Elderly Home Visit - the Lar De Nossa Senhora Da Misericórdia

January 13, 2009

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“Galaxy”) has always committed itself to charity. The company is meticulous about supporting the development of the Macau community and with the approach of the Chinese New Year, Galaxy organized more than 30 of its senior executives and staff to join the Directors of the Macau Daily News Readers‟ Charity Fund in visiting the seniors of Lar De Nossa Senhora Da Misericórdia. The event commenced with the Director‟s hand out of Lai Sees to the elderly. In addition to distributing Lai Sees, Galaxy‟s staff participants also handed out self-made „Caring Chinese New Year Cookies‟ and performed a series of songs, dances and games to keep the event high-spirited and enjoyable throughout.

Last December 14, 2008, close to 250 Galaxy staff members participated in the “Walk for a Million” charity event, which was also organized by the Macao Daily News Readers‟ Charity Fund. Due to the overwhelming enthusiasm and support of our staff, Galaxy decided to support the Macao Daily News Readers‟ Charity Fund again this month with the elderly home visit. Mr. Charles So, Vice President of StarWorld Hotel Operations said, “The Macao Daily News Readers‟ Charity Fund has been at the forefront in helping to improve the social well-being of Macau‟s minority groups for many years. It has made many contributions and over the years, its achievements have become widely recognized by the local community.” This time, the charity organization wanted to demonstrate its care and support for the elderly community, and thus, it organized a meaningful visit to Lar De Nossa Senhora Da Misericórdia. Showing their support was also Mr. Steven Wolstenholme, Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Macau and Mr. Richard Langlois, General Manager of Marketing, StarWorld Hotel. To commemorate the event, Mr. António José de Freitas, the Chairman of Lar De Nossa Senhora Da Misericórdia and Mr. Philip Ho, Principal of Corporate Public Relations of Galaxy also exchanged souvenirs.

The Lar De Nossa Senhora Da Misericórdia visit brought remarkable joys to both Galaxy‟s staff and the elderly. The traditional and Chinese New Year dance performances by the Star Divas and StarWorld Dancers were exceptionally well received, while the blessings for good health by StarWorld‟s God of Fortune and the distribution of “Caring Chinese New Year Cookies” brought further warmth and delights to the elderly. In addition to arousing the seniors through interactive games, Galaxy also gave out Galaxy Macau souvenirs (scheduled to open in 2010) to the elderly so that they can broaden their perspectives on the happenings of the wider community and feel a sense of belonging.

Galaxy remains “committed to Macau and supportive of charity”. Besides showing our care for the community through the elderly home visit, Galaxy will continue to increase our involvement in the local community and will offer more volunteering opportunities for our staff to live the corporate social responsibility spirit and make a difference.