GEG Organized Team Members to Visit the National Security Education Exhibition to Gain Comprehensive Understanding of the National Security Development and Achievement

April 15, 2024 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been promoting the country and Macau’s developments and achievements to its team members and local young people through multi-pronged approaches, including proactively organizing various activities of the GEG National Education Series. As part of the series, GEG has supported the National Security Education Day annually. Today, GEG organized its team members for a visit to the National Security Education Exhibition that opens to the public today. The exhibition is co-organized by the Macau SAR Government and the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau SAR. Through this visit, GEG hopes to enhance team members’ understanding of the national security system, strengthen their sense of national identity, and promote the core values of patriotism and love for Macau.

During the visit, led by an on-site exhibition guide who guided them through the photos, display panels, and videos on the five topics of the exhibition, GEG team members gained knowledge about the country’s quality development and accomplishments in the modernization of the national security system and capacity over the past decade since the introduction of a Holistic Approach to National Security. In addition, they also learned about the significant efforts and achievements of the Macau SAR Government in safeguarding national security, adhering to the principle of “Patriots Governing Macau”, and actively integrating into the overall national development. To further promote the exhibition to its team members, GEG also proactively disseminated related information through its internal mobile application “GEG Buzz” and email, as well as put up posters in the back-of-house areas, emphasizing the importance of understanding national security.

One of the participating team members expressed thanks to the company for arranging the visit on the exhibition’s first day, which deepened their understanding of national security and the country’s and Macau’s related development. The team member also said she would further share her gains from the exhibition with her family members and children to educate the next generation about the significance for the country, Macau community and individuals in safeguarding national security.

As a patriotic Chinese enterprise deeply rooted in Macau, GEG endeavors to promote the importance of national education whilst proactively supporting and organizing a wide array of related activities. Last Saturday, GEG supported the National Security Law Seminar and Graduation Ceremony of the Third IPLSA National Security Education (Train the Trainers) organized by the Macau Legal System Research Association, the International Probono Legal Services Association, Hong Kong and the Association of Historical Research of Native Cohesion, Macao to be held at the Ritz-Carlton, Macau in Galaxy Macau. The seminar was attended by around 150 professionals and representatives from relevant fields and associations. Additionally, GEG recently also hosted the “Sharing Session of the NPC and CPPCC – GEG National Education Series” for the fifth consecutive year for team members to learn about the spirit of the “Two Sessions”. Meanwhile, GEG has title sponsored the “GEG Macau Cup – Youth National Education Competition” for 15 consecutive years deepen local youth’s knowledge about the country’s development history; and co-organized the GEG Youth Achievement Program with the Macau Management Association for 13 consecutive years to strengthen young people’s understanding of national and regional developments.