GEG Accelerated Development Program Launched; Leading Team Members to Further Career Prospects

3 June, 2015 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) dedicated to train up team members to advance their upward mobility in their career and this year, GEG launched a new four-month “Accelerated Development Program” (ADP) of which the first major program was completed in May. Of the 692 program participants, 98% have successfully graduated and been promoted into supervisory and management positions.

The aim of ADP is to establish a promotional pathway platform for GEG team members who are ready for supervisory and management roles. The selected members participated in the Program as part of their promotion process. Team members mastered new skills and gained new knowledge through their training to enhance their technical and management capability. The Program commenced in January and ended in May with members from departments in Table Games, Electronic Games, Cage, Food & Beverage, Housekeeping (EVS & Rooms) and Security. Team leaders, supervisors, assistant manager and manager levels are eligible to participate in the Program.

The Program focused on developing supervisory, management and technical skills through classroom training, on-the-job training, eLearning, structured job role practice, feedback and assessments which offers participants key skills and concepts required in their future roles.

GEG is committed to nurturing team members in order to support them to advance in both personal and career development.  The ADP Program is tailor-made for team members to enhance their professional skills in different positions within GEG as they strive for service excellence. Furthermore it enables team members to learn in a structured and supported way on and off the job whilst providing them with promotional and career development opportunities for offering the best service to customers.