Galaxy Dragon Boat Teams at the 2008 Macau Dragon Boat Races

June 1, 2008

The dedication and training of Galaxy Entertainment Group‟s (‟Galaxy‟) dragon boat teams were on display this weekend as they competed convincingly at the 2008 Macau Dragon Boat Races sustaining another top three ranking at the „2008 Macau Dragon Boat races‟. With a strong determination to succeed, „Galaxy Stars‟ today raced in the 500m leg scoring second runner up in the Macau Standard Dragon Boat – Open Category, while yesterday, „Galaxy Universe‟ competed in the 250m leg in the Macau Small Dragon Boat – Open Category also coming in as second runner up.

Galaxy‟s Dragon Boat teams have enjoyed much success in past competitions consistently finishing strongly, this year being the second time the boats have retained their top three ranking. In the 2007 Macau Dragon Boat, 'Galaxy Stars' and 'Galaxy Universe' were the first runner up in the '500m Macau Standard Dragon Boat – Open Category' and the second runner up in the '250m Macau Small Dragon Boat – Open Category‟ respectively.

Team Manager and Group Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy, Mr. David Banks said, “Galaxy dragon boat teams demonstrate leadership, camaraderie and teamwork. Their persistence, hard work and dedication have been clearly displayed this weekend and contributed to their great performance. And Galaxy values teamwork above all else.”

“Galaxy operates as one close knit family and as a family organisation, we all respect and support each other, and are very proud of the teams‟ achievements.” he added.

Team members are extremely proud of their performance again this year and are committed to further improve their skills with each competition. New team members shared the team‟s enthusiasm, and with further training, remain focussed on retaining their strong bond, team spirit and continue in their joint efforts to become champions.

„Galaxy Stars‟ impressive performance in the 500m race has automatically qualified them for entry to the „Macau International Invitational Standard Dragon Boat – open category‟ races to be held this coming weekend. The team‟s spirits are high as they continue to train in preparation for the challenge ahead.