Volunteer Team of Galaxy Entertainment Group Celebrates Lunar New Year with Caritas Macau

February 20, 2013 – To spread joy to local community during the Lunar New Year holiday, the volunteer team of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hosted a celebration lunch party for 120 beneficiaries of 6 elderly and rehabilitation centers under Caritas Macau on Wednesday. A number of fun-filled activities were hosted in the party and Lunar New Year gift bags were presented to the participants to bring not only festive joy but also warmth and care to the participants.

The celebration party at Galaxy Macau™ was joined by the elderly residents and people with disabilities from Centro de Santa Lúeia, Asilo de Betânia, Asilo Santa Maria, Asilo de São Francisco Xavier, Lar de Cuidados “Sol Nascente” da Areia Preta and Lar São Luís Gonzaga, as well as Secretary General of Caritas Macau Mr. Paul Pun. With gratitude towards GEG volunteer team for organizing this delightful gathering for the beneficiaries of Caritas Macau, Mr. Paul Pun said, “I really appreciate the idea behind the New Year lunch party. It offered a chance for our members to enjoy delicious food and also brought so much happiness to everyone during this important festival.”

The luncheon offered a great opportunity for many of the elderly to go outside of their home to celebrate Lunar New Year with their friends that they would have not otherwise. Ms. Cheang I, an elderly resident from Asilo de São Francisco Xavier, said, “Lunar New Year is the most important festival to Chinese. Thanks to the kind arrangement of the GEG volunteers, we are able to come together at this special moment to celebrate the beginning of a new year, and to extend warm wishes to one another.”

The lunch party kicked off with a sprightly dance performance arranged by GEG volunteer team, and there was a great rejoicing at the party with all the participants happily clapping hands along with the music rhythm. The dance show was followed by the auspicious festive meal specially designed by the volunteer team, and from the smile on their faces it was without doubt that the elderly guests have enjoyed the food.

More entertainments followed as the participants were invited to play games with the GEG executive members to win big prizes. Red packets and festive gifts were distributed to them by Robbie Lao, a GEG volunteer from the table games department of Galaxy Macau who dressed up like the God of Fortune during the party. “Although it is not easy walking around with this traditional Chinese costume, my effort really paid off when I saw the elderly enjoyed the time as much as I did,” said Robbie. The festivities carried on till late afternoon as the GEG volunteers spent more time singing old time favorites with the elderly.