GEG Holds “Addiction & Gambling Disorder Workshop” to Promote Responsible Gaming

May 11, 2015 – To provide team members with regular updates on the development of responsible gaming, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) recently invited a Hong Kong expert to deliver an “Addiction & Gambling Disorder Workshop” to frontline gaming team members such to enhance their knowledge of responsible gaming and the behaviors of gambling disorders.

Mr. Lawrence Lee, Addiction Psychologist and Clinical Supervisor, was invited by GEG’s Responsible Gaming team to be the workshop’s speaker. This was Mr. Lee’s first time to deliver a workshop on the topic of addiction and gambling disorder to frontline gaming employees and to make it impactful, he used many practical examples to illustrate the symptoms of gambling addiction and disorder. His animated lecture drew an enthusiastic response from more than 20 participants, who actively engaged with him at the event.

During the two-hour workshop, Mr. Lee spoke about gambling addiction, its symptoms, impacts on the families of patients, and treatment. After the event, Richard Chong from StarWorld Security remarked that he gained a better understanding of the importance of responsible gaming and said, “The workshop was very enlightening and a lot of insight was shared so that we can develop a better understanding for things such as the social costs and impacts of gambling disorder.” To conclude, Chong believes that responsible gaming training not only helps frontline team members but also guests, since team members will be better able to provide prompt assistance to guests should they have attended workshops and learnt how to identify symptoms of gambling disorder.

Since the enforcement of the law on “Restrictions on Entry, Work and Play in Casinos” in November 2012, GEG has actively cooperated with the government on the initiative of “Implementation of Responsible Gaming Measures”. GEG aims to deliver guests a most entertaining experience that is comfortable, safe and embraces a responsible gaming culture. This way, guests can enjoy the gaming experience while making informed gambling decisions. GEG also provides guests with up-to-date information on where they can seek help and consultation services.