Sheng Kung Hui and GEG Held Responsible Gaming Roadshows to Instill Positive Messages for Team Members

July 29, 2015 Macau Sheng Kung Hui and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) recently joined hands to hold responsible gaming roadshows under the theme of “How to Help Someone with Gambling Problems” in all its properties.  The roadshows aimed to promote responsible gaming knowledge so that team members may recognize its importance and may develop a positive attitude towards gambling.  They featured interactive booth games, bulletin board displays and on-site counseling where more than 1,200 team members participated.

GEG continuously dedicates its efforts to encourage its team members’ development of a healthy lifestyle by offering training programs and other recreational activities, as well as promoting the message of responsible gaming.  This year marks the second year for GEG and Sheng Kung Hui Gambling Counseling and Family Wellness Center to organize the roadshows which took place from 16th to 28th July in StarWorld Macau, Galaxy Macau™, Broadway Macau™ and three City Clubs.  During the roadshows, booths were set up to enhance the knowledge of the participants through interactive games and bulletin boards displaying information about problem gambling.  Moreover, participants were tested for their understanding of the responsible gaming resources that GEG offers.  The roadshows were intended to arouse participants’ awareness to care for their friends and families under stress and to offer them assistance when necessary.

Ms. Chan from Food and Beverage department said, “GEG provides information about responsible gaming to team members and posters can be seen easily.  I learned more about responsible gaming and it also helps me recognize my friends and family members who are under stress.”  A social worker, Ms. U, said, “This is the second year for Sheng Kung Hui and GEG to hold the responsible gaming roadshows and the outcome is satisfactory.  More team members are becoming familiar with us and by gaining their trust, it benefits us in following up with their cases.  I hope there will be more responsible gaming activities in the future so that more people will be led back onto the right track.”

Promoting responsible gaming is a long-term educational campaign and one to which GEG consistently pays attention through advocating its positive message while encouraging individuals to make appropriate decisions via assistance and counseling. GEG held Responsible Gaming Knowledge Quiz in June for the third consecutive year and more than 500 team members participated.  Team members who had correctly answered all questions were entered into a lucky draw and had won fabulous prizes.  GEG is committed to cooperating closely with local government departments, associations and communities to effectively offer support and ensure a healthy working environment for its team members.