GEG’s Pre-Chinese New Year Luncheon for the Elderly

January 29, 2019 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) shows care for the community all the time. With Chinese New Year approaching, GEG held its Pre-Chinese New Year Celebration for the Elderly at Broadway Macau™. Nearly 100 senior citizens from organizations under the Federation of Trade Unions (FAOM) were invited to enjoy a luncheon of poon choi at Broadway Macau’s Happy Square.

The traditional Chinese dish poon choi, which symbolizes community unity, was prepared by a team of chefs from Broadway Macau. To enhance the festive atmosphere, GEG prepared a special large-scale longevity peach bun display and nearly 100 peach buns for the luncheon attendees, offering wishes of long life and peace. Taking advantage of the lovely weather, GEG arranged for performers to charm the group with festive songs and dances during the lunch and also invited some of the attendees to enjoy a rickshaw tour in Broadway’s pedicabs.

Members of the GEG Volunteer Team assisted during the event to ensure the attendees enjoyed the luncheon and performances. At the end of the event, the volunteers distributed festive gifts. Ms. Siu Siu Man, Diretor de Serviços Sociais do Departamento de Gestão para as Agências de Serviços Sociais da FAOM, said, "I am very grateful to GEG for its preparations and thoughtful arrangements for the banquet. The form of the luncheon was very creative, and many of the attendees said that it recalled to memory the old days sitting with village members and sharing festive foods.”

In its commitment to making a difference in the community, GEG has developed a close relationship with FAOM over the years. GEG has supported and co-organized various activities with FAOM, including by supporting the first Macau Integrated Tourism and Leisure Enterprises Vocational Skills Competition and by sending GEG team member to attend, invited the elderly from FAOM to enjoy a concert “the Timeless Century Concert” on Broadway Theatre, and invited the members of FAOM to the Macau Summer Carnival special session for charitable associations. GEG will continue to provide proactive support to various social service groups while promoting public awareness about caring for various groups in the community.