Galaxy Entertainment Group Took Home 3 Medals from Table Tennis Tournament

October 12, 2012 – The table tennis team formed by 8 members of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) entered into the table tennis tournament organized by Macau Gaming Industry Labourers Association for the first time and took home 3 medals, including the silver medal at Group Competition, as well as the gold and silver medals at Women’s Singles.

The Group Final, Men’s and Women’s Singles Final of the tournament were held on Thursday night at Workers Stadium. The Women’s Singles Final was a close fight between 2 GEG athletes Sarah Wong and Kammy Cheong, but Kammy was able to maintain a stable performance throughout the game and claimed championship with a 3-1 victory over her strong opponent.

The two players returned after a short break to partner with other GEG athletes in the Group Final. The team finished as 1st runner up after a tough battle with strong rivals who delivered even better performance throughout the game. Although failing to take home the trophy, GEG athletes were all very pleased with the experience of competing against great table tennis players.

Gratified to have obtained 2 awards in the tournament, Kammy Cheong from the hotel operation department of Galaxy Macau™ said, “These awards do not only belong to one person, but also to everyone from the team who shares the same goal and is always there for one another throughout the tournament.” She hoped that the GEG team could win more awards in the future.

Having attracted more than 60 participants from different gaming operators, the table tennis tournament aimed to promote healthy lifestyle along with regular exercises among team members in the industry. To prepare for the competition, GEG athletes have dedicated their leisure time for intensive practices. Not only were their skills greatly improved after the training, but they also developed an excellent rapport with one another.