StarWorld Hotel Signs Occupational Safety and Health Charter

May 29, 2018 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) proactively supports the Macau SAR Government’s policies on occupational safety and health. Today, GEG’s flagship property StarWorld Hotel signed the Occupational Safety and Health Charter, formalizing its commitment to creating a safer and healthier working environment for all team members. 

The signing ceremony was held in the 8/F ballroom of StarWorld Hotel, with Ms. Ng Wai Han, Acting Director of the Labour Affairs Bureau and Mr. Charles So, Director – Operations, StarWorld & City Clubs in attendance. They were joined by Mr. Herman Chui, Vice President – Human Resources & Administration, StarWorld & Import Labour Services, as an employee representative to sign the Occupational Safety and Health Charter. After the ceremony, Ms. Ng Wai Han and other guests visited the back-of-house area of the hotel and exchanged their ideas on occupational safety and health.


“The Occupational Safety and Health Charter represents sustained efforts in many departments. The charter highlights the responsibilities of three parties: the employer,employees and government. This commitment has important and far-reaching influence, and we sincerely wish StarWorld Hotel great success in carrying out its mission regarding occupational safety and health”, Ms. Ng said.

“As a leading operator in the gaming industry, GEG has always been supportive of the Macau SAR Government’s related policies and guidelines and attaches great importance to occupational safety and health as an important part of the enterprise of social responsibility. We wish to strengthen everyone’s awareness of occupational safety and health, offer the best working environment to our team members, and construct a strong culture of health and safety in the StarWorld Hotel family”, Mr. So said.

GEG sees its team members as valuable assets and strives to optimize the working environment at its properties in order to offer a safe and comfortable atmosphere for team members. To further enhance occupational safety and health, StarWorld Hotel established a series of management plans, including a Health and Safety Management Commitment, whose representatives are drawn from various departments and host regular meetings to discuss relevant problems and take steps to ameliorate them. In addition, StarWorld Hotel provides occupational safety and health guidelines, training, and promotions, as well as maintaining a Potential Hazard/Near Miss Report and Improvement Program to encourage team members to report potential dangers and continually work toward an accident-free workplace. GEG’s other flagship property Galaxy Macau™ signed the Occupational Safety and Health Charter in 2015. 

GEG takes a proactive approach in establishing a sound corporate culture on occupational safety and health through safety procedures and control measures while encouraging team members to participate in relevant safety education activities. In 2015, Galaxy Macau was the only integrated resort to have earned the Integrated Management System Certification. The certification is comprised of the ISO 14001 EMS Certification and the British Standards (BS) OHSAS 18001, which it received in 2013 and 2015 respectively. GEG has also received 27 awards, including the Silver Award for Organization Safety Performance in the 2016 DSAL Catering Industry Occupational Safety and Health (OSH) Program operated by the Labour Affairs Bureau of the Macau SAR Government. Going forward, GEG will continue to maintain close cooperation with relevant government departments and continuously work to enhance the effectiveness of its occupational safety and health culture.