Galaxy Entertainment Group Promotes Responsible Gaming to Help Team Members Understand Problem Gambling Behaviors

April 15, 2013 – Galaxy Entertainment Group is committed to providing a healthy environment for its team members by promoting responsible gaming continuously through a variety of training programs. To ensure that its team members have better understanding of the concepts and relevant measures of responsible gaming, GEG specially invited the experts from Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Centre to present a seminar on “Knowledge and Solution of Problem Gambling” last Thursday.

Targeted at the frontline team members from Galaxy Macau™, StarWorld Hotel and City Clubs, the seminar provided its participants with key information of responsible gaming, including its causes and histories, as well as the behaviors that may be displayed by problem gamblers, so that they can offer suitable assistance when necessary. The seminar also helped the participants develop positive attitude to gaming through introducing them a proper approach to money management.

To enhance the knowledge of responsible gaming among the members at assistantmanager level or above, last month, GEG invited Professor Davis Fong, the Director of Institute for the Study of Commercial Gaming at the University of Macau, to deliver a 3- hour training course for 16 members of GEG’s Responsible Gaming Committee. The course trained up the participants with problem solving skills and better insights for identifying problem gambling behaviors, which help them provide effective guidance and support for the frontline team members. The participants also received detailed information on the latest policies and measures of responsible gaming during the course.

Having attended the 2 activities mentioned above, Reinaldo Silvestre from the security department of Galaxy Macau believed that he had become more aware of the importance of responsible gaming. “Responsible gaming is a very meaningful cause as it does not only prepare us with the knowledge to assist problem gamblers, but also helps us develop a right attitude towards gaming activities, which in return ensures the healthy development of the industry.”

GEG will launch an online re-training course for 7,000 frontline team members in May to ensure that they are able to provide effective assistance to clients with problem gambling behaviors. The course that last for 3 months aims to increase awareness, maintain and review the knowledge and skills regarding responsible gaming.