Media Statement

December 13, 2010

Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hereby responds to media reports concerning the company’s recent pre-opening recruitment activities in Vietnam. GEG wishes to make clear that it is the company’s human resources policy always to give priority in offers of employment to local Macau residents at competitive salaries and benefits.

A recruitment facility was established in the city center of Macau in June 2010 in order to provide maximum convenience to local Macau residents who wish to apply for positions at Galaxy Macau™. The company has also been active in promoting employment opportunities at Galaxy Macau™ through advertisements in a number of Macau newspapers. Moreover, the Macau Labor Affairs Bureau has sent its representatives to assist in some of the major recruitment activities at the recruitment center. To date, more than 2,700 additional local residents accepted employment offers and more than 500 team members have already begun work at Galaxy Macau™. The remaining confirmed candidates will start work over the next two months as we approach the opening of Galaxy Macau™ in early 2011.

GEG has not hired anyone from Vietnam to date for Galaxy Macau™. The company will recruit overseas by following all proper and necessary procedures as well as related government requirements, in order to compliment insufficient front-line personnel in Macau. We regret that there have been comments made by certain individuals which might have caused misunderstanding of the company’s professional business conduct.

With the opening of Galaxy Macau™ in early 2011, the company will continue to focus on recruiting more local employees through a number of recruitment initiatives including hiring the registered and qualified unemployed candidates. The company will also focus on promoting local team members who are currently working at the company’s properties, including StarWorld and the four City Clubs. To date, over 300 local residents at the company have been promoted and will be transferred to work at Galaxy Macau™.