Blood donation and movie gala

September 23, 2009

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“Galaxy”) is committed to contributing to the local community. Aside from making donations, actively participating in community services and caring for the elderly community, Galaxy also values the involvement and support of its employees. In August, Galaxy’s Staff Social Club organized two meaningful community services activities; establishing a blood donors’ station with the Macao Blood Transfusion Service for the first time at StarWorld Hotel’s 8/F Ballroom to collect blood donations from Galaxy’s employees during work breaks, and hosting a movie gala and lunch buffet for children from Caritas.

Vice Chairman leads his employees to more active involvement in charity

Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of Galaxy Entertainment Group, set an excellent example for company employees by taking time off his busy schedule and being the first donor at the blood drive to help local patients. Mr. Lui said, “As a first-time donor, I was both excited and nervous. I paid careful attention to the entire procedure and found that the process was relatively simple. I was extremely grateful to see the generosity and active participation of so many of our employees. I will definitely encourage my friends and other staff members to participate in this meaningful activity so that they too can make their contributions to the local community.”

To help employees ease their nervousness, Staff Social Club prepared a light luncheon for the donors, offering them a platform for experiences sharing and enabling them to show their support for one another. The blood drive received extensive support from both senior management and staff members from different departments. Within the first week of registrations, Staff Social Club recorded an exceptionally high enrollment rate, with the total number of participants far exceeding its original target.

Organize different community services activities Offer care to disadvantaged groups

This year, Galaxy’s Staff Social Club’s mission focuses on servicing the single-living elderly, children and unemployed youth who are in need of help. Earlier this year, Staff Social Club organized two elderly home visits and as suggested by its volunteer team leader, a cartoon movie gala for children from Caritas was also organized during the summer. In addition to watching the cartoon movie with these children, Staff Social Club members also joined the children for both interactive and electronic games, and a lunch buffet inside the Entertainment Block at Grand Waldo Hotel. Through these events, Staff Social Club hopes that the children can experience the fun of group activity and learn how to interact with others.

Aside from organizing the above activities, Staff Social Club also launched a fund-raising campaign to collect funds for the purchase of stationeries and educational toys for these children so as to welcome them to the start of a new school year. The fund-raising campaign received the support from over 100 employees and through participating in these meaningful activities, the Staff Social Club volunteers obtains a better understanding of the challenges faced by all levels of the society. In addition to the fun and enjoyment, participating in community services helps train and improve volunteers’ communication skills so that they can converse with people from all social levels and backgrounds.

As a good corporate citizen, Galaxy always encourages its employees to actively participate in community services so that they can contribute to the society as well as achieve personal accomplishment. Ms. Jacqueline Wu, Chairman of Galaxy Staff Social Club, said, “After organizing a number of activities in the first half of this year, I am very glad and proud to see our staff members from different departments in line with our spirit of serving the community. Going forward, we will continue to organize different kinds of community service activities so that we give our employees more opportunities to lend their helping hands and develop a greater sense of social responsibility.”