GEG Invited Members from Caritas Macau to a Lantern Decoration Workshop at Broadway Macau

Sept 21, 2015 As a proactive and responsible member of the Macau community, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) continually supports and organizes different charitable events. With the approaching Mid-Autumn Festival, GEG invited members from Caritas Macau to Broadway Macau™ for a private lantern decoration workshop. Entertained by a professional body paint artist and performers, forty single families spent the afternoon creating and decorating lanterns with GEG volunteers. In the evening, the participants further took part in a cheerful lantern parade with their self-decorated lanterns that drew the attention and admiration of many onlookers.

During the workshop, GEG volunteers assisted the participants in decorating their unique lanterns and in incorporating watercolor tools with their creativity and teamwork. Additionally, GEG invited a professional body paint artist and Broadway Macau’s street performers to interact and entertain the participants. Both parents and children were delighted to have been invited to the event and one of the participants expressed excitement for his first visit to Broadway Macau where he greatly enjoyed decorating lanterns with his friends. Caritas Macau thanked GEG for hosting the event and said, “GEG’s lantern workshop not only celebrated Mid-Autumn Festival, but it also created an opportunity for single parents to bond with their children.”

Furthermore, GEG invited the participants to dinner at Broadway Macau to continue sharing happiness and warmth during the festive season. GEG will continue to organize and participate in various charitable events that support all sectors of the community and promote social harmony.