Galaxy Entertainment Group Held Grand Final of  “Galaxy Got Talent 2013” for Team Members to Showcase Talents

October 9, 2013 - The Grand Final of Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”)’s annual talent show contest, “Galaxy Got Talent”, was held at East Square of Galaxy Macau™ on Wednesday night. With the support from over 500 audiences, the 12 finalists delivered their most fantastic acts and performances to compete for eight special awards. “Ice Square” stood out with their elaborate dancing skills to take home “The Move of GEG Award”; Arno Chan from entertainment department of Galaxy Macau won “The Sound of GEG Award” with his strong vocal and “Star Gentlemen” took home “The Talent of GEG Award” with their fun drama. The event also raised MOP150,000 for Macau Holy House of Mercy through ticket sales with the aim to support its Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind.

The officiating guests for the Grand Final this year included Ms. Lei Lai Keng, Head of Employment Department of Labour Affairs Bureau, Ms. Wendy Wong, Senior Advisor of Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau, and Mr. António José de Freitas, President of Macau Holy House of Mercy. As in previous year, the event continued to promote the important message of social integration by arranging Focus, a local band formed by five members from the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind, to join the GEG team members in presenting a kickoff performance. Tan Wei Lian, the visually impaired singer from Singapore, was also invited to delight the audience through several heartwarming songs. With a charity purpose to raise fund for the Rehabilitation Centre, the Grand Final has received overwhelming response from the team members who come to enjoy a fun-filled evening and support charity at the same time.

Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, presented the donation cheque to Mr. António José de Freitas, President of Macau Holy House of Mercy. Mr. Freitas said, “The members of ‘Focus’ were thrilled to be invited to perform for the Grand Final. I would also like to give my special thanks to the GEG team members who spent their spared time to practice with the band. I am sure this performance would help enhance public awareness of the situation of visually impaired people.” He also thanked GEG for the generous donation which will all be used to support the operation of the Rehabilitation Centre for the Blind.

The Grand Final of “Galaxy Got Talent” was an intense competition among 12 finalists with a mix of talents, such as singing, dancing and acrobatics. The competition gave out eight special awards including the “The Sound of GEG Award”, “The Move of GEG Award”, “The Talent of GEG Award”, the “Most Creative Award”, the “Best Audience Choice Award”, the “Best Showmanship Award”, the “Best Dress Award” and “Facebook’s Most ‘Like’ Award”, with fabulous prizes worth a total of MOP450,000.

“Ice Square”, formed by team members from corporate security department and finance department, won “The Move of GEG Award”. Thrilled by the great result her team has achieved, Christine So said, “In order to deliver our best performance, we have already spent a whole month preparing for this contest. We have really enjoyed the competition and are very delighted to know that there are so many talented people in our company.” “The Talent of GEG Award” was claimed by “Star Gentlemen”, formed by four team members from the housekeeping department of StarWorld Hotel. The four contestants were happy that their hard work really paid off and thanked their colleagues and supervisors for their support.

The judging panel was formed by Dr. Bruno Nunes, Member of the Board of Directors of the Macau Holy House of Mercy, Mr. Patrick Ho, Famous Hong Kong Fashion Designer, Mr. John Ku, Executive Director of NewRound Culture Transmission Macau Co. Ltd, Ms. Joanna Hor Barnes, Vice President of Partnerships & Events of Galaxy Macau, Ms. Trancy Koh, Vice President of Entertainment of Galaxy Macau and Ms. Faustina Hoe, Creative Producer of Entertainment of Galaxy Macau. To enhance audience involvement, this year’s Grand Final has also set up the “Best Dress Award for Audience” to reward the audience who supported the finalists with the most unique custom.