Environmental Protection & Sustainability


GEG is strongly committed to protecting the environment and building a greener world for our future generations. We fully adhere with all existing environmental laws in the jurisdictions in which we operate, and implement policies to lower our greenhouse gas emissions. Following the receipt of the internationally recognized ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification for Galaxy Macau™ and Broadway Macau™ in 2020, in 2021, GEG continued to improve and optimize our environmental and sustainability practices and obtained the prestigious Green Key eco-label for Galaxy Hotel™. Awarded by the Foundation for Environmental Education, the Green Key is an international eco-label awarded to hotels and tourism facilities that demonstrates commitment and excellence in environmental sustainability. The Green Key is one of the largest eco-labels for the hospitality industry worldwide, and is recognized and supported by the World Tourism Organization and United Nations Environmental Programme.

Meanwhile, GEG continues to conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner by monitoring our environmental performance and reviewing the implementation of measures to reduce our environmental impacts. In 2021, GEG actively participated in various environmental protection events, including:

In addition, GEG also donated the proceeds collected from its plastic bag charges to Green Future Macau so as to support the organization in carrying out its environmental protection services and received a certificate of appreciation from DSPA for our contribution.

Integrating environmental considerations into our investment decisions, in 2021, GEG invested RMB100 million in Asia’s first biodiversity-themed green bond issued by Bank of China Limited, Macau Branch and USD10 million in a corporate green bond issued by Mingyang Smart Energy Group Limited to fund the construction of green energy projects.

GEG pays strong attention to protecting biodiversity and maintains approximately 1.6 million to 2 million trees and plants within the landscape of our Galaxy Macau property. With Broadway Macau being located in proximity of one of Macau’s natural marsh wetlands, GEG ensures that proper systems and processes are in place for the control of our wastewater and waste disposal and to prevent any leakage of wastewater and wastes to the marsh wetland. To minimize our impact on biodiversity, conserve the area and avoid the potential damages from tourism activities, GEG also restricts access to the habitat area from our property in Broadway Macau and reserves landscape area for the plants and trees. In addition, we also use environmentally friendly products for cleaning so as to reduce potential chemical contamination of habitats at all our properties.

Moving forward, we aim to obtain the LEED certification for Building Operations and Maintenance (LEED O+M) Certification for Galaxy Hotel and EarthCheck for Galaxy Hotel and Hotel Okura Macau.


Emissions and Energy

GEG acknowledges the importance of energy conservation and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. To reduce energy consumption, energy and environmental management programs were rolled out to improve the energy efficiency of our operations, and to identify further opportunities for enhancements. We established an ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems to measure, analyze and control the energy consumption of our properties. In 2021, GEG’s energy saving target was to reduce our energy use by 3% of the 2016 baseline at Galaxy Macau, Broadway Macau and StarWorld Hotel, and under the influence of the pandemic, in 2021, we have achieved a 21% energy reduction for Galaxy Macau, a 30% energy reduction for Broadway Macau, and a 21% energy reduction for StarWorld Hotel when compared to the 2016 baseline levels. Meanwhile, GEG also implemented the following measures during the year to improve energy efficiency:

Furthermore, GEG continued to optimize our shuttle bus operation and reduce our carbon emissions by adjusting our routes and service frequencies to changing operational need and passenger demands. Besides, we continued to replace our diesel fueled guest shuttle buses at Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau with electric buses and compressed natural gas (“CNG”) buses. As at the year-end in 2021, 50% of our guest shuttle bus fleet were electric buses and CNG buses.

Due to business developments, for 2022, GEG will maintain our energy reduction targets of 3% for Galaxy Macau, Broadway Macau, and StarWorld Hotel compared with 2016 baseline levels. To achieve this, GEG will carry out the following energy saving actions:


Water and Waste

To improve resource efficiency, GEG adheres to the 4R Principles (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle and Recovery) in waste management. The processing of hazardous wastes is controlled and governed through the ISO 14001 Environmental Management System that we have set up in all our properties while non-hazardous waste collection, recycling and reuse programs and guidelines were implemented across all our operations to ensure reduction of wastes transferred to the incineration plant. To protect nearby habitat area, we conduct regular inspection and maintenance on waste disposal to ensure proper waste handling. Meanwhile, we also reuse and recycle a wide range of waste generated in our operations, namely paper, metal, glass bottles, disposable batteries, fluorescent lamps, toner cartridge, and textile. As well, our “Energy and Environmental Management Committee” also identified several key waste issues based on our unique business nature, including gaming cards, food waste and cooking oil, with particular management approaches respectively.

