GEG Youth Achievement Program Holds Two Activities Focusing on Career Development

Mar 20, 2017 – The Macau Management Association (“MMA”) and Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) have together organized the sixth GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”). The YAP aims to help young people create a more solid foundation for their future careers. The two activities hosted at Galaxy Macau™ recently attracted close to 100 participants.

The Galaxy Macau YAP Mystery Tour was a field trip to the back offices of various leisure and entertainment facilities at Galaxy Macau to expose the participants to the working environment at an integrate resort. During the hotel tour, the group stopped at the machinery room for the renowned Fortune Diamond. The participants were briefed on its daily operation, as well as the lighting design and background music for the show. While visiting a hotel guest room, the participants learned about the steps of making up a hotel bed and made up some beds together with the housekeepers. The group also visited GEG’s central chiller plant and Wardrobe department. “This is a unique, comprehensive and practical experience,” said participant Eric Cheong. “We were given the opportunity to visit the back-of-house areas of a five-star resort, which gave me a better understanding of the daily operations of the resort’s Facilities, Housekeeping and Environmental Services.”

The second activity was the Galaxy Macau YAP Game Day, which was designed, planned and executed by six YAP ambassadors. The Game Day aimed to develop teamwork and bonding among YAP members. “It’s not easy to organize an event that is fun and also meaningful,” said Sandy Hui, one of the ambassadors. “I also learnt that sufficient preparation and good communication are vital for the success of an event.” 

Since its inception, the GEG Youth Achievement Program has attracted over 2,000 local young people between 18 and 29 years of age. MMA and GEG will continue to organize a variety of activities to provide diverse learning opportunities for young people to develop their leadership skills. This year’s program featured different workshops and activities in the areas of career planning, e-marketing and promotion, interpersonal communication, public speaking, social etiquette and image shaping in the workplace, personal financial management, and e-marketing for local stores. Upon completing the program, participants become eligible to enter the final contest for seats on the Asian City Study Tour.