GEG Celebrates the Year of Rabbit with Community through Diversified Activities

January 21, 2023 – To celebrate the Year of Rabbit, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is supporting a host of new year celebrations and related activities organized by the Macau SAR Government for sharing of the festive joys with tourists and the public. GEG’s flagship property, Galaxy Macau™, is one of the co-sponsors of the “Super Trio CNY Countdown Celebration 2023” variety show curated by Hong Kong’s top TV presenter and producer, Mr. Eric Tsang, a top TV presenter and producer in Hong Kong, and his dedicated team. Taking place at the Broadway Theatre of Broadway Macau™ as a countdown celebration for Chinese New Year, the variety show will be attended by nearly 30 of Hong Kong’s renowned artists and singers to welcome the Year of Rabbit together with thousands of audiences. Meanwhile, GEG also continued to extend its care and love to the community by arranging members of the GEG Volunteer Team to visit and deliver festive gifts and blessings to the elderly users of the Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Services Center (“Peng On Tung”).

Earlier today, Ms. Maria Helena de Senna Fernandes, Director of the Macao Government Tourism Office of the Macau SAR Government; Mr. Buddy Lam, Executive Vice President of Public Relations of Corporate Office of GEG; Ms. Christy Cheong, Vice President for Promotion, Event and Marketing of Melco Resort and Entertainment; and Mr. Eric Tsang, General Manager (Content Operations) of Hong Kong Television Broadcasts Limited, were joined by other participating guests, front-stage and back-stage crew members at the Broadway Food Street for a worship ceremony that attracted numerous tourists and residents. On the eve of the Chinese New Year, at the “Super Trio CNY Countdown Celebration 2023” variety show, Super Trio Master, Eric Tsang led his team of “Prize Elders”, namely Chin Ka Lok, Louis Yuen, Mayanne Mak, Kirby Lam, Hellston Ching, and two “Prize Representatives” Cheryl Tong and Brian Chow, joined with Elena Kong, Edwin Siu, Samantha Ko, Karl Ting, Joey Thye, Rosita Kwok and Yuki Law from the “Artists Team”; Koni Lui, Pal Sinn, Joyce Tang, Angela Tong, Andrew Chan and Ricco Ng from the “Come Home Love: Lo And Behold Team”; and JW Wong, Ng Yip Kwan, Vivian Koo, Archie Sin, Rock Ho, Steven Suen, Hugo Wong and Aeren Man from the “Singers Team” for the highly popular and interactive games, performances and countdown into the Year of the Rabbit. During the show, GEG also gave away abundant prizes for multiple games. The variety show was broadcasted live on the Hong Kong Television Broadcast Limited’s TV and online channels, including the TVB Jade, allowing tourists outside of Macau to virtually participate in the new year celebrations and experience the vitality of Macau’s “Tourism +”.

In addition, GEG will also actively participate in different large-scale events organized by the Macau SAR Government, such as the “Parade for Celebration of the Year of the Rabbit” that will be held on the third and seventh days of the new year. Designed under the theme of the Golden Rabbit, GEG’s float incorporates the architectural features of Galaxy Macau and is decorated with a variety of dazzling dynamic walking lanterns that conveys GEG’s hope for the Macau community to leap towards the Year of the Rabbit together. Apart from the sponsoring a number of lucky draw prizes and gift packs, GEG will also present eye-catching performances where a group of professional dancers will lead a children’s dance troupe for a dynamic and upbeat dance performance. At the same time, GEG will also support the “Strolling Through Almeida Ribeiro - Pilot Project for a Pedestrian Area” that is being jointly organized by various departments of the Macau SAR Government on the first and third day of the Chinese New Year, and will arrange a God of Fortune to extend fortune greetings and blessings. Furthermore, as one of the co-organizers of the “Light Up Macao 2022” held by the Macao Government Tourism Office, GEG has also presented an exquisite visual and audio feast of the senses to the public during the Chinese New Year.

Prior to the Chinese New Year, GEG arranged its volunteers to visit elderly families of Peng On Tung. During the visits, GEG volunteers chatted and interacted with the elderly, and presented them with hand-knit scarves and hats, flowers that GEG had purchased from local social enterprises, and a GEG gift pack that consisted of daily necessities and Peng On Tung’s gifts, in hopes of advocating a culture of care for the elderly community. Through its wide array of diverse activities, GEG hopes to heighten the festive atmosphere in Macau, showcase the charm of “Tourism + Events” of Macau as a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure”, and to extend care and love to the needy and build a harmonious and inclusive society.