Through Soap Sorting and Scraping Activity to Spread Love to Elderlies and Impoverished People

Dec, 01 2015 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) is committed to fulfilling its corporate social responsibility and leading by example, GEG actively participates in volunteering. Last Saturday, GEG partnered with Clean the World Asia (“CTW”) in organizing a soap recycling activity at the General Education Center of General Union of Macao Neighborhood Association (“UGAMM”). Seventeen GEG volunteers formed in small groups, assisted CTW in sorting and scraping the surfaces of the discarded soaps, and wrapped newly recycled soap bars so that they can be donated to the elderly later. The sorted and scraped soap pieces will then be sent to CTW’s soap processing plant in Hong Kong for reproduced as newly recycled soap that will be distributed to the impoverished people in the Philippines, Nepal and Malaysia.

Supported by GEG property hotels including StarWorld, Galaxy Hotel™, Hotel Okura Macau, JW Marriott Hotel Macau and Ritz-Carlton Macau, as well as other hotels in Macau, CTW has been collecting discarded soap from the hotel industry and sending them to UGAMM’s General Education Center for further processing. Joining CTW representatives in visiting the Center, GEG volunteers were given an overview to CTW’s organization and its global soap recycling program. Following the introduction, the volunteers were divided into groups to help remove any bits of dirt from the discarded soap pieces. Since CTW had also brought in newly recycled soap bars, volunteers also helped packed the soap bars which intended for donation to local elderly later this month.  

“It feels good to be part of a team and to know that I am contributing to something so meaningful,” said Mr. Derek Ieong from Organizational Development and Training Department, “We were so motivated that my teammates decided to hold a friendly competition to see who can sort most of the soap.” CTW representative, Ms. Jolene Han thanked GEG for the tremendous support and said, “We hope to raise public awareness and by giving more people the chance to take part in our soap sorting and soap scraping activities, we hope that more people can understand the process and will get involved.” The packaged soap bars will be donated to local elderly in an upcoming volunteering activity initiated by GEG volunteers. As for the sorted and scraped soap pieces, CTW will be sent back to their processing plant in Hong Kong for further sanitization, recycling and distribution to the Philippines, Nepal and Malaysia to improve the health and hygiene conditions of impoverished people.