Galaxy Entertainment Group holds an Appreciation Ceremony for Students who participated in the “Galaxy Macau™ Student Exposure and Experiential Development (SEED) Program” and the Ambassadors involved in Galaxy Macau’s Grand Opening.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011 – Months earlier, in preparation for the grand opening of Galaxy Macau™, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) launched a unique “Galaxy Macau Student Exposure and Experiential Development (SEED) Program”. The Program presented local undergraduates with valuable opportunities to participate in the opening of this massive integrated resort and obtain the experiences that they will find useful in their future careers. As part of its Galaxy Macau opening plans, GEG also encouraged its own team members from various non-customer facing departments to step into the role of Galaxy Macau Opening Ambassador. Such an opportunity helped team members from supporting departments gain the valuable experience from direct guest interactions while working alongside their fellow colleagues from frontline departments. To commemorate the hard work and contribution of the 32 SEED Program participants and the 33 Opening Ambassadors, GEG hosted a special Appreciation Ceremony at Galaxy Macau just days earlier.

The SEED Program participants are from the University of Macau, Macau Institute for Tourism Studies, Macao Polytechnic Institute, Macau University of Science and Technology, and the University of Saint Joseph. During the program, GEG took care to ensure that the students visited various departments of Galaxy Macau. During the Appreciation Ceremony, Mr. Paul Temple, Vice President of Organization Development & Training expressed his gratitude to all attending guests and GEG executives, including Mr. Michael Mecca, President & Chief Operating Officer, Mr. Robert Drake, Group Chief Financial Officer and Ms. Eileen Lui, Director of Human Resources & Administration. In his speech, Mr. Temple said, “The success of the SEED Program is founded on the excellent partnerships that GEG has established with the community’s post-secondary institutions. The Program offered the participating students a rare opportunity to gain valuable pre-opening exposure and experience through their direct day-to-day participation in the different departments’ projects and activities. The 32 students who participated not only got to witness Galaxy Macau’s Grand Opening, but they became one of the first to experience the massive integrated resort’s unique and exciting facilities. We truly hope that the students are satisfied with the knowledge and skills they obtained through the SEED Program, that the experience has helped inspire them and will become useful to them in leading them to their future successes.”

Chris Lam, Administrative Assistant of Human Resources & Administration, one of the 33 team members who participated in the cross-departmental exchange and took part in the Galaxy Macau grand opening as an Opening Ambassador, said in his speech, “The experience was thrilling. I was not only given an opportunity to build my personal network through working with GEG’s different team members, but it was an amazing experience to work front-line where, on Grand Opening Day, I got the opportunity to serve more than 20,000 guests – many from different parts of the world. This experience not only enhanced my service skills, but as I usually work in an office setting, the experience helped improve my communication skills, which I find very useful.”

During the Appreciation Ceremony, the SEED Program participants were presented with a SEED Program completion certificate, a letter of recommendation from GEG, a cash incentive of MOP$5,000 each and, as a token of appreciation, a ‘thank you’ souvenir. Meanwhile, the GEG team members who participated in the grand opening of Galaxy Macau as the integrated resort’s Opening Ambassadors each received a certificate of appreciation and a souvenir.