition – “Grace Kelly: from Hollywood to Monaco” – hosted at Galaxy Macau as part of Art Macao 2019, the GEG Foundation continued to support Art Macao in its 2021 installment with “Juxtapose”, the inaugural exhibition of the GEG Foundation’s dedicated art gallery at Galaxy Macau – GalaxyArt, which opened on 20 July 2021. “Juxtapose” featured a series of giant metal sculptures designed by Malaysian Artist Tang Mun Kian and reflected on Macau’s history and its long-standing customs and culture. The exhibition ran from July 2021 to early January 2022, with daily guided tours for the public, and weekend workshops for children ages 5 to 12 and their parents; docent-led exhibition tours were also provided to local schools. Going forward, GalaxyArt will continue to present periodic arts and culture exhibitions to local residents and visitors throughout the year, with a goal of widening young people’s appreciation and understanding of arts and culture.


GEG Cultural & Academic Fund
The GEG Foundation launched the Fund in April 2021 to support the Portuguese Institute of the Orient in organizing activities to promote Portuguese culture and language in Macau. The scheme aims to deepen the cultural exchanges between Macau and Portuguese-speaking countries, highlight Macau’s unique advantage as the bridge between China and Portuguese-speaking countries, and better align Macau with the overall development plans of China. The first program conducted under the Fund, “Letras & Companhia” (“Alphabets & Friends”), presented itself in April 2021 as the first edition of what will hopefully become a literary, civic and cultural festival that can raise the community’s awareness on environmental protection and sustainability topics.


GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme
Joining the Macao Chinese Orchestra as “Special Art Patron” for its 2020–2021 season, the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme supported the orchestra for its three concerts at the Broadway Theatre at Broadway Macau. The concert “Enchanting Tunes from the Screen” took place in late 2020, followed by the “Family Musical Theatre – Musical Magic Wand Prequel” and “Xian Drum Music” in June and July 2021. Three extension programs on Taoism Music, Cantonese Naamyam and Xian Drum Music, which were attached to the orchestra’s “Music in World Heritage” concert series, were held to promote understanding of intangible cultural heritage. Furthermore, as part of the GEG Foundation’s sponsorship of the Macao’s Chinese Orchestra’s concert “Dialogue Between the East and the West” at the 31st Macao Arts Festival in May 2021, the Foundation invited over 200 local students to attend a rehearsal session before the actual concert.

GEG Foundation will once again join the Macao Chinese Orchestra as a “Special Art Patron” for its 2021–2022 season. Three select performances will again be performed at the Broadway Theatre at Broadway Macau in 2022, with two other extension programs for which the GEG Foundation will be inviting local students to participate. The GEG Foundation will take further steps to cultivate and promote Chinese music by engaging the Macao Youth Chinese Orchestra to host a “Young People’s Concert” at the Broadway Theatre in early 2022, with local students again invited to be in the audience. This event will not only continue to expose young people to Chinese Music, but will also provide young performers of the youth orchestra with more opportunities to perform in front of an audience in a formal and professional setting.


GEG Chinese Literacy Development Scheme
Originally a 2-year pilot but which evolved into a 6-year scheme given the scheme’s success, the project aimed to educate kindergarten teachers and parents on the importance of literacy and reading in the Chinese language for kindergarten-aged children, through in-school intervention and parents’ seminars. The scheme has since extended from two pilot schools to now six participating seed schools, with continuing teacher training and parents’ seminars being carried out in collaboration with the University of Saint Joseph’s Bishop Domingos Lam Center for Research in Education. A set of specially designed teaching manuals and materials is under development and is expected to go into pilot publication in time for the 2022–23 academic year.


GEG Parenting Education Scheme
Coming off of having developed and delivered in collaboration with the Young Men’s Christian Association of Macau (“YMCA”), a parental training course for parents of children ages 2 to 7, the scheme went on to further develop a new course catered for parents of adolescent children ages 10 to 14. Both courses had since been trialed and delivered, with positive feedback, to team members of GEG to improve their parenting skills and to strengthen their parent-child relationships. These training courses are intended for an eventual rollout in due course to the greater community in Macau, in particular for shift workers who make up a sizeable proportion of the working community, the key focus for which the scheme was devised for in the first place.


