“Star of the Year” Award Presentation Ceremony

Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China (Friday, July 5, 2010) – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has always considered employees as its greatest assets, believing that their contribution and support are key components for growing its business. GEG hosted, at the grand ballroom of its flagship property – StarWorld Hotel (“StarWorld”), the StarWorld “Star of the Year” Award Presentation Ceremony earlier to celebrate the outstanding achievements of its “Star of the Month” employees. During the award presentation ceremony, GEG also announced the two recipients to the 2009 StarWorld Hotel and Casino “Star of the Year” award. In addition, the group also took the opportunity to thank members of training and development and volunteers of Staff Social Club.

The award presentation ceremony highlighted GEG’s warm and caring group spirit. Many of GEG’s senior management team members participated in the event, with Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG describing the event as a “family gathering” in his welcome speech. Addressing all those present as ‘StarWorld’s best’, Mr. Lui shared with them GEG, StarWorld and the soon-to-open in early 2011 – “Galaxy Macau™”’s milestone achievements in 2009, and thanked all the employees for their astounding contributions. In his speech, Mr. Lui said, “I sincerely thank all our employees for supporting our “Mission, Vision and Values” and delivering exceptional services so that our customers are able to experience GEG’s unique Asian Heart service culture. It is not easy to obtain the public’s acknowledgement, customers’ praises and investors’ trust, but we were able to achieve all this through your hard work and commitment.” At the end of his speech, Mr. Lui encouraged all “Star of the Month” recipients to continue advocating the group’s Asian Heart service culture, making visible throughout StarWorld.

Rando Hoi Weng Fan, Pit Manager at StarWorld Casino and Alice Wong Wai San, Guest Services Team Leader at StarWorld Hotel, were surprised at the announcement that they won the 2009 “Star of the Year” award. Wong, the hotel’s “Star of the Year” award recipient, is committed to the group’s core values, attentive, sweet, and actively involved in the group’s Staff Social Club CSR activities. Hoi, the casino’s “Star of the Year” award recipient, believes that the recognition is meaningful. Hoi is enthusiastic about the tailor-made development courses that the group has arranged, and as an individual who continues to study in his own spare time, Hoi said, “To thank the group for the acknowledgement, I will continue to develop and equip myself so that I can make all of StarWorld’s visitors feel our unique Asian Heart services.”

In addition, the four City Club casinos – Waldo, Rio, President and Grand Waldo, have also each organized a “Star of the Year” Award Presentation Ceremony. The four City Club employees who each demonstrates customer service excellence and received the “Star of the Year” award are Nicky Lam Kin, Dealer at Waldo Casino; Cindy Ng Lam Tai, Dealer at Rio Casino; Kan Hong, Security Guard at President Casino and Ray Ng Ka Hong, Dealer at Grand Waldo Casino. The six recipients to this year’s “Star of the Year” award each received round-trip airplane tickets for two to Singapore, a certificate of merit, and to assist the award recipients with further career development, GEG’s training and development team has arranged tailor-made development courses for each of the award recipient.

GEG has always been committed to employee development, focusing on providing employees with different opportunities for career enhancement and work-life balances. To date, close to 80% of the group’s employees are locals and to assist employees with career enhancement, GEG offers the “Galaxy STAR Service Program” to help employees establish better communication skills and understand GEG’s Asian Heart service culture so that they become more confident. Moreover, the Staff Social Club, which consists of volunteers from different GEG departments, have been organizing CSR activities for many years. Their efforts make it possible for GEG employees to better understand their social surrounding, reach out and deliver their care and support to the wider community; and through employees’ participation, employees are also given the chance to expand their horizon and life experiences.