Galaxy Entertainment Group Expands Japan-Macau Integrated Resort Management Mentorship Scheme

Japanese students to be given invaluable opportunities to acquire integrated resort and hospitality skills from leading professionals in the industry


August 14, 2019 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”, HKEx stock code: 27) announced today it will expand the GEG Japan-Macau Integrated Resort Management Mentorship Scheme, which will commence on Monday, August 26 in Macau and will run for three weeks. The Programme will be operated in conjunction with the Galaxy Entertainment Group Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by GEG.

With integrated resorts (IRs) expected to debut in Japan in the near future, there is a need to develop human resources tailored for this exciting new industry. Now in its second year, the GEG Mentorship Scheme aims to develop operational skills and sector knowledge for personnel interested in playing a leading role in the IR field and the broader Japanese hospitality industry.

In collaboration with Japan’s Toyo University, GEG launched the innovative scheme last year, the first of its kind aimed at supporting Japanese academic institutions and their students specializing in tourism studies. In 2019, the number of students, and academic institutions and companies participating in the scheme has grown, with participants from Toyo University, Kyoto Sangyo University, Fukuoka University, and Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co., Ltd.

This year's programme will incorporate lectures conducted by faculty members from the University of Macau, as well as an in-depth and diverse study of IR operations hosted at GEG’s flagship integrated resort, Galaxy Macau™. Subjects covered will include food & beverage management, hotel management, entertainment, retail services, event management, marketing and corporate social responsibilities.

GEG aims to contribute to the sustainable development of the tourism industry in Japan – a key component of the Japanese government’s economic growth strategy. GEG intends to further expand and develop this programme with the cooperation of both Japanese and Macanese academic and commercial institutions in 2020 and beyond.

Mr. Francis Lui, Vice Chairman of GEG, commented, "GEG believes in the importance of providing practical opportunities for students from Japan to learn about the integrated resort industry. Supporting local talent development is a key element in the sustainable and responsible development of IR in Japan. This is in line with our practices in Macau and Hong Kong, where have been providing young people with various opportunities to explore their career paths. We intend to sustain our contribution to Japanese society by continuing to support the younger generation, especially those interested in developing a career in the IR and hospitality industry.”

GEG intends to further expand with the cooperation of both Japanese and Macanese academic and commercial institutions in 2020 and beyond. GEG will be providing parallel opportunities for young people from Macau to benefit from similar learning experiences in Japan. A related programme, the GEG Macau-Japan IR Internship Scheme, allowing Macau students majoring in Hotel Management at the Institute for Tourism Studies to participate in a 6-month internship in Japan, will be initiated in early 2020 in partnership with Okura Nikko Hotel Management Co. Ltd. This cross-fertilisation of experiences and ideas, with GEG sharing its deep sector knowledge and IR management expertise with Japan, and with Japan, a nation famed for its legendary service philosophy, sharing the art of Japanese hospitality – Omotenashi – will benefit and further enhance the IR industry in Macau and in other countries.