GEG Sign-Bilingualism Co-Enrolment Scheme
Since the scheme’s inception in 2017, hearing-impaired children began to be enrolled in the Colégio Diocesano de São José 5 under the scheme every year, joining the other children in their “inclusive classrooms”. The first cohort of 5 children graduated from kindergarten in July 2021, after completing three years of study in the inclusive classroom, co-taught by their regular class teacher and a deaf teaching assistant. Given the successful trial implementation of the scheme over the last three years, the Catholic Diocese of Macau, as the school’s governing body, has now taken on the scheme as an ongoing practice and will ensure its continuation so as to enable hearing-impaired children enrolled in the scheme to progress through primary, and hopefully secondary schooling at the school.


Other Initiatives

Details to GEG Foundation’s other multi-year projects can be found on GEG Foundation’s website or through its Facebook page.


Education and Culture

GEG is committed to supporting the Macau SAR Government on its policies and directions on youth and talent development. Over the years, GEG has been working with different educational, arts and cultural associations and institutes on promoting youth and cultural development through funding training programs, offering internships, hosting site visits, and providing career coaching and exchange opportunities for young people.

For the second consecutive year, GEG launched the U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program (“U-LEAD”) in support of the internship career experience scheme held by the Labour Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government (“DSAL”). GEG cohosted two open days with DSAL and organized a U-LEAD Career Development Day for interested university graduates to obtain more information about the program, which included visits to various GEG departments and sharing sessions with last year’s U-LEAD participants. Through U-LEAD, university graduates took part in a three-month integrated resorts internship at GEG and obtained valuable work experience in areas such as hospitality, marketing, and facility management. The program provided them with up to 200 hours of corporate, departmental, and on-the-job training and helped them obtain a deeper understanding of integrated resort operations. In addition, the popular “SiFu-Support” mentorship scheme from 2020, where university graduates were placed with GEG department heads and experienced team members was also brought forward to the 2021 program.

In addition to the U-LEAD, GEG continued to provide professional and diversified internship opportunities for local undergraduates and special needs students under the GEG Integrated Resort Internship Program. Since its inception in 2008, the program has provided comprehensive training and integrated resort internship experiences to more than 690 tertiary education-level students and special needs students.

Recognizing the importance of fostering young people’s understanding of the developments and opportunities in China, GEG has been working alongside the Macau Management Association (“MMA”) in organizing the GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”). To celebrate the program’s 10th anniversary and the 100th Anniversary of the Founding of the Communist Party of China (“CPC”), the 2021 YAP included national education elements including the development of China and the Greater Bay Area. In November 2021, GEG and MMA co-organized the GEG Youth Achievement Program Award Presentation and 2021–2022 Launching Ceremony to celebrate the successful completion of the 10th YAP intake, as well as to welcome new participants to the 2021–2022 program. Since its launch in 2011, the YAP provided opportunities for self-awareness, career development, and community care for more than 3,000 youths between the ages of 18 to 29.

As Macau’s first integrated resort operator to launch and title-sponsor a youth national education activity, GEG continued to title-sponsor the GEG Macau Cup – Youth National Education Competition for the 13th consecutive year in 2021. This year, the competition emphasized educating local students in learning the CPC’s century-long history and development.

Meanwhile, GEG also invited YAP participants and students from the University of Macau for separate tours to the “Base of the Education of Love for the Motherland and for Macau for Young People” so that they can better understand China’s history, culture, China and Macau’s development, and establish a stronger sense of national identity. In addition, GEG also continued to promote STEM education in Macau through our title-sponsorship of the GEG Presents: Popular Science Activities in Schools in Chinese Drones where drone technology and scientific knowledge were shared with students at different local schools to stimulate young peoples’ interests in technology and innovation.

