Galaxy Entertainment Group Fully Supports Macau in the “2010 World Challenge Day” Competition against Brazil’s Sorocaba

Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Wednesday, May 26, 2010) – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always been a strong supporter of Macau’s sports development and as an active promoter of work and lifestyle balances, GEG offers many opportunities for its employees to participate in sports. This morning, 128 GEG employees joined senior management executives including Mr. Michael Mecca, President and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group, Mr. Gabriel Hunterton, Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Hotel & Casino and Mr. Steven Wolstenholme, Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Macau for the “2010 World Challenge Day” exercises.

This is the fourth consecutive year that GEG participates in the World Challenge (i.e., formerly known as the International Challenge). Led by representatives from the Macau Sport Development Board (“MSDB”), the high-spirited team completed their 15 minutes of aerobic exercises inside the Grand Ballroom of GEG’s flagship property, StarWorld Hotel (“StarWorld”).

“World Challenge Day is a very meaningful event that gives us the opportunity to exercise together and further deepen our team spirit. At GEG, we see each other as family members and Macau being our home,” said Mr. Michael Mecca, President and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group. “Committed to supporting each other in our growth and attainment of collective goals, you will surely find many GEG members at events like today’s World Challenge, the coming Dragon Boat Races and the Macau Galaxy Entertainment Group International Marathon because we believe that active participation is the best sign of support. Since our home is competing against Brazil’s Sorocaba today, our family has decided to come out and show its support.”