GEG has a high awareness of the impact that plastic products have on the environment. To minimize plastic waste, GEG has been replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable and washable items since 2019. With the Macau SAR Government’s ban on the import and trade of disposable polystyrene takeaway boxes, bowls, cups and dishes starting from the beginning of 2021, GEG has further stopped providing foam packaging for any of our take-out food and beverage items or using gift wraps that contain foam at our properties.

On the other hand, GEG continues to collaborate with Macau Coca-Cola Beverage Co., Ltd. on the circular recycling of all GEG-branded plastic bottles. The bottles collected will be processed into food-grade plastic pellets that are subsequently used to produce new 350ml water bottles for GEG and our branded partner hotels. To encourage our team members and customers to recycle plastic bottles, we incentivize them with the Reverse Vending Machines at our properties.

Apart from reducing plastic waste, GEG also endeavours to minimize other types of wastes, and has taken the following reduction measures during 2021:

In 2021, Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau improved their waste recycling by 10% and 41% respectively, when compared with the 2017 baseline level. Meanwhile, StarWorld Hotel improved its waste recycling by 12% in 2021 when compared with the 2018 baseline. For 2022, GEG targets to improve our waste diversion rate by 5% for Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau when compared to the 2017 baseline, and by 4% for StarWorld Hotel when compared to the 2018 baseline levels. To achieve this, GEG will continue to launch a series of activities, including the energy and environmental assessment program to help our food and beverage and hospitality functions identify further waste reduction and recycling opportunities, the “Clean Plate Challenge” at our team member canteens, and sustainability trainings and promotional campaigns to enhance team member engagement, knowledge and awareness. Besides, we will continue to use biodegradable utensils and takeaway boxes in all food service and dining areas at our properties and actively participate in various environmental campaigns and activities held by DSPA.

At GEG, we continue to be mindful of the way we consume water in our operations and to minimize wastage. We conduct regular inspection and maintenance program on wastewater management to prevent leakage to nearby habitat area and to improve the efficiency of our water use, we initiated the following water-saving measures.

GEG established a 2021 target on reducing domestic water consumption by 3% at Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau when compared with the 2016 baseline level. Under the influence of the pandemic, in 2021, we have achieved a 46% reduction in domestic water consumption for Galaxy Macau and a 39% reduction in domestic water consumption for Broadway Macau, compared with 2016 baseline levels. For StarWorld Hotel, the property achieved a 29% reduction in domestic water consumption when compared with the 2016 baseline. For 2022, GEG’s target on water consumption reduction at Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau remains unchanged. However, GEG remains steadfast in our commitment to further improve our water quality and efficiency. To achieve our water reduction targets, GEG will install a descaling system in the hot water production, increase the cycle of concentration rate at the cooling tower, implement a hibernation and suspension plan at the water features and at all vacant areas at Galaxy Macau and Broadway Macau, as well as continuously monitor our water use at all our properties so as to avoid overuse.


Green Procurement

GEG strives to purchase products that cause minimal adverse environmental impacts through collaborations with our suppliers and vendors. To build a more sustainable supply chain, GEG has a dedicated supplier management team within our Corporate Procurement department. We convey our expectations on key social and environmental concerns clearly when selecting suppliers and vendors based on our environmental-related assessment of their:

During procurement, we work closely with our new and existing suppliers and vendors to select products and services that:

To provide clear guidance for our team members, we have established a Green Procurement Statement since 2014. Examples of green procurement practices in recent years include:


Climate Change

Climate change is a global concern with long-term implications for businesses and society. GEG has identified weather emergencies such as typhoons, flooding and torrential rainstorm as significant climate-related risks that may affect our business operations every year as these incidents have the potential to cause physical damages to our properties, affect or deplete our access to water and energy supplies, disrupt our logistics and supply chains, and such other losses or damages. To minimize the potential impacts that these climate-related risks may have on our daily operations, GEG has put in place the following preventive measures:

Environmental performance data for GEG for the year ended 31 December 2021:

Environmental KPIs







Nitrogen oxides (“NOx”) emissions




Sulphur oxides (“SOx”) emissions




Particulate matter (“PM”) emissions




Total greenhouse gas emissions

tonne CO2e



Total greenhouse gas emissions intensity

tonne CO2e/m2



Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 1)

tonne CO2e



Greenhouse gas emissions (Scope 2)

tonne CO2e





Total hazardous waste produced




Total non-hazardous waste produced






Total energy consumption




Total energy consumption intensity




Total direct energy consumption








Blast Furnace Gas (BFG)




Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG)




Natural Gas












Total indirect energy consumption




Purchased electricity






Water consumption




Water consumption intensity




* GEG’s integrated resorts and hotel businesses in Macau, including Galaxy Macau, Broadway Macau and StarWorld Hotel.