GEG Promotes Chinese Music to Community and Team Members

February 24, 2022 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) facilitates the sustainable development of Macau’s culture and arts sector by supporting different initiatives. To promote Chinese music, Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation (“GEG Foundation”) became the “Special Arts Patron” of the Macao Chinese Orchestra (“MCO”) for the second consecutive year through the GEG Chinese Music Promotion Scheme, with the presentation of MCO’s three concerts this season, including the Valentine’s Day “A Romantic Date” Concert which was held at the Broadway Theatre of Broadway Macau™. Furthermore, GEG Foundation, in its first time collaboration with the Macao Youth Chinese Orchestra, presented a Young People’s Concert – “Chinese Music 101” – which was also held at Broadway Theatre. To encourage the local community to engage in cultural and arts exchanges, GEG and GEG Foundation arranged for members of local community groups, teachers and students from local schools, and GEG team members and their children to attend the concerts, aimed at promoting Chinese music and Chinese traditional culture in the Macau community.

A total of nearly 200 people, including elderly members of the Macau Federation of Trade Unions (“FAOM”), students majoring in Music at the Macao Polytechnic Institute, students from Escola Fukien, and members of the GEG Volunteer Team were invited to attend the Valentine’s Day “A Romantic Date” Concert. Through this initiative, GEG aimed to share the joy of Chinese music with the public, raise their interests, and promote the brilliant Chinese culture. GEG also arranged transportation services for the FAOM elderly members, enabling them to indulge in a memorable evening full of romance and delightful music. As well, members of the GEG Photography Club also took instant photos for the elderly to help capture the warm and special moment.

For the Young People’s Concert, over 200 teachers and students from five local schools, GEG team members and their children were also invited to enjoy the “Chinese Music 101” program last Saturday. The concert offered young musicians an opportunity to perform in a formal and professional orchestra setting, motivated local students to further explore and appreciate Chinese music. GEG also believes that, team members can strengthen the interaction with their children and promote family harmony through engaging in this activity.

Throughout the years, GEG has been supporting the development of the local cultural and arts industry through making good use of its resources, and rolling out different initiatives through GEG Foundation, including the GEG Arts and Culture Initiative and the GEG Intangible Cultural Heritage Scheme. Additionally, GEG Foundation also launched a permanent non-profit art space GalaxyArt at Galaxy Macau™, which aims at providing different themed exhibitions to the public throughout the year. To promote community exchanges on arts and culture, GEG has also invited different social service organizations to visit the exhibitions held at GalaxyArt. Furthermore, through its “GEG Venue Partnership Pilot Program”, GEG has been offering dedicated support and technical aids to various groups and organizations on hosting a wide array of cultural and arts activities at Broadway Macau, and providing multiple performance and exchange opportunities to enrich Macau’s cultural and arts offerings. Moving forward, GEG will continue to support Macau in strengthening its position as the “Base for Exchange and Cooperation where Chinese Culture is the Mainstream and Diverse Cultures Coexist” and attaining moderate economic diversification.