GEG Celebrates the Mid-Autumn Festival with the Elderly in the “One-Day Volunteer” Event

September 5, 2019 – Established in August 2011, Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) volunteer team has been serving the local community through a range of activities and initiatives with the view of contributing to Macao’s development. With Mid-Autumn Festival around the corner, GEG participated in a city-wide event organized by the Associação de Juventude Voluntária de Macau (“AJVM”) called “One-Day Volunteer” to celebrate the festival with 80 elderly residents from Centro de Dia de Mong Há and Centro de Dia "Chong Pak Chi Ká. Residents enjoyed tailor-made traditional afternoon tea, outdoor games, and an “Class Golden Night Concert”. This is the ninth consecutive year that GEG volunteers participated in this meaningful event.

To thank our elders for their contributions to society, GEG invited them to Broadway Food Street, where GEG volunteers prepared tailored-made traditional food for them and joined them in bottle-throwing games. Afterwards, GEG volunteers brought our elderly friends to join the “Class Golden Night Concert” by popular Chinese singer Tong Yau, and distributed gift bags with Asian Heart mooncakes to them.  

AJVM launched the “One-Day Volunteer” event in 2000. The theme of this year’s event was ‘to spread love and care to the community’. AJVM’s goal is to propel the development of community service and foster the tradition of helping in Macau. The organizer thanked GEG for providing the venue and sending a volunteer team to support the event. AJVM hopes to make the elderly feel loved, and to promote the spirit of helping others among Macau residents. Mr. Irman Wong, Senior Manager of Building Maintenance of Facilities of Galaxy Macau, said, “As part of the GEG volunteer team for many years, I learned a lot by participating in the various volunteer events. Joining activities for the elderly also encouraged me to reflect on my relationship with my parents and helped me better understand their needs.”

GEG is very proud of our volunteer team for their continued service to the elderly and to the community. GEG hopes to ensure that the elderly participants find the event engaging and enjoyable. GEG will continue to cooperate with social service and charitable groups to organize volunteer activities and encourage team members to participate in community service.