To enable students to explore their career interests, GEG continued to leverage our resources by providing guided property tours for students from the University of Macau and the City University of Macau so that they can gain insight into our daily operations and meet with our different representatives.

In addition to education, GEG also sponsors a number of arts and cultural exhibitions and performances. Over the years, GEG made it possible for a number of our community stakeholders and non-profit organizations on organizing different workshops, concerts, exhibitions, carnivals, fashion shows, competitions, dramas and events for free at our venues. In 2021, we continued to support these initiatives and sponsored Broadway Macau for the hosting of a variety of events, including:

In 2021, GEG also opened the GalaxyArt, which is a permanent and non-profit gallery that is located inside Galaxy Macau and operated by the GEG Foundation. The GalaxyArt presented its first art exhibition “Juxtapose” in support of the second edition of “Art Macao”. Featuring a series of giant metal sculptures, the exhibition reflects on Macau’s long-standing customs, history and culture.

During the year, the Pacific Asia Travel Association (“PATA”) presented us with a PATA Gold Award for Culture (Traditional Performance and Visual Arts) in the sustainability and social responsibility category for our diversified approach to promoting cultural tourism.


Sports Development

GEG takes a proactive role in promoting Macau’s sports tourism. We are a long-time title-sponsor of two of Macau’s four major annual international sports events and was the first integrated resort operator to introduce an all-female Dragon Boat team in 2009. We have one of the most diverse sports teams in Macau – from dragon boat to basketball, table tennis, badminton, running, volleyball, and others that helped GEG obtain more than 60 awards throughout the years.

To strengthen Macau’s position as a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure”, GEG works closely with the Macau SAR Government and the local community to enhance the attractiveness, scale and quality of Macau’s sports and community events. During the year, GEG supported the following events:




GEG is committed to maintaining a diverse workplace where people from all backgrounds, age, gender, ethnicity, and expertise are welcome to join our workforce. Having a diverse culture has proven to be significant to our ability to provide quality services, innovation, and creativity for the business operations. This concept has been embedded in our recruitment process to ensure diversity and inclusion in our workforce. GEG also takes a strong stand against any form of discrimination and harassment in the workplace. Diversity training and other initiatives are in place to prevent such behaviour.


Working Environment

As an employer of choice, GEG strives to create an engaging and comfortable workplace for our team members. Recognizing the needs and aspirations of our team members, GEG provides many career development opportunities and organizes a variety of recreational activities to enhance our team members’ work-life balance.

GEG takes our team members’ well-being seriously. As a responsible employer, we take all possible measures to safeguard our team member’s physical and mental health. GEG takes proactive and methodical action to provide support services to our team members. Through the Employee Assistance Program, professional and confidential support services such as face-to-face, hotline, on-site, and online counseling services are provided to our team members and their family members when necessary.

In May 2021, GEG celebrated the 10th anniversary of Galaxy Macau by launching a series of activities to share the joy with our team members. We organized a series of photo competitions, appreciation events, anniversary feasts, and games for our team members and their family members’ participation. Besides, we invited team members’ families to a company tour that introduced the operations and working environments of the back-of-house areas of Galaxy Macau. Recounting the contribution of our team members to the Group’s success, GEG hosted multiple “Long Service Awards Presentation” ceremonies where 10 Years’ and 15 Years’ certificates, decorative pins, and appreciation gifts were presented to close to 5,000 team members who have been with GEG for ten years or more.

Besides, in October 2021, GEG also celebrated the 15th anniversary of StarWorld Hotel by arranging a cake-cutting ceremony, interactive games, and other celebration events for team members at the property.

Continuing to promote team building and family bonding, as well as to support our team members on their career development and personal growth, GEG also launched the following activities and initiatives in 2021:


Labour Standards

GEG ensures every aspect of our business abides by applicable laws and regulations set by DSAL and the Labour Department of the Hong Kong SAR Government. Child and forced labour are strictly prohibited and we continue to maintain systems for monitoring, preventing and reporting such practices if any. For our staff’s reference, copies of GEG’s Team Member Handbook and the Group’s policies are kept on-site, while Human Resources professionals are present at each property and office to assist team members with any clarifications.

