GEG supports One Day Volunteer activity for the seventh consecutive year; Hosts outreach to over a hundred elderly residents

July 272017 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) supports a diverse range of charitable activities. Today, GEG is participating in the One Day Volunteer activity for the seventh year in a row. This event series is organized by the Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (“AJVM”) and sponsored by the Social Welfare Bureau. Over a hundred elderly guests from Our Lady of Fátima Church Macau, Associação de Agricultores de Macau and the Casa Ricci Elderly Center are spending the morning with 50 GEG volunteers.

In order to provide a pleasant and serene environment, the event is being hosted at the Banyan Tree Macau at Galaxy Macau. The GEG volunteers have prepared eight game booths designed to help improving brain fitness, hand-eye coordination and balance. Gifts are also being given out. After the games, GEG has also prepared a selection of delectable dim sum for the elderly guests to enjoy. Groups of the guests also perform on stage, singing classic pop songs to spread messages of positive life attitude.

Ms. Lei Sio Un, from Our Lady of Fátima Church Macau said, “I think the elderlies can feel that they are being cared for with such considerate arrangements. Thanks for the love and selfless giving of GEG volunteers. They are our role models for the public in serving the community.” GEG volunteer Mr. Leong Wa Kam said, “Most of the time we’re busy at work and with our lives and don’t have much time to serve the community. But today I’m really glad to have joined this activity and to see so many happy smiles from our elderly guests. I’ll continue to join the volunteer activities held by our company and also encourage my colleagues to do it with me.”

GEG proactively encourages its team members to participate in volunteer activities. Currently, the GEG Volunteer Team has about 1,100 members and has accumulated nearly 7,700 service hours. GEG will continue to cooperate with social service and charitable organizations in organizing various kinds of volunteer services to spread love and care to people in need.