GEG Hosts Greater Bay Area Media Delegation, Meeting with Macau SAR Chief Executive

June 14, 2018– Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has long been an advocate of the One Belt One Road Initiative and the development of the Greater Bay Area. On Wednesday, GEG proudly received a delegation from the Chinese Language Press Institute (“CLPI”) for exchanges as part of the Macau leg of the CLPI’s Bay Area inspection visit. The delegation was comprised of 30 Chinese media organization heads and representatives, together with journalists from six different countries and regions. During their busy and eye-opening inspection tour, the delegates have visited several regional government departments, as well as a number of large enterprises and their projects, in a bid to learn more about the rapid development and major projects of the cities of the Greater Bay Area. Here in Macau, the delegates met with Dr. Chui Sai On, Chief Executive of the Macau Special Administrative Region, and embarked on a tour of GEG’s flagship properties and signature integrated entertainment and leisure resort attractions. During the meeting with Dr. Chui, Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG and Honorary Leader of the delegation, offered his insights into Macau’s pivotal role in the construction of the Greater Bay Area, as well as the latest developments in and around Macau. 

This morning, the delegation arrived at the Government Headquarters to meet with Dr. Chui. The purpose of the meeting was to familiarize the delegates with Macau’s role and functions in the Greater Bay Area Initiative, as well as its ongoing economic transition and future direction. Dr. Chui touched upon a number of topics, including talent nurturing, education, tourism and economic diversification. He further underscored the importance of regional cooperation, saying a tighter regional network and improved cooperation will help reinforce Macau’s tourism offerings and culture. Furthermore, he noted that it is important to turn Macau into a well-equipped training ground for tourism professionals. In addition, with a view to realizing the goal of economic diversification, Dr. Chui said Macau needed to strike a balance between gaming and non-gaming attractions whilst endeavoring to enhance the latter, with the goal of fulfilling the ambitious “One Centre, One Platform” plan devised for Macau by the Central Government in Beijing. 

Delegation leader Mr. Zaizhong Jiang, Chairman of CLPI and Chairman of the Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group, briefly introduced the CLPI at the meeting, explaining that the delegation is visiting several cities in the Greater Bay Area in order to gain a better understanding of the situation in the region. The delegation’s aim is to encourage contributions to the development of the Greater Bay Area as a bridge between the East and the West, while deepening the delegates’ understanding of Macau’s economic situation and participation in the Greater Bay Area Initiative. The delegates posed many questions pertaining to various sectors, including talent nurturing, economic growth, non-gaming development, cross-border infrastructure and public transport, and Dr. Chui addressed each question in detail. 

At the invitation of Dr. Chui, Mr. Lui delivered an address from the perspective of a successful entrepreneur. He stated that Macau had realized many economic achievements since its handover, thanks to the leadership of the Macau SAR Government, with GDP per capita soaring to as much as six times what it was in 1999. Mr. Lui urged that Macau grasp every opportunity to be an integrated part of the Greater Bay Area whilst adhering to the principle of adequate, diversified development. He also said that the Macau SAR Government’s efforts in housing and talent nurturing have reflected its relentless determination to make Macau suitable for living and working, which is the mainstay of a stable and sustainable society.

In attendance were Ms. Lam O, Chief-of-Office of the Chief Executive’s Office of the Macau SAR Government, Mr. Victor Chan, Director of the Macau SAR Government Information Bureau, Mr. Zaizhong Jiang, Chairman of CLPI and Chairman of the Hong Kong Ta Kung Wen Wei Media Group, Mr. Cho-Jat Lee, President of CLPI and Honorary Chairman of the Hong Kong Commercial Newspaper, Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG and Honorary Leader of the delegation, Mr. Sai-Wo Siu, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Editor of Sing Tao News Corporation, Mr. Qingpu Yang, Chief Editor of Guangzhou Daily as well as representatives from Ming Pao, Kwong Wah Yit Poh, Ta Kung Pao, Wen Wei Po, Yangtse Evening Post, Aju Business Daily, Cambodia Sin Chew Daily, Today Commercial News, China News Service Hong Kong Branch, Zhongshan Daily and Macao Daily. 

Upon arriving in Macau, the delegates were warmly welcomed by several senior GEG executives and immediately embarked on a tour of Galaxy Macau™ and Broadway Macau™. After being shown around GEG’s signature entertainment and leisure facilities, the delegates expressed their appreciation for GEG’s unwavering commitment to helping transform Macau into a “World Centre of Tourism and Leisure”.