GEG Holds the Second Module of the “Behind the Scenes of Star Cuisine” Workshop Series and Arranges Industry Practitioners to Visit the Central Production Kitchen of Galaxy Macau

July 8, 2024 Over the years, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has made various efforts aimed at solidifying Macau’s reputation as a Creative City of Gastronomy. This year, GEG, the Macao Government Tourism Office (“MGTO”) and the Municipal Affairs Bureau (“IAM”) of the Macau SAR Government jointly launched the “Behind the Scenes of Star Cuisine” workshop series, which spans three quarters and consists of three modules. Recently, the second module of the workshop series was held at the Galaxy Macau™ integrated resort, attracting the participation of nearly 100 practitioners from the local tourism and F&B industry, as well as SMEs. Designed by GEG, the module included on-site inspections to the Central Production Kitchen of Galaxy Macau, which is the largest of its kind in Asia’s integrated resort industry, as well as interactive sessions with representatives from GEG’s related departments. By showcasing GEG’s stringent standards in the management and operations of food safety and F&B, the activities aim to inspire the industry’s strive for higher standards and best practices, thereby contributing to the sustainable development of Macau’s tourism and F&B industry.

Mr. Cheong Kuai Tat, Head of the Department of Food Safety of IAM, and his team attended and supported the second module of the workshop series. The module began with a sharing session delivered by Mr. Anthony Goh, Vice President of Food & Beverage of GEG, to introduce the participants to the main features and functions of the Central Production Kitchen of Galaxy Macau. Covering over 3,600 square meters and supplying more than 500 products daily to GEG’s related restaurants, the Central Production Kitchen leads the Asian integrated resort and hotel industry by example in terms of occupied area and operational scale. Emphasizing on automation and standardization, an array of food hygiene and safety monitoring measures are incorporated in the food production process to ensure product quality, safety, and production efficiency. Following the sharing session, the participants wore hairnets and protective clothing to join GEG representatives for an inspection to various food processing areas inside the Central Production Kitchen to learn of GEG’s standard operating procedures on bulk production, raw materials handling, and product packaging. Additionally, the participants also engaged in vibrant discussions on the best practices for the relevant operational procedures, enlivening the atmosphere.

Mr. Leung, an SME representative who participated in the event, expressed gratitude to GEG for showcasing the design and equipment of its Central Production Kitchen, as well as its various food production and safety measures, allowing him to learn how well-developed and high-standard operating procedures can significantly improve product quality and operational efficiency, and providing him with valuable insights for the future improvement and optimization of his own business.

The third module of the workshop series will be held in the third quarter of this year at the Galaxy International Convention Center. It will focus on ingredient and supplier selection, delivery and receiving procedures, supply security, and quality maintenance through a thematic sharing session with the industry. Over the years, GEG has actively participated in and supported relevant industry exchange activities, such as jointly organizing the Celebrity Chef Workshops with MGTO and the Food Safety and Hygiene Seminar with IAM. Moving forward, GEG will continue to promote synergistic collaboration between the local tourism and F&B industries in various ways, and contribute to the deepening of the cross-sectoral integration of “tourism + gastronomy”.