To prevent any breach of the labour standards, our Human Resources department conducts strict background checks on all the staff recruitment before the signing of employment agreement. Furthermore, we require recruits to present their graduation certificates, working reference and in the case of need, we will contact their reference for reference checks.

To ensure open communication and establish an engaging and inclusive working environment, GEG implemented:


Team Member Health and Safety

GEG is committed to protecting the health and safety of our team members and creating an accident-free workplace. With the oversight of the Corporate Workplace Health & Safety Steering Committee, we have a Corporate Workplace Health & Safety policy in place to foster a safe working environment. A dedicated corporate workplace health & safety team is responsible for monitoring workplace health and safety measures, ensuring compliance with applicable health and safety legal requirements, and implementing health and safety management standards and best practices across all our properties. In 2021, GEG maintained the ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System certification across our operations. Top management also strengthened the corporate strategic task on health and safety by providing their full support on the following key tasks throughout the year:

In addition, GEG provides team members with suitable personal protective equipment and work to ensure that our health and safety initiatives are effective. We are proud to lead the industry in Macau with our achievement of the ISO45001 Occupational Health & Safety Management System certification, whose scope is the largest in Macau’s gaming industry and covers our entire operation and taskforce in Macau.

Meanwhile, GEG also continued to cooperate with DSAL on expanding the Hotel and Catering Industry Safety Card Training Program, which 95% of GEG team members have completed to date. As well, GEG also co-launched a variety of seminars and roadshows with DSAL during the reporting year to further enhance our team members’ occupational health and safety awareness.

We continue to promote a safe working environment for our team members, and our health and safety KPIs for each business unit are tracked each month based on the number of work injuries. In 2021, our work injuries reduced by over 30% when compared with 2021 Corporate KPI set. We acknowledge that the continuing pandemic, which resulted in restricted operations and fewer workers may have an influence on our work-related injuries rate.

During the year, no legal non-compliance records or work-related fatalities were noted.


Talent Management

GEG team members are valuable in driving the Group’s continuous success. To maintain a knowledgeable team that is equipped with the necessary skillsets to deal with the ever-changing business environment, GEG provides training and development opportunities for our team members to achieve both vertical and cross-functional careers paths, so that they can take pride in their learning, career progression, and life achievements.

GEG recognizes that team members’ success in delivering unique and best in class services is the very foundation of our achievement. Therefore, the Group’s mission, vision and core values are embedded in our organizational development and training initiatives to ensure that all team members are in line with the Group’s beliefs.

Our organizational development & training strategy focuses on:

Our training programs & events consist of:

With the ongoing unprecedented challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic and the number of visitors to our properties still being affected, GEG continued to make use of the opportunity to equip our team members for future career growth. While continuing to adhere to the necessary pandemic prevention measures, GEG provided team members with a broader spectrum of career development and training opportunities so as to assist them in obtaining new skills for further personal and professional growth. Throughout 2021, GEG’s talent development programs provided more than 1,050,630 training hours to our team members. These programs included the IR-LEAD Career Diversification Program, the Casino Management Development Program, the Restaurant Manager Development Program, and the Facilities Management Upskilling Program, all of which aimed to cultivate talent for GEG and the integrated resort industry in various fields.

Employment and labour practices performance table for GEG for the year ended 31 December 2021:


Employment and labour practices performance in 2021
Social KPIs 2021 2020

Total workforce by gender, employment type, age group and geographic region


By Geographical Region

Hong Kong 51 56
Macau 16,679 17,438
Mainland China - -
Overseas Office 19 29

By Employment Type

Regular (Full time) 16,096 16,793
Regular (Part time) 136 163
Contractual (Full time/Part time) 517 567

