Galaxy Entertainment Group Hosts its Second Half-Yearly “2010 Internship Program Appreciation Ceremony” to Celebrate the Internship Completion of 13 Distinguished Interns

Macau, Special Administrative Region of the People’s Republic of China, (Monday, January 31, 2010) – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is fully committed to contributing to the educational development of local students including offering preemployment training through its Internships programs. GEG works in partnership with Macau’s universities and post-secondary institutes to offer a diverse range of internship programs for their students which build a valuable foundation for the Interns’ future careers. Last week, GEG hosted an internship program appreciation ceremony at its flagship StarWorld Hotel (“StarWorld”) to recognize the interns’ outstanding performance and the contributions they made for GEG in the past few months.

Totaling 13 in all, the interns from the Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau and Peking University, China attended the Second Half-Yearly “2010 Internship Program Appreciation Ceremony”. Joining them to acknowledge their internship journey completion were representatives from their schools and GEG, including the Regent of Internship from the Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau, Mr. Oscar Ho; Senior Vice President of Human Resources & Administration of GEG, Mr. Trevor Martin; Chief Operating Officer of StarWorld, Mr. Gabriel Hunterton; Vice President of StarWorld Hotel Operations, Mr. Charles So, and others. Vice President of Organization Development & Training of GEG, Mr. Paul Temple said, “One of GEG’s objectives is to allow students to learn team working skills and obtain real-life and ‘Asian Heart’ experiences through working in various GEG departments so that they can be prepared for their future careers. I believe all of the interns here will become Macau’s future leaders. I truly hope to see all of you again as members of GEG’s family when you begin your career journey.”

Having completed their 6-month internships at GEG’s Organization Development & Training and StarWorld’s Marketing & Communications, Peta Ho and Rachel Cheong, respective undergraduates from the Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau and Peking University, China, represented all interns in sharing their internship experiences at the ceremony. In addition to thanking GEG for its mentoring, the two interns also thanked GEG for giving them an eye-opening experience where they could work across departments with seasoned colleagues whose friendly advice and nurturing brought the students tremendous insights that they could not have obtained in school. As a closing remark the two interns thanked GEG for helping them become more appreciative of GEG’s “Asian Heart” philosophies, plus, for giving them a comprehensive and hands-on look into one of Macau’s main economic pillars – the hotel and hospitality services industry.

GEG is always committed to supporting Macau’s positioning as a “Global Center for Tourism and Recreation” and to assisting the Macau SAR Government in developing a diversified economy. Not only does GEG strive to enhance the hardware supports, it is also determined to upgrade the quality of local talents so as to maintain the competitiveness of the industry. Thus, GEG has expanded its number of internship offerings at its upcoming first half-yearly 2011 Internship Program so that more students can participate and become an added member of Macau’s growing talent pool. GEG has obtained support from the Institute for Tourism Studies, Macau, Macau University of Science and Technology and the Swiss Hotel Management School and has successfully hired over 50 students from these institutes. Based on their expertise and interests, GEG will arrange internships for these students at various departments within its corporate office, Galaxy Macau™ and StarWorld so that it can continue to provide meaningful learning experiences to local students and contribute to the Macau tourism industry.