GEG Hosts New Year Luncheon for Elderly Members of the Women’s General Association of Macau

February 16, 2015 – As Chinese New Year is fast approaching, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) hosted a New Year Luncheon at Galaxy Macau™ on Friday to celebrate the holiday season with nearly 100 elderly members from the affiliates of Women’s General Association of Macau (“WGAM”). Elderlies from the Integrated Services Centre, the “Yee Hong” Geriatric Care Centre, the North District Family Services Centre, the“Lok In” Elderly Service Centre, and the Fu Lun Retired Employees Association of the Women’s General Association of Macau were invited. In celebration of the Chinese Year of Goat, the GEG volunteer team members played games with the elderly guests and offered them festive gifts during the luncheon.

Ms. Ieong Sau Man and Ms. Chin Meng, Honorary Presidents of WGAM and Ms. Ng Sao Keng, Chief Supervisor of WGAM, also took part in the lunch party with the elderlies. Ms. Ieong thanked GEG for holding this event and said, “The GEG volunteer team members have contributed greatly to the event in taking good care of the elderlies. Our elderly members did not only savor the festive delicacies in this New Year Luncheon, but more importantly they were able to feel the care and warmth from the community during this blissful time of the year through the greetings and blessings they received in this event.”

The GEG volunteer team carefully picked dishes for the luncheon that were customized for the taste of the elderlies and praised by the diners as healthy and festive. Among the elderly guests, 72 year-old Ms. Chan said, “Today I am very happy and I want to thank GEG for hosting this event so that I did not only enjoy the delicacies but also had a chance to gather with my buddies in celebration of the beginning of a new year. It is truly meaningful.”

During the luncheon, the elderlies enjoyed performances of singing and dancing by some GEG volunteers, who had previously won prizes in GEG’s annual talent contest “Galaxy Got Talent”. The guests enthusiastically applauded the performances with laughter and cheers. One of the performers said he did not expect the elderlies to be so energetic, giving him motivation to perform well.

In addition, the GEG volunteers also invited the elderlies to play games with the GEG executives. One of the team members dressed up like the Fortune of God to distribute red packets and festive gifts to the elderly guests, wishing them a joyous new year. The GEG volunteer team members were very delighted they were able to bring so much happiness to the elderlies, and they hope to continue participating in different activities to spread the festive joys and love to everyone in the community.