GEG Arranged Property Tours for Teachers and Students of Tertiary Education Institutions from Various Locations to Deepen Understanding of Large-Scale Integrated Resort Operations

September 4, 2023 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) attaches great importance to the exchange and cooperation of young academic talents, and continues to introduce the diversified development of Macau’s integrated resort industry through various initiatives. These include arranging visits to GEG’s properties for university students and teachers from various locations and majors, as well as organizing related exchange activities. Since the beginning of this year, GEG has welcomed more than 420 teachers and students from Peking University, Jiangmen Wuyi University, University of Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology, City University of Macau, Macao Institute for Tourism Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University and other tertiary education institutions from around the world. Over 10 property visits had been organized for the academia, each with tailored itineraries that meet students’ academic areas and learning needs, encompassing visits to GEG’s various leisure, entertainment and new MICE facilities, as well as interactions and exchanges with representatives of GEG’s various departments, thereby deepening students’ understanding of the management and operation of large-scale integrated resort, whilst acquiring knowledge and skills of different professions.

Among the groups that GEG received was an assemble of outstanding students from nearly 50 universities from around the world who came to Macau for participating in the Summer Camp for Outstanding Students of UM Partner Universities 2023, and also teachers and students from Peking University who conducted exchange visits with the University of Macau. Led by representatives from GEG’s Public Relations and Human Resources departments, both groups visited a series of GEG’s leisure and entertainment facilities at Galaxy Macau™ Integrated Resort, including the popular Grand Resort Deck and various hotel brands, as well as Macau’s brand-new venues and equipment for MICE and entertainment performances, such as Galaxy International Convention Center and Galaxy Arena. GEG also specially arranged team members from its Hospitality & MICE Sales, Butler Services, Engineering and other departments to introduce the operation of different facilities, share their professional knowledge and practical experiences, and interact with students, in hopes of helping them better understand GEG’s philosophy of “World Class, Asian Heart”, along with the rich “tourism +” elements of Macau as a “World Center of Tourism and Leisure.”

In addition, GEG also hosted students from the study tour of Macau Institute Management and Jiangmen Wuyi University who came to Macau for a professional course on the application of facilities management. Apart from taking the students for visits to its new development projects and facilities, GEG invited representatives of its Facility Management department to introduce the operation of various large-scale equipment and systems applied in the integrated resort, as well as GEG’s sustainable efforts. Through these initiatives, GEG aims at improving students’ knowledge in facility management, whilst encouraging them to put environmental concepts into real practice and contribute to building a green community. Participants expressed that they have benefited greatly from the tour which GEG has meticulously designed. It helped them to gain a better and comprehensive understanding of the multiple hardware and software facilities of Galaxy Macau, the daily operation and overall development of the integrated resort sector, as well as how GEG contributes to the “1+4” adequate diversification development strategy in Macau. 

Over the years, GEG has been collaborating with various tertiary education institutions in Macau on helping youths to keep abreast of the development prospects and trends of the integrated resort industry through multi-pronged approaches. These include on-campus sharing of professional knowledge and industry information, as well as providing vocational training and internship opportunities for students. Since 2008, GEG has been organizing the GEG Internship Program for 15 consecutive years to support local interns on building their work experiences and enhancing their professional skills. In addition, for the 4th consecutive year this year, GEG launched the U-LEAD Graduate Internship Program to support the Internship Career Experience Program organized by the Labor Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government (“DSAL”), and incorporated new MICE opportunities on the original basis, with an aim of creating a more a diverse internship platform for local talents. Meanwhile, GEG also jointly launched the “Integrated Resort Youth Development Program” with DSAL to provide comprehensive training and career development opportunities for Macau residents wishing to develop their careers in the integrated resort sector. Moving forward, GEG will continue to provide diversified learning platform for the young generation and help cultivate more future leaders for the community.