Towards New Horizons: Galaxy Casino, S.A. Awarded New Concession for Operation of Casino Games of Fortune

Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, (December 17, 2022) Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) is pleased to announce that Galaxy Casino, S.A., a member of GEG, has been awarded a concession for operation of casino games of fortune by the Macau SAR Government. The concession contract was signed yesterday and will be valid from January 1, 2023, to December 31, 2032. As a patriotic Chinese enterprise with deep roots in Macau, GEG fully supports the SAR Government’s policies and directions. For the next 10 years, GEG will invest nearly MOP28.4 billion to enhance the facilities and services of its integrated resorts, of which MOP27.5 billion, or over 96% of the total investment, will be used for non-gaming projects and exploring overseas customer markets. Through these initiatives, GEG will continue contributing to the healthy and orderly development of Macau’s leisure industry and enrich the SAR’s offerings as a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure.”

Fully supporting the SAR Government’s priority of exploring overseas customer markets, GEG will carry out new promotion plans targeting specific overseas markets. Such plans include setting up overseas offices in Singapore, Thailand and South Korea and launching an array of marketing schemes, such as travel packages, in Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, the Philippines and Vietnam. These projects will increase awareness of Macau and GEG’s appeal and attract a broader base of visitors to the SAR.

For non-gaming projects, GEG has also set up specific development plans that support and align with the development directions set out by the SAR Government. Major highlights include:

Themed Amusement

Over the years, GEG has introduced various themed amusement attractions at its integrated resorts, which have been received well by the public. In the future, GEG will continue to incorporate current offerings with innovative new elements to provide uniquely themed amusement offerings based on market needs. GEG plans to collaborate with acclaimed international brands to create a Macau’s first-and-only high-tech amusement park, targeting families and leisure visitors. Occupying approximately 61,000 square meters, the project will incorporate multimedia, interactive, and multi-sensory technologies to provide games and rides.

Entertainment and Performances

The soon-to-open Galaxy Arena, which will have a capacity of 16,000 seats, will be one of Asia’s top performance venues. GEG will present exciting shows, inviting top performers from Macau, Hong Kong, the Mainland and the rest of the world to stage performances, concerts, culture and arts shows, and more. Furthermore, GEG is also planning to accelerate development plans for a music and performing-arts theater, which will have an audience capacity of 4,000 and provide a high-quality venue suitable for resident musical extravaganzas and acclaimed international performers.


GEG will fully leverage its existing and soon-to-open facilities, in particular the Galaxy International Convention Center (“GICC”), to attract and host a variety of international and regional MICE events, including B2B events, international corporate events, B2C events and regional exchange forums. GICC, which will be Asia’s most iconic and advanced MICE and entertainment destination, will boast 40,000 square meters of flexible MICE space. A wholly non-gaming facility, the convention center will cater to the needs of international and regional organizations for hosting a variety of MICE events. GICC has also received different green awards and certifications from international professional institutions. Moreover, GEG will continue to review and enhance the GICC’s facilities while enhancing awareness of all the company’s MICE facilities through an array of promotion schemes, including building partnerships in targeted overseas markets and participating in different industries’ promotion events internationally.

Sports Events

In the future, GEG will work to attract major international and regional sports events to Macau by expanding and enhancing its world-class software and hardware. GEG will also deepen its cooperation with various industry stakeholders in Macau, Hong Kong, the Mainland and around the world in organizing exciting and interactive side activities to enhance branded sports tourism projects. These activities will boost the attractiveness and scale of the related events in Macau while facilitating “tourism + sports” integrated development. Furthermore, GEG will work closely with local sports industry stakeholders on cultivating local sports talent in the SAR.

Culture and Art

GEG proactively fosters the development of local arts and culture and introduces exciting and diverse cultural and arts experiences in Macau. GEG’s planned art museum and auxiliary facilities, with a gross area of approximately 7,000 square meters, will incorporate innovative and immersive technologies. In addition, the 650-seat Galaxy Auditorium in the GICC will be equipped with the most top-notch audio system in the region, providing a professional performance venue for international classical music and opera performances. Meanwhile, GEG will continue to make use of its current facilities, including GalaxyArt and other appropriate venues, to host various arts and culture exhibitions for residents and visitors.

City of Gastronomy

GEG is proud to offer “The Dining Destination in Asia” experience, supporting Macau’s development as a UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy. For the next 10 years, GEG will launch diverse new dining options at Galaxy Macau™ and support gastronomic promotions to further enrich its world-class dining experience, cater to the preferences of visitors from around the world, and provide more options to all guests.

Health & Wellness

In alignment with Macau’s developing “big-health” industry, GEG will launch new health-oriented tourism products and services. These will incorporate various health and wellness elements, including innovative “tourism + medical treatment” products, and leverage the leisure facilities and services of GEG’s integrated resorts. Additionally, GEG plans to create one sizeable integrated space for health, wellness, leisure and lifestyle, partnering with well-known medical organizations and brands to promote healthy dining and wellness. 

Meanwhile, GEG will support the integration of community and maritime tourism with Macau's existing and abundant tourism resources, such as organizing different maritime activities. GEG will also continue providing appropriate aid and support for local SMEs and technology enterprises, thereby encouraging holistic and symbiotic growth in the local economy.

Upholding the philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community,” GEG will continue to fulfill its corporate social responsibilities by supporting the SAR Government’s labor policies, including maintaining the stable employment of local residents and facilitating their horizontal and upward mobility. GEG will continue contributing to the community’s development through supporting related initiatives in philanthropy. With the leadership and support of the SAR Government, GEG will maintain its pragmatic and prudent approach in its business operations and uphold an innovative spirit in order to strive for further success. The company will support the SAR Government in driving forward the “1+4” adequate diversification development strategy to explore new opportunities and expand the city’s economic development horizons. GEG is fully confident in the long-term prosperity and stability of Macau and would like to express its sincere gratitude to the SAR Government, various sectors of the community, and all GEG team members for their constant support through the years. GEG looks forward to joining hands with all sectors of the community to write a new chapter for Macau.

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