GEG and its Property Hotels Receive Multiple International Green Certifications and Share Green Initiatives with Team Members

May 13, 2024 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) attaches great importance to environmental protection and sustainable development. Over the years, GEG has implemented a wide array of initiatives aimed at source reduction and energy conservation. Recently, GEG received multiple International Organization for Standardization (“ISO”) certifications from the British Standards Institution (“BSI”) for its facilities and environmental management. In addition, the Banyan Tree Macau at GEG’s flagship integrated resort property, Galaxy Macau™, achieved the EarthCheck Gold Certification for the fifth consecutive year, while Galaxy Hotel™ and Hotel Okura Macau have received the EarthCheck Silver Certification. In 2021, Galaxy International Convention Center (“GICC”) received Macau’s first Silver Certification for Environmental Design. Altogether, these certifications have established GEG as the integrated tourism and leisure enterprise with the most EarthCheck certifications in Macau. This fully demonstrates the effectiveness of GEG’s multi-pronged sustainability efforts, as well as its recognition by international authoritative organizations. To further enhance the environmental protection knowledge of its team members, GEG recently held the “Sharing GEG Sustainability Journey” event at GICC. Apart from introducing GEG’s recent green initiatives and results with team members, insights on current practices and future trends in sustainable development and management were also shared by professionals from the sustainability industry.

The event was attended by related industry professionals, GEG’s management team members as well as executives of its property hotels, including Mr. Raymond Lui, Director of Enterprise Solution and Marketing of BSI; Ms. Lucia Loposova, Executive Director of GREEN Hospitality; Mr. James Koratzopoulos, Executive Vice President of Hotels and MICE Operations; Mr. Benny Mu, Senior Vice President of Facilities Management of Galaxy Macau; Mr. Shaun Campbell, Senior Vice President of Hotels of Galaxy Macau; and members of the Energy and Environmental Management Committee, who showed support and celebrated GEG’s green achievements alongside team members. For its mature work in facilities and energy system management and other related areas, GEG was awarded multiple ISO certifications by BSI, including the ISO 41001 Facilities Management System, ISO 50001 Energy Management System, ISO 14001 Environmental Management System, and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Meanwhile, Banyan Tree Macau, Galaxy Hotel and Hotel Okura Macau were also presented with the EarthCheck Gold and Silver Certifications for their outstanding environmental management performance. The certifications were jointly received by representatives from the winning hotels. Further to the Earthcheck Gold Certification it has received each year from 2019, Banyan Tree Macau had achieved the EarthCheck Silver Certification for four years since 2015, making it having received relevant recognition from EarthCheck for a total of nine years.

During the sharing session, GEG’s representative from related department presented team members with the latest sustainability and environmental initiatives implemented by GEG, including: continuously optimizing related facility systems; taking the lead to introduce intelligent transportation robots to improve transportation efficiency, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions; replacing plastic amenities with sustainable bamboo alternatives in the hotel rooms at Galaxy Hotel, Banyan Tree Macau, Hotel Okura Macau, Broadway Macau™, Andaz Macau and Raffles at Galaxy Macau; and becoming the first integrated tourism and leisure enterprise to replace single-use bath products in the hotel rooms with refillable or large-capacity containers on a large scale. In doing so, GEG has replaced more than 18 million pieces of related plastic amenities each year and further fulfill its commitment on plastic and waste reduction. In addition, BSI’s representative was invited to explain the value, benefits and certification standards of ISO certifications to hospitality enterprises while GREEN Hospitality’s representative shared insights on the current status and future trends of the sustainable development in the Greater Bay Area and the global hospitality industry, in hopes of deepening team members’ understanding of green tourism.

Throughout the years, GEG has stayed true to its commitment to environmental protection and sustainable development and its efforts have been widely recognized. Last year, GEG received the Gold Award for Climate Change Initiative in the Sustainability and Social Responsibility Category for its “Galaxy Entertainment Group Environmental and Sustainability Practices” from the Pacific Asia Travel Association in October, and received the “Sustainability Award” at the International Gaming Awards in February. Multiple hotels at its flagship property have also received various Green Hotel Awards organized by the Environmental Protection Bureau of the Macau SAR Government and co-organized by the Macao Government Tourism Office of the Macau SAR Government.

Moving forward, GEG will continue to uphold its philosophy of “What is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community” and continuously improve its environmental sustainability performance, as well as contribute to Macau’s development as a liveable green city and top tourism destination.