“GEG Leaders Program” to Enhance Leadership Competencies

September 27, 2012 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) continues to invest in the development of team members from all levels of the organization with a strong focus on creating a culture of life-long learning. With a firm belief that an effective leadership team is vital in sustaining the long-term success of the company, GEG kicked off the 9-month “GEG Leaders Program I” last December, offering nearly 90 members of the middle management group a range of tailor-made training courses. To acknowledge their outstanding performance throughout the program, a certificate presentation ceremony was held on Thursday at the StarWorld Hotel ballroom.

Attending the ceremony were a number of senior executive members including Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, Mr. Michael Mecca, President & Chief Operating Officer and Ms. Eileen Lui, Director of Human Resources & Administration. In his speech, Mr. Francis Lui commended the participants for their dedication and efforts in completing the training. He said, “We hope to train up our middle management group with core leadership competencies that would give them better understanding on the company’s values and direction, and enhance their skills in leading their team.”

Liz Chiu, Operations Manager of the VIP & Premium department of Galaxy Macau™, extended her gratitude to GEG for providing her the valuable opportunity for personal growth and development. She said, “Through the program, we have become more understanding to the true meaning of leadership. It also helped build mutual respect and facilitate co-operation among all members.” She also thanked her team for supporting her all through the training.

Program facilitator Cecilia Yeung was greatly appreciative of GEG’s efforts in training up its management members, who play a crucial part in continuously striving for improvements for both the company and the teams that they lead. As management members with professional knowledge often lack the time for further studies due to heavy workload, she was very pleased that the participants were allowed to take part in the training sessions during working hours, and to see the significant progress made on both personal and organizational level.

Targeting senior managers and assistant vice presidents, the program was led by facilitators with extensive global experience in training senior levels of leadership. The program aimed to explore the role of GEG’s leadership team in building an internal culture aligned with the “Asian Heart” philosophy. It gave the participants better insights to cultivating the unique culture within their teams through guiding them to understand the special features of their own departments. It also offered a range of activities including seminars, case studies and practical opportunities, from which the participants did not only acquire leadership skills at all levels, but they also learnt the coaching techniques to help develop individual potentials in each of their team members, thus enhancing the overall competitive edge of the whole team. In addition, they gained more insights into the challenges faced by other departments through communicating with their peers in the program, which help prepare them for greater leadership responsibilities.

After the successful completion of “GEG Leaders Program I”, participants received certificates in recognition of their achievement and are also offered the opportunity to advance into the second phase of the program, “GEG Leaders Program II”, which focuses on more advanced leadership competencies.