GEG Refreshes Team Members’ and Community Awareness on Disaster Response and Preparedness

August 1, 2019 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (GEG) organized a series of activities to enhance awareness of disaster response and preparedness. GEG invited the Public Security Police Force (CPSP) and the Social Welfare Bureau of the Macau SAR Government to share information on civil defense and managing “Storm Surge Evacuation Plan for Low-Lying Areas During Typhoon” with GEG Volunteers. In addition, together with Peng On Tung Tele-Assistant Service Center (Peng On Tung), GEG organized roadshows on disaster prevention and home safety, and home visits to Peng On Tung service users, where GEG Volunteers distributed typhoon emergency kits. Through the series of activities, GEG aims to enable team members to respond promptly to typhoon emergencies, help spread disaster preparedness information in the community, and support the elderly in mastering civil defense and emergency response measures during typhoon.

Prior to Typhoon Wipha, Senior inspector Chan Kin Wa and Inspector Ng Hoi Lam from the Islands Police Department of CPSP, and Mr. Lam Chi Hong, Senior Technician from the Social Welfare Bureau, delivered a talk on “Storm Surge Evacuation Plan for Low-Lying Areas During Typhoon” in the Heart-of-House area of Galaxy Macau™. Some 70 GEG Volunteers attended the talk, which covered emergency responses and precautionary measures of the storm surge evacuation plan; the fundamentals, locations, and facilities available in the emergency refuge centres, and the meeting points across Macau.

In collaboration with Peng On Tung, GEG rolled out a roadshow on disaster prevention and home safety in the Heart-of-House area of Galaxy Macau to enhance team members’ awareness of the subjects. Moreover, GEG also addressed the needs of the elderly and facilitated the volunteer team in distributing typhoon emergency kits, which comprises a flashlight, a whistle and first-aid supplies, during a home visit to Peng On Tung service users. During the visit, GEG Volunteers also shared with the elderly information about disaster preparedness, emergency response and Emergency Refuge Centre to strengthen community awareness of disaster prevention.

Ms. Lam Sut Kam, Acting Manager of Peng On Tung, said, “Peng On Tung is grateful for the continuous support of GEG over the years, and the love and caring from the GEG Volunteers. The volunteers visited some of our service users, who was affected by the previous typhoons, gave them typhoon emergency kits, and remind them to stay vigilant during typhoon.”

GEG Volunteers participating in this Peng On Tung home visit come from various departments. Ms. Man In I, Pit Manager of Table Games, said that even though volunteering activities sometimes conflict with her shift schedule, she always make an effort to join the activities to contribute to community development. She is delighted that GEG organizes volunteering activities on a regular basis so that she has plenty of opportunities to participate in community service activities. Another volunteer, Ms. Cheong Ka Man, Pit Manager - Technical Training of Table Games, shared that even though she is relatively inexperienced in volunteering, she felt that the home visit to Peng On Tung user is meaningful; and she learned a lot from the talk, and is constantly sharing civil defense tips with family and friends She hopes to join more volunteer services in the future.

GEG puts its corporate social responsibility principles into practice. For instance, GEG Volunteers visited hundreds of elderly who are residing alone and are Peng On Tung service users. GEG will continue to proactively participate in all types of charitable events, contribute to improving in social welfare, and encourage team members to serve and share love and joy with the underprivileged in their leisure time.