Residents of Betania Elderly Home Celebrated Father’s Day with GEG Volunteer Team

June 17, 2012 – 19 volunteer team members of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) visited the residents of Betania Elderly Home on Father’s Day to share with them a delightful afternoon of games and activities. Warmth and blessings of the celebration were sent to the seniors through the lovely cupcakes and gifts specially prepared by the GEG team members.

The celebration party was filled with great rejoicing as the cheerful GEG volunteers arrived at the elderly home on Sunday afternoon and entertained the elderly residents with a range of fun-filled activities including a sprightly karaoke performance. Gratified to have brought wide grins on the faces of the elderly, GEG volunteer Dave Wong from table games department of Galaxy Macau™ said, “Although I have spent less time with my family for this visit, I am glad to have provided a fulfilling afternoon for the seniors on this special day. This makes me realize that a little care can already make a difference in the lives of others.” Dave also hoped that he could continue to bring happiness to others by participating in more volunteer work in the future.

To make this a truly meaningful celebration, more than 27 GEG team members have joined the “Father’s Day Cupcake Class” specially arranged by GEG on Saturday to prepare over a hundred sugar-free and high-fiber cupcakes for the senior residents. Some team members have brought along their children to the class to enjoy the fun interacting with their families throughout the cake making process.

Delighted to have received the lovely cupcakes from the volunteers, 78 year-old Lai Din Chao said, “I am very happy to be visited by these friendly young people on Father’s Day. Not only have they sacrificed the time with their family for us, but they have also brought us these delicious cup cakes.” Wong Chi Wa of the Elderly Home also expressed his sincere thanks to the kind-hearted volunteers and said, “It is important for the senior residents to interact regularly with people outside the elderly home, which is good for them both physically and mentally. I hope that more similar activities can be organized in the future so that more singleliving elderly can be benefited.”