GEG’s Ronnie Cheng is Only Gaming Industry Employee to Represent Macau in WorldSkills Competition

October 31, 2017 Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) strives to provide ample opportunities for team members to hone their talents and professional skills, encouraging them to broaden their horizons by participating in local and international competitions. GEG is proud of Ronnie Cheng, a talented young engineer in the Facilities Management Department of Galaxy Macau™, who represented Macau in the 44th WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi. Cheng participated in the category of Mechatronics, competing alongside 73 other participants in his category from 37 countries and territories.

GEG made special arrangements to allow Cheng to join all the trainings provided by the Labour Affairs Bureau and relevant activities on paid workdays, including over 360 hours of training in eight months, a 15-day intensive training session in Shanghai in May and a seven-day competition in Hong Kong in June. His outstanding performance landed Cheng in first place in the Macau leg, and he was selected to represent Macau in the WorldSkills Competition in Abu Dhabi.

“My key to success is ‘Passion in engineering and beyond excellence’. Thanks to GEG, the management members and colleagues in the Facilities Management Department, and the Organization Development & Training Department for supporting my participation in the competition. I’m honored to be a representative of Macau. I met and exchanged with young talents from all over the world, which broadened my horizons. This is an unforgettable and valuable experience,” said Cheng.

Mr. Chan Chee Pong, Senior Vice President of Facilities Management of Galaxy Macau, said, “We are really proud of Cheng, and we understand that this was a great opportunity for him to participate in this international competition. Therefore, GEG provided full support to help Cheng to give full play to his talents. GEG will continue to support and encourage team members to improve their professional skills and realize comprehensive development.”

Organized by WorldSkills International, the WorldSkills Competition is a biyearly international competition organized as an Olympic Games for professional skills. Its aim is to provide an opportunity for professionals under 22 years old (in some categories, under 25 years old) to compete against peers from around the world and to provide an exchange platform for personnel from training bodies. This year’s competition attracted 1,262 participants from 68 countries and territories.