GEG the First Gaming Operator to Conduct Crime Prevention Workshop with Judiciary Police

April 20, 2017 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) endeavors to support the Macau SAR Government’s policy initiatives, to protect the safety of guests and team members and to promote Macau’s long-term prosperity. The Gaming-related Crimes Division (“GCD”) of the Judiciary Police (“PJ”) specializes in the prevention and investigation of crimes committed inside casinos and other gaming venues, as well as gaming-related crimes committed around those facilities. As Macau’s first gaming operator to conduct a Gaming Crime Prevention Workshop with the GCD for casino front-line team members, GEG hopes to strengthen its team members’ knowledge through exchanges with relevant government departments. To share the knowledge with the other team members, GEG will also collate the workshop material for use in future internal training. 

Over 50 team members participated in the three-session workshop. Guests included Mr. Chan Kin Hong, Head of the Gaming-related and Economic Crimes Investigation Department of the PJ, Mr. Luis Leong, Head of the GCD, and Mr. Richard Longhurst, Director of Operations of Galaxy Macau™ and Director of Gaming Development and Optimization Service. After the opening session, Mr. Lei Chi Hou, Head of the Gaming-Related Crimes Prevention and Investigation Section of the GCD, gave a presentation covering topics such as the GCD’s organizational structure, function and authority, relevant laws and regulations, common gaming-related criminal charges, and strategies for combating gaming-related criminal activities.

The participants were divided into four groups to discuss different situations encountered by front-line team members. Each group had two to three PJ representatives to answer their questions and to provide advice on dealing with the cases. The participants gained a deeper understanding on the PJ’s case processing procedures, which should enhance communications and co-operation between the parties. In his speech, Mr. Chan said, “The PJ have always attached importance to co-operation between the police and the public, which is key in combating crime. We have depended on GEG’s support and co-operation to effectively maintain the safety of gaming venues over the years. I also want to thank GEG for inviting us to conduct this workshop. GEG’s front-line team members now have a clearer understanding of our requirements and working procedures. Meanwhile, our law enforcement officers can understand the front-line team members’ challenges at work and better co-operate in future.”

Mr. Longhurst said, “We are very grateful to have PJ’s support on this workshop. GEG shares the same goal with PJ. We always strive to reach the highest professional standards in order to secure a safe and reliable environment for local citizens and tourists. GEG will continue to work closely with relevant law enforcement authorities and provide more related programs for our team members.”