By Gender

Female 8,809 9,209
Male 7,940 8,314

By Age Group

Under 30 1,899 2,423
30-50 10,003 10,329
Over 50 4,847 4,771
Total 16,749 17,523

Employee turnover rate by gender, age group and geographical region 1


By Geographical Region

Hong Kong 15.69% 10.70%
Macau 7.99% 4.70%
Mainland China - -
Overseas Office 0.00% 10.30%

By Gender

Female 7.69% 4.30%
Male 8.35% 5.30%

By Age Group

Under 30 14.27% 11.20%
30-50 6.98% 4.00%
Over 50 7.65% 3.20%
Total 8.00% 4.80%

Percentage of employees trained by gender and employee category


By Gender

Female 99.47% 99.40%
Male 99.12% 98.50%

By Employee Category

Top Management Level 93.78% 91.20%
Middle Management Level 98.80% 97.80%
Junior Management Level 99.63% 98.90%
General Staff 99.38% 99.40%
Total 99.30% 98.90%

Average Training hours completed per employee by gender and employee category


By Gender

Female 62.3 84.0
Male 63.2 61.6

By Employee Category

Top Management Level 18.2 21.2
Middle Management Level 38.7 25.4
Junior Management Level 57.2 58.8
General Staff 72.3 93.6
Total Average Training Hours 62.7 73.4
Total Training Hours 1,050,638 1,285,559

Safety Indicators

Work related fatalities 0 0
Lost Days due to work injuries 7,776 4,421
Lost Day rate due to work injuries 0.15% 0.09%

1Involuntary turnover is excluded.



As a leading gaming and entertainment company, creating an exemplary experience for our customers is GEG’s utmost priority. In addition to internal policies, rules and regulations regarding customer engagement that all our team members and independent third-party partners enforce, we strive to leverage additional platforms to collect customer feedback to continuously upgrade the customer experience.

We have adopted the initiatives below to execute our mission to provide the best experience for our customers:

During the reporting year, GEG is not aware of any significant complaints related to services or of any issues related to material non-compliance with relevant standards, rules and regulations.


Customer Health & Safety

GEG takes responsibility in maintaining a healthy and safe environment for our customers. We have effective policies in place to ensure that we operate in compliance with the pertinent laws and regulations, and that our standards are adhered by all of our team members, individuals, and independent third parties that work on GEG’s behalf. In addition, health and safety management systems are also in place to monitor any relevant risks and respond to potential incidents. As well, awareness training is provided to prevent incidents and equip team members with the necessary skills to handle such incidents when they occur.

We continue to pay special attention to the amended smoking law – Regime of Tobacco Prevention and Control (Regime de prevenção e controlo do tabagismo), which aims to discourage smoking behaviour and to decrease the negative health effects of smoking. All our smoking rooms are well equipped and comply with the smoking room requirement (i.e. Dispatch No. 84/2017). Preventive maintenance is also routinely enforced to ensure compliance with such requirements.


Customer Privacy and Cyber Security

GEG recognizes that information technology is essential for supporting the Group’s business operations, processes, and activities. While information technology is necessary for the business to operate effectively and efficiently, it also introduces security risks to the Group’s information assets. To ensure that the related risks are adequately addressed and mitigated or avoided, GEG has in place a Cyber Security policy that outlines our three security principles of confidentiality, integrity and availability, as well as our information security risk management practices. The Cyber Security policy is distributed to all GEG team members and applies to all GEG businesses, properties, offices and individuals, including external parties such as consultants, contractors, business partners and vendors that have access to our information technology resources or processes information and data. It is accompanied by a set of supporting guidelines that are made accessible to our team members as part of our aim to promote awareness and general knowledge, and are revised from time to time to ensure the upkeep of best business practices and continuous compliance with the Cyber Security, Information Security and Personal Data Protection laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we operate.

To ensure data protection and prevent information leakage, GEG also has policies in place that govern the use of GEG’s information technology resources such as the internet, mobile, and portable storage devices, cloud technologies, social media and other information sharing technologies, which is communicated to all GEG team members to ensure conversant. As well, we provide our team members and external parties that work on our behalf, with guidelines on how to identify and protect sensitive information such as personal identifiable information, as well as the reporting procedures should there be any information breaches or confidentiality has been compromised.

