GEG Donates Exercise Equipment to Children and Shows Appreciation to Front-line Workers amid COVID-19

March 12, 2020 – Galaxy Entertainment Group (“GEG”) has been working with an array of social service associations to support the community on COVID-19 prevention. To encourage local children, especially those with special education needs (“SEN”) to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle amid the COVID-19, GEG donated MOP$100,000 to Sheng Kung Hui Macau Social Services Coordination Office (“SKH”) and co-launched a home exercise equipment subsidy scheme that will support around 150 local families, including those with SEN children on the set-up of a workout environment so that they can remain physically active, maintain their overall health and well-being, and enhance their parent-child relationships by exercising together.

The scheme supports families with needs to purchase indoor workout equipment such as yoga mats, stability balls, resistance bands, exercise bikes and wooden balance boards, with which children can do simple and safe workouts at home to strengthen their bodies and muscles, improve balance and coordination. To demonstrate proper use of the equipment, GEG and SKH invited a professional fitness trainer from SKH and GEG Volunteers for the filming of a set of tutorials that spreads positivity through sports while encouraging children and their families to continue supporting the Macau SAR Government on its suggestion to avoid going out and engaging in public gatherings amid the epidemic. In addition, the scheme also provides game consoles and software for the families to borrow to allow them to exercise in a fun way and enhance the interaction between the family members.

To spread care to the community amid the epidemic, GEG has been working with different organizations to enhance community engagement. The GEG Youth Achievement Program (“YAP”), co-organised by GEG and the Macau Management Association, is holding a contest that asks for young peoples’ submission of creative arts such as posters, poetries and comics related to the fight against COVID-19, the aim of which is to show support and appreciation to frontline workers during the epidemic. Voting for the first batch of the contest submissions is open until March 15, followed by the second batch starting from March 16. The winner will be picked according to the number of “likes” received on both YAP’s WeChat official account “GEG_YAP_MMA” and Facebook fan page “GEG Youth Achievement Program”. Targeting local young people aged between 18 and 29, YAP has been providing local youth with a wide range of personal enhancement and community outreach activities since it was launched in 2011. The program is centred on three key areas of personal and professional growth: “Self Awareness”, “Community Care” and "Career Development”, to help the participants explore their potential.

Upholding the philosophy of “what is taken from the community is to be used for the good of the community,’ GEG has been working with different social service associations to support the people and children in need through different initiatives. To support the prevention efforts of COVID-19, earlier, GEG had launched a subsidy scheme that targets young children and offers assistance to local schools and families. In addition, GEG has provided professional, efficient and safe sanitisation and cleaning services for social service associations and their service centres. Previously, GEG also donated disinfection and hygiene products to the Women’s General Association, the General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macau, the Fuhong Society of Macau and elderly users of Peng On Tung Tele-Assistance Service. Looking ahead, GEG will continue to work actively together with the community in the fight against the epidemic and to spread love and care to the wider community.