Over 12,000 GEG Team Members and Families Participate in COVID-19 Vaccination Program to Help Macau Achieve Herd Immunity

July 15, 2021 – To support the Macau SAR Government’s COVID-19 vaccination program and help the community achieve herd immunity, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) continues to encourage its team members to get vaccinated through various initiatives. From July 12 to 15, GEG invited the Health Bureau to return to Galaxy Macau™ for another setup of a vaccination point for GEG team members and their families. In addition, GEG also held another vaccination talk and roadshows at the back-of-house areas for team members, as well as extended the Special Vaccine Leave so that more team members can receive the necessary information and be motivated to get vaccinated. The efforts have been well received by team members. As of today, over 12,000 GEG team members and their families have been vaccinated or have registered to receive a vaccine. 

Following the vaccine drive that was launched by the Health Bureau at Galaxy Macau last month, the four-day GEG Outreach Vaccination Program was concluded successfully once again today. On the first day, joined by other executives, Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, visited the vaccination point to thank the Health Bureau’s medical workers for safeguarding the Macau community, cheer and mingle with the GEG team members receiving their jabs, and to receive his second dose. Last week, GEG also invited representatives from the Health Bureau to provide GEG team members with necessary and important information about the vaccines and to answer their questions. Adding the two vaccine talks that were held in the beginning of June, GEG has held three Vaccine Information Seminars for team members so far. GEG has also invited representatives from the Health Bureau to hold another vaccine talk at the StarWorld Hotel next week, aimed at helping more team members understand the vaccines. 

Meanwhile, GEG held roadshows at its back-of-house areas to give team members information about the vaccination program and assist those in need to scan the QR code for vaccination bookings. Furthermore, GEG also extended the Special Vaccine Leave for team members so that those receiving their first and second shot of COVID-19 vaccine between June 1 and August 31 can enjoy up to two days of Special Vaccine Leave. As a responsible corporation, GEG will continue to support the Macau SAR Government’s related guidelines and encourage team members to get vaccinated while working with the community on protecting the Macau community.