Adhering to the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong SAR, the Personal Data Protection Law of Macau SAR, and the Personal Information Protection Law of Mainland China, GEG ensures that all team members and customer personal data are only accessible by authorized personnel on a need-to-know and need-to-use basis. We provide our team members and external parties that work on our behalf with guidelines on how to identify and protect personal identifiable information, and employ stringent measures such as confidentiality agreements and non-disclosure agreements to prevent leakage and misuse of confidential information.


Intellectual Property

Intellectual property rights are of key value to GEG as they are crucial business assets that will support our continued growth. The Group complies with the laws and regulations as enacted by the Macau SAR Government and the Hong Kong SAR Government. In addition, we also leverage on contractual vehicles such as confidentiality agreements and mutual nondisclosure agreements to protect the intellectual property rights of the parties concerned.



Resting on the core principles of fairness and transparency, GEG adheres to sound procurement practices when executing orders for the supply of goods and services. GEG does not practice preferential procurement and is in full compliance with all related requirements and applicable laws regarding the prevention of bribery. Any corruption offenses will be reported to the Commission Against Corruption of Macao. GEG also requests suppliers to declare any conflicts of interest.

GEG has set in place annual supplier performance appraisals for suppliers, of which their environmental performance is a key evaluation criterion. Suppliers are being evaluated on their environmental values, stewardship, commitments, and their compliance with international labour standards and environmental laws and regulations. GEG also looks at the suppliers’ commitments to adopt the environmental purchase specifications recommended by the DSPA; as well as their commitments to meeting our environmental specifications. The appraisal system consolidates all information and generates numerical ratings in a comprehensive scorecard. Environmental and social risks are evaluated within the appraisal system at various stages along the supply chain, from the selection of products and services which takes into account the country of origin, environmental performance of suppliers, and product certification, to the selection and performance of suppliers.

For quality assurance of our suppliers’ products and services, GEG is entitled to request performance evaluation from our supplier’s customer reference listing. Periodically, GEG conducts reviews and assessments on our suppliers, and as a general rule for assuring quality and health and safety, GEG requires all suppliers, vendors, and contractors that need to enter our properties to perform work or services, to comply with Macau’s industrial safety laws and observe our health and safety guidelines.

Being the industry leader in adopting the “Large-Businesses-Leading-Small-Businesses” business model, we embrace the responsibility for supporting the ongoing growth of local enterprises and SMEs. We are committed to maintaining and growing our business relationship with local enterprises and SMEs as we see local enterprises and SMEs as important and irreplaceable drivers of Macau’s economy.

Under the new normal, GEG has been organizing different initiatives to support local SMEs in overcoming their difficulties. Following GEG’s HKD100 million subscription to the SME themed COVID-19 Impact Alleviation Social Bonds issued by the Bank of China, Macau Branch in 2020, in 2021, GEG thanked our long-time vendor partners by inviting them to attend a Vendor Appreciation Luncheon where certificates of appreciation were presented to our long-time vendor partners. As well, we also continued to work closely with the Macao Chamber of Commerce, the Macau Youth Entrepreneur Association, and the Macau Young Entrepreneur Incubation Center on organizing online business matching sessions to further expand business opportunities for local SMEs.

Meanwhile, we also invited local food and beverage brands to join the 2nd Macau Gastronomy Carnival that was organized by the Department of Culture and Tourism of Anhui Province, the Macau International Carnival Association, and GEG. Held at the Broadway Food Street of Broadway Macau, the Festival enabled cultural and gastronomic exchange, created business opportunities, and further promoted Macau as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. Furthermore, GEG also celebrated Macau’s traditional Chestnut Festival, which the Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government inscribed into its Inventory of Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2020, by inviting 25 local SMEs from the food and beverage, retail, and cultural creative sectors to join us for the two-day Chestnut Festival that was held at Broadway Food Street of Broadway Macau to foster Macau’s cross-sector integration of the tourism and cultural industry.

