Galaxy Entertainment Group’s Dragon Boat Teams Sweep Nam Van Lake with Five Victories

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) sweeps Nam Van Lake again this year thanks to its invincible dragon boat teams. During the past two days, GEG’s five Galaxy dragon boat teams – “Galaxy Stars”, “Galaxy Universe”, “Galaxy Glamour”, “Galaxy Phoenix” and “Galaxy Pearl” competed against other local small and standard dragon boats in the “2010 Macau International Dragon Boat Races”. Putting on their most spectacular performance, displaying uniformity and GEG team spirit, the five Galaxy dragon boat teams obtained total of four trophies and one flag.

Displaying GEG’s culture, Mr. Michael Mecca, President and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Entertainment Group, Mr. Gabriel Hunterton, team leader of the women’s team and Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld Hotel and Casino, Mr. Steven Wolstenholme, team leader of the men’s team and Chief Operating Officer of Galaxy Macau, and other senior executives attended the races with GEG members and the Galaxy Dragon Boat Team Cheering Squad.

The Galaxy Dragon Boat Team Cheering Squad also succeeded in extending the excitement to spectators. Dressed in GEG’s bright yellow and white uniforms, the cheering squad, which was formed by over twenty GEG volunteers who trained and practiced for more than one month, brought to the spectators stand their own drums, pom-poms, portable stereos, and performed their lively cheering sequences in front of spectators. In addition, the cheering squad also waved large GEG, StarWorld and “Galaxy Macau™” flags, StarWorld umbrellas and GEG’s supportive flags at the dragon boat teams as they paddled towards the finish line.

“Galaxy Glamour” kept all spectators to the edge of their seats and created one of the weekend’s highlights. In the 2010 Macau Small Dragon Boat Race (250m) Grand Final, “Galaxy Glamour”, who was in Lane 2, raced shoulder-to-shoulder for first place with “Centro Social e Recreativo do Pessoal do IACM”, who occupied Lane 4. Ahead of all other competitors, the two small dragon boats seemed merely inseparable, and with only a 00:00:176 second difference, “Galaxy Glamour” achieved first runner-up. The noteworthy Galaxy women’s dragon boat team – “Galaxy Pearl”, entered its second year of racing at the “2010 Macau International Dragon Boat Races”, and shone. This remarkable women’s team is a true inspiration. Through intensive training and hard work, they won first runner-up in the Macau Standard Dragon Boat Races - Women (500m) event.