GEG Supports the National Security Education Day for 4th Consecutive Year

April 15, 2022 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been proactively promoting national conditions to its team members and the public, to enhance their understanding of the developments of the country and the Macau SAR through various initiatives. Since today is the National Security Education Day and the opening date of the National Security Education Exhibition (“Exhibition”) that was co-organized by the Macau SAR Government and the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR for public viewing, GEG took the opportunity to arrange its team members and members from the GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”) that it co-organizes with the Macau Management Association (“MMA”) for a visit to the exhibition on its first day. As part of the GEG National Education Series, the visit aimed at helping team members and local youth deepen their understanding of the country’s developments and achievements in national security, and reinforce their national identity and patriotism. This was the fourth consecutive year that GEG organized team members for a visit to a national security themed exhibition. 

The exhibition is being held at the hall of the Complex of Commerce and Trade Co-operation Platform for China and Portuguese-speaking Countries. Led by an on-site exhibition guide, GEG team members and YAP members gained insights into the country’s great achievements on promoting national security in a new era, and the Macau SAR Government’s efforts on maintaining national security and implementing the “One Country, Two Systems” principle by looking at the photos, display panels, and videos on the six topics of the exhibition. During the exhibition, participants also took part in a discussion where they were able to exchange views on national security and its importance to Macau’s developments, which benefited a lot. To encourage more team members and their family members to visit the exhibition or to learn of its contents online via its official website, and to understand the developments of national security in Mainland China and Macau, GEG proactively promoted the exhibition internally to all its team members through multiple approach, including putting up posters in the back-of-house areas and conveying relevant information via its internal communication channel. 

One of the participants thanked GEG for arranging the educational and meaningful visit and for enabling them to learn about national security from different perspectives, and to gain a firm grasp of its significance to the country, Macau community, and individuals. The exhibition also inspired them to fulfil their responsibilities and support national security. 

As a patriotic Chinese enterprise that is deeply rooted in Macau, GEG has been promoting national conditions to its team members and local youth by proactively arranging different activities for them to take part so that they can develop a fuller understanding of the developments in Mainland China and Macau. These activities include hosting a “Sharing Session of the NPC and CPPCC” for the third consecutive year to help team members appreciate the spirit of the “Two Sessions”, and visits to the large-scale photography exhibition on the 100th anniversary of the Communist Party of China, the exhibition of Chairman Mao Zedong’s extraordinary life and significant achievements, the “Base of the Education of Love for the Motherland and for Macau for Young People”, and the Chinese People’s Liberation Army Macau Garrison. Furthermore, GEG has also title-sponsored the “GEG Macau Cup – Youth National Education Competition” for 13 consecutive years with over 100,000 participants attended; and co-organized the YAP with MMA for 11 consecutive years and added national elements and tours to different Mainland China cities to recent years’ program, to help young people understand national developments and China’s history through different angles. Moving forward, GEG will continue to support and facilitate national education in Macau, and help its team members, local youth and the public gain a better understanding of the country.