GEG and CPTTM Sign a Memorandum of Understanding; Jointly Introduce Industry’s First of Kind Training Model to Support Local SMEs in Quality Enhancement

June 17, 2024 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always attached great importance to the long-term development of local enterprises, especially local SMEs, “Made in Macau” brands, and young entrepreneurs, and has been supporting them to achieve business innovation and sustainable development through multi-pronged approaches, including providing opportunities and favorable conditions that can help them create an improved business environment. To further support local SMEs in enhancing their core competitiveness, GEG launched the “GEG SME Series: Quality Enhancement Certification Program” and signed a memorandum of understanding with the Macau Productivity and Technology Transfer Center (“CPTTM”) to provide financial support to GEG’s qualified suppliers for completing international and local quality management training courses offered by CPTTM, as well as passing relevant certification assessments. Through the collaboration between GEG and CPTTM, the program will not only provide theoretical training, but also professional advice and guidance to the participating enterprises based on their business conditions. This training model is the first of its kind in the industry, with the aim of supporting related enterprises in mastering professional quality management knowledge and skills through practical actions, improving their overall quality management and operational capacity, and injecting new momentum into Macau’s high-quality and diversified economic development.

Recently, GEG held the “GEG SME Series: Quality Enhancement Certification Program” Signing Ceremony of Memorandum of Understanding at the Galaxy International Convention Center, and invited Ms. Victoria Kuan, Director General of CPTTM, and Mr. Peter Chow, Senior Vice President of Procurement and Warehousing of GEG, to sign the memorandum of understanding on behalf of both parties. The “GEG SME Series: Quality Enhancement Certification Program” aims at encouraging GEG’s SME partners’ participation in CPTTM’s certification training courses covering various industries and sectors based on their business nature and needs, including courses relating to the ISO 9001 Quality Management System and Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (“HACCP”) food safety management system, and a workshop on good manufacturing practices for small and medium sized food factories that aims to facilitate their application for the “M Mark” Macau Product Qualify Certification. Participating SMEs are expected to obtain relevant local and international standards and certifications upon their course completion so that they can enhance their service quality and brand trust, and better expand their business in the future.

In her speech, Ms. Victoria Kuan said, “CPTTM is committed to providing multi-faceted services covering information and experience exchange, advisory and technical guidance, funding schemes and courses to facilitate and assist enterprises in upgrading their management systems to regional and international standards. We are honored to collaborate with GEG on this project to support SMEs to improve their management systems, obtain professional certification, and collectively contribute to Macau’s thriving economy.” In his speech, Mr. Peter Chow said, “GEG is grateful to sign the memorandum of understanding with CPTTM and is committed to jointly providing local SMEs with internationally certified training opportunities to facilitate their expansion and promote their sound development. We look forward to continuing our collaboration on other projects in the future, and to actively create more favorable conditions and diversified opportunities for SMEs.”

Adhering to its “Large Businesses Leading Small Businesses” business model, GEG always considers local SMEs as its key partners and prioritizes them in business cooperation, aiming to promote the business development of Macau enterprises and SMEs, and help them to expand business opportunities through practical actions. In addition to being the first integrated tourism and leisure enterprise to launch a SME partnering program back in 2015 when GEG had invited local SMEs in the F&B and retail sectors to open outlets in the Broadway Food Street, GEG continually provides SME partners with technical support and help on strengthening and promoting of their brands. Meanwhile, GEG also organizes different technical trainings, business matchings, and exchange activities regularly for local SMEs, including the “GEG SME Series”, to promote mutual development. Moving forward, GEG will continue to make good use of its advantages and resources to help local SMEs explore more development opportunities and achieve mutual benefits.