GEG One Day Volunteering Scheme; Spending a Day with the Elderly at Taipa House of Museums

August 24, 2015 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) volunteer team participated for the fifth year in the One Day Volunteering scheme, organized by Macau Juvenile Volunteer Association.  30 GEG volunteers spent a Sunday afternoon with 70 elderlies near the Taipa House of Museums and distributed food packs to spread love and care.

With the slogan this year, “Care for Others, One Day Volunteering Together”, One Day Volunteering scheme aims to shed support and affection to the community through social activities.  The sharing section of the scheme was held at Macau Tower to advocate the spirit of contribution from volunteering initiatives.  It was officiated by Mr. Wu Chang Fan, Department Head of the Social Department of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Macau Special Administration Region, Mr. Hon Wai, Head of Department of the Social Welfare Bureau Department of Prevention and Treatment for Drug Dependence, Ms. Lam Mei Sio, Head of Division of the IACM Division of Education and Information Technology, Ms. Lou Cheng, Director of DSEJ Youth Center, Mr. Austin Wong, President of the Macau Juvenile Volunteer Association, Ms. Catherine Iu, Senior Manager of GEG Public Relations Corporate and Community Relations and other representatives from associations that co-organized this scheme.

After the sharing session, GEG volunteer team visited 70 elderlies of The House of Glory of Our Lady of Fatima Church and arranged transportation to travel to Taipa House of Museums together for a leisure visit where they took in the sights of the Macau World Heritage.  Sitting side-by-side, the volunteers and elderlies had a mingling session while caring about each other’s daily habits and health. Afterwards and upon returning to the House of Glory, GEG volunteer team distributed food packs, containing biscuits, cereal, noodles and cooking oil, etc., to each elderly before bidding their goodbye.  Through the distribution, GEG volunteer team hopes to express love and care to the elderly while relieving their living expenses and bringing them happiness.

Ms. Yonnie Cheong from GEG volunteer team commented on the meaningful activity, saying, “I have a busy work schedule and so have little time to spend with the elderly. Through this activity, I had the chance to witness the life story and experiences of the elderly, which are definitely insightful and encouraging.  They also gave me advice to work hard while respecting and spending more time with them.”  Continuously supporting and contributing to different sectors in the society through active participation in community services, GEG not only serves the community with a philanthropic spirit, but also strives to build a harmonious and stable future for Macau.