Participants of “GEG Youth Achievement Program” Will Have Opportunity to Join Asian City Study Tour

May 29, 2012 – Co-organized by Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) and Macau Management Association, the six-month “GEG Youth Achievement Program” was successfully completed in mid-May. Comprising four workshops, the program has attracted the participation of 545 local young people and around 100 participants will enter a final contest to compete for the Asian City Study Tour prize.

Targeting local youth between 18 and 25, the Youth Achievement Program aimed to help the participants discover personal strengths through a range of team building activities and practical training including workshops, seminars and volunteer work. The program also provided the participants with opportunities to interact with leading professionals from local industries so that they could gain useful insights and knowledge for future career advancement.

The program has enrolled participants including secondary school students, undergraduates and working people. Having completed all of the workshops, Jim Chan, who is now engaged in administrative work after graduated in 2010, was very pleased to have obtained practical knowledge from the instructors and professionals he met in the past 6 months. He particularly enjoyed the volunteer experience offered by the program, such as accompanying the elderly to visit Galaxy Macau™. “I have acquired useful knowledge not only from the experience sharing led by the professionals, but also from the volunteer work which has allowed me to meet with people from all walks of life. I think I have gained a better understanding of our community after the program.”

The instructors of the program were all impressed with the performance of the participants, who have been enthusiastically involved in both the workshops and the sharing sessions led by invited guests. Although the guidance provided by the instructors has played an important role in enhancing the development of the participants, the interaction among themselves also helped to sharpen their interpersonal and communication skills Program members who have participated in at least 3 workshops will receive a certificate of recognition for the successful completion of the program, as well as the opportunity to enter the final contest in July to compete for the Asian City Study Tour prize. To nurture more talents for society, GEG will continue its cooperation with various associations to provide a broader range of practical training for local students and working people.