GEG Organized Birthday Party at “Helen Liang” Children Home

April 22, 2012 – With a commitment to reaching out to the community, the volunteer team of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) visited “Helen Liang” Children Home last Saturday to organize a party for the birthday kids of April and May. Both the GEG volunteers and the children from the centre enjoyed a fun-filled afternoon of games, presents and savory food specially prepared by the volunteers.

The children were filled with excitement as the volunteers arrived at the centre on Saturday afternoon with a lovely sea lion shaped bucket, which was made by the volunteers with paper and flour. Filled with treats and candies, the bucket was hung up on the playground while the children, blindfolded, took turns to hit it with a stick. When the bucket was smashed, the overjoyed crowd rushed in to gather the goodies on the floor.

In addition to the birthday gifts from GEG, a 3 lb cartoon birthday cake was prepared by StarWorld Hotel, as a token of warm blessing to the birthday kids. As the children were full of happiness celebrating their birthday with the GEG volunteers and their peers, Ms. Ng from “Helen Liang” Children Home was equally delighted by GEG’s effort in organizing the party; she said, “Most of the children here are from disadvantaged families and they definitely need more attention and care; and they were very happy knowing that the GEG volunteers were going to hold a birthday party for them.”

The centre was surrounded with laughter when the volunteers and the children were all warmed up after several rounds of games. As the children were gratified when they received the presents from GEG including color pencil sets, magnets and photo frames, the volunteers were pleased to have spent some wonderful time with them. Tina Chan from the table games department of Galaxy Macau™ said, “All we did is just organizing a party, chatting and playing games with the children, but the smiles on their faces make me realize that a little care and effort can already bring much happiness to others.”