Aligned with the Macau SAR Government’s “tourism-plus” cross-sector integration strategy, in December 2021, GEG also invited local SMEs and community associations to join the six-day 2021 Galaxy Entertainment Macao International Marathon Carnival, which attracted over 24,000 visitations to Broadway Food Street of Broadway Macau, generated business for local SMEs, and assisted local social service organizations in promoting their welfare work, and to raise funds for their 2021–2022 operation.

Besides, GEG also partners with the Macau SAR Government and other key stakeholders in developing different programs to support the growth and development of local SMEs and small businesses. When the Macau SAR Government called on large businesses to support small businesses, GEG was the first integrated resort operator to snap into action by launching an SME Partnering Program that brought many local traditional food and beverage brands to Broadway Food Street where GEG assisted them on their modernization, corporatization, and promotion of their brand heritage. Broadway Food Street is just one of the many successful examples of how GEG fosters the development of local SMEs. GEG also helps local SMEs further develop and grow their business with us by providing them with many other tailor-made training courses, activities and support, as well as prioritizing them on our business cooperation.



GEG’s long-term success relies upon our effective corporate governance. As an ethical and compliant business, we ensure that our Code of Business Conduct (“Code”), amongst other internal documents, embodies GEG’s values, philosophies and procedures, are reflected and demonstrated in our daily operations, and that it is understood and adopted by all our team members. The Code is included in the Team Member Handbook, which is given to all team members when onboarding GEG, and includes guidelines on:

In GEG, we encourage all team members to follow our Complaints and Grievances policy and to report any suspected violation, including anti-corruption and anti-money laundering to Human Resources, who will then handle the cases confidentially and in accordance with the prevailing data privacy protection laws and other best practices.

The details of the principal work performed by the Corporate Governance Committee are contained in the Corporate Governance Report.


Risk Management and Internal Controls

With the ever-changing business environment, GEG understands that in order to ensure sustainable business growth, we must be prepared to respond and mitigate various financial and non-financial risks and uncertainties. In pursing our objective to become a leading operator of integrated resort with confidence, we are committed to building a culture of risk awareness throughout the Group and instilling proper measures and mechanisms on risk management and internal controls. GEG focuses on the assessment of significant risks throughout the organization at the corporate level while it aims to identify, assess, evaluate and mitigate potential hazards and risks at the business unit level in order to provide a safe, healthy, efficient and environmentally-friendly workplace for our team members and contractors.

The Risk Management Committee has been established to oversee the corporate risk management and internal control systems of the Group, which identify and measure risks with material impact on our business and develop risk mitigation and management strategies so as to reduce the risks to a level as low as reasonably practicable and, thus, protect our assets and employees and enhance shareholder value on an ongoing basis.

For further details on Risk Management, please see our Corporate Governance Report.


Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption

Upholding high standards of business ethics, GEG has our Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption policy in place which has been clearly communicated to all our affiliates and subsidiaries. We have zero tolerance for any form of bribery, corruption and fraud, and ensure that our business practices fully comply with applicable laws and regulations, including anti-corruption legislations.

To maintain the highest level of integrity in our operations, we require all GEG team members and associated persons, including agents, consultants, contractors, representatives, intermediaries, advisors, suppliers, vendors and any other person or entity acting on GEG’s behalf, understand and fully comply with applicable laws and the Group’s policy against corruption. GEG includes the Anti-Bribery policy, Conflict of Interest policy, and Code of Business Conduct in the Team Member Handbook that all team members receive as part of their on boarding documents, and we ask team members to sign forms to acknowledge receipt and understanding of the information. The Internal Audit Department is responsible for monitoring compliance with the Anti-Bribery and Anti-Corruption policy, which provides guidelines for handling situations with dedicated approval personnel, criteria, internal declaration of interest and any other related matters when involving potential corruption. Such guidelines include but are not limited to:

We provide orientation training to all GEG team members during which they are informed that offering or accepting any kind of bribes, facilitating payments and kickbacks are strictly prohibited. We conduct due diligence reviews on business partners’ pre-engagement and continuously monitor any bribery and corruption activities to maintain zero-tolerance across the entire Group and its stakeholders.

In December 2021, GEG arranged an external consultant to provide an anti-bribery, anti-corruption, and whistle-blowing training for our directors and related staff.


Anti-Money Laundering & Combating the Financing of Terrorism

GEG’s Anti-Money Laundering (“AML”) and Combating the Financing of Terrorism (“CFT”) policy establishments are to maintain high ethical standards in gaming-related transactions under the Group. Anti-money laundering standards are strictly enforced against our team members and independent third parties concerned who work on the Group’s behalf.

To supervise the Group’s AML and CFT compliance, GEG has established a Compliance Committee and a designated Compliance Officer to ensure such objectives are reached. Furthermore, we provide ongoing training and education to our team members and have introduced the Know Your Customer (“KYC”) and Enhanced Due Diligence (“EDD”) controls to help team members identify and assess risky transactions or behaviors. To stay on top of the industry trend, GEG generally sends representatives to attend two to three seminars each year, and meet with regulators at least once every quarter. Meanwhile, we maintain close relationships with regulatory authorities. In addition, GEG’s internal auditors conduct independent, periodic reviews of the Group’s AML and CFT initiatives with respect to Macau SAR laws and regulations. Our AML and CFT policy, as well as associated guidelines and procedures, are regularly reviewed by internal auditors to ensure effectiveness.

In 2021, 98% of GEG team members who are involved in gaming operations received relevant annual refresher training that focused mainly on anti-money laundering.



GEG adheres to our policies and accountability mechanisms which were established to ensure regulatory compliance in all aspects of our business and operations. Management is devoted to keeping up to date with the latest regulatory developments and providing training for all the relevant team members. In addition to preventative measures, the Group also dedicates extensive effort to ensure there are effective monitoring and detection measures to fully comply with relevant laws. The Group is not aware of any material non-compliance with relevant local laws and regulations relating to areas such as environmental protection, employment and labour practices, and operating practices during the reporting period.



Awardee Award Event Organizer
GEG ESG Care Label 2021-2022 ESG Recognitions Ceremony 2021 SocietyNext Foundation, UNESCO Hong Kong Association Glocal Peace Centre and Rotary Action Group for Peace Hong Kong & Macao Chapter
GEG Gold Award for Culture (Traditional Performance and Visual Art) PATA Gold Awards 2021 Pacific Asia Travel Association
GEG Talent Recognizing Employer Award Outstanding Disabled Employees & Talent Recognizing Employers Award Program 2021 Social Welfare Bureau of the Macau SAR Government & the Labour Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government
GEG Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award The 9th Outstanding Corporate Social Responsibility Award Ceremony Mirror Post of Hong Kong
GEG Support and Promote a “Breastfeeding Friendly Workplace” Certificate of Commendation -- Office of the Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture of the Macau SAR Government
GEG 2021 Macau Outstanding Corporate Volunteer Award The 29th International Volunteer Recognition Ceremony Association of Volunteers Social Services Macao
GEG ISO 45001:2018 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification -- British Standards Institution
Galaxy Macau Energy Saving Concept Award (Hotel Group) Macau Energy Saving Activity 2020 Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A. & Office for the Development of Energy Sector of Macau SAR Government
Galaxy Macau Hotel Group B (Excellence Award) Macau Energy Saving Activity 2020 Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A. & Office for the Development of Energy Sector of Macau SAR Government
Galaxy Macau Silver Award Macao Green Hotel Award Environmental Protection Bureau (DSPA) of the Macau SAR Government
Galaxy Hotel Green Key Award -- The Foundation for Environmental Education
Broadway Macau Hotel Group B (Excellence Award) Macau Energy Saving Activity 2020 Companhia de Electricidade de Macau – CEM, S.A. & Office for the Development of Energy Sector of Macau SAR Government