Marathon Contract Signing Press Conference

October 21, 2010

On October 21, the press conference and contract signing ceremony of “2010 Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon” was held at the Grand Ballroom of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s flagship property StarWorld Hotel (“StarWorld”). The ceremony marked GEG’s title sponsorship renewals for the event for the next three years.

Attending the press conference were Mr. Cheong U, Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, Mr. Vong Iao Lek, President of Macau Sport Development Board, Mr. Lam Hin Fu, President of Macau Athletics Association, GEG’s Vice Chairman, Mr. Francis Lui and Director, Mr. Philip Cheng. In his speech, Mr. Cheng expressed his sincere gratitude to the Macau Sport Development Board (“MSDB”) and the Macau Athletics Association for continuing to entrust GEG with the honor of being the title sponsor of “Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon” for years 2010 to 2012 and for naming StarWorld, the enduring official hotel for the invited global athletes. Embracing the Group’s “Asian Heart” philosophy, StarWorld is determined to deliver its most hospitable STAR services to all invited athletes. Mr. Cheng continued, “For years, local residents, long distance runners, travelers, GEG members and invited athletes have shown tremendous support for the ‘Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon’. As we look towards the finale of this year’s 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou in late November, I believe that sports enthusiasts will tune their interest back to Macau’s International Marathon, and I am sure when Galaxy Macau, the truly integrated leisure and entertainment resort, opens in early 2011, more international athletes will be attracted to join the marathon and visit Macau.”

Reaching out to a broader community with an aim to increase the public’s involvement and appreciation for one of Macau’s longest standing sport event, GEG and MSDB announced the launch of the first “Surpass Your Own Boundary – 2010 Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon” Creative Writing Contest to invite students aged between 13 to 18 years old to share their thoughts on Macau’s marathon and the aspirations they see through marathon participation, and expand their creativity and practice their technical writing skills. Students with the most inspiring composition will receive attractive prize from GEG plus an opportunity to experience a cheerful marathon event this year.

With the aim of widely spreading the marathon spirit over the community and boosting local residents’ interest and involvement in sports events, GEG will reward each of the male and female marathon champions of local and invited athletes with attractive prizes.

As a responsible corporate citizen, GEG is dedicated to supporting Macau’s sports development. Since 2003, GEG has contributed enormously towards enhancing the attractiveness of local sporting events, rousing the public’s fascination in sports and harnessing Macau’s friendship with the rest of the world so that Macau stands as one of the world’s sports tourism destinations. With Macau’s ever-increasing marathon participation rate as proof, it is inarguable to claim the “Macau International Marathon” as one of Macau’s residents, visitors, and athletes